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01:33 Radio Jamba International ID by YL
01:35 The Goat Song - Adam Sandler  S6-7 here with fades but good audio. Thanks for the show!
01:46 Japanese Banana - Chipmunks

01:18 Radio Mushroom ID - About S7-8 into SE VA tonight. Thanks for the show!
01:19 The man who sold the world - Lulu

00:23 Strong S8-S9+ signal into SE VA right now - and usual superb audio. Thanks for another great show DJDW!
00:29 RFW ID

02:02  Day Tripper -  Beatles -  S6-7 signal with great audio. Thanks for the show!
02:06 We Can Work it Out - signal dropped here and some local QRM as well but still readable.
02:07 Rain
02:10 Paperback Writer
02:12 Tomorrow Never Knows - Beatles  Signal fading here
02:15 Run for Your Life - Beatles - Signal fading up a bit
02:18 If I Needed Someone
02:20 Got To Get You Into My Life - Beatles
02:22 Wait
02:25 I Want to Tell You
02:27 In My Life - Maintaing an S4-6 signal here with slow fades
02:29 Doctor Robert
02:32 WDOG ID
02:32 I'm Looking Through You
02:34 For No One
02:36 Girl
03:03 WDOG ID
03:04 Call Me - Blondie

01:25 - Under the Stars - Morning Parade - S7 signal with great audio but interference from UTE just below.  Listening in USB helps, but move up 5 KHz would help a lot IMHO.

Just a carrier here about 10db above the noise with occasional modulation detectable in AM.
02:11 Better in USB, hear faint music now .
02:37  WTF Radio Worldwide ID - Signal improving now.
02:31 Excerpt from Thick as a Brick - Jethro Tull  -  My first MW Pirate station!

WTF - Please try 1720 instead - Hudson County NJ TIS station is currently strong on 1710KHz.

S9+ into SE VA with usual superb audio. Thanks for show comrade!

And same here. S9 signal strength but way undermodulated and seems too much low end audio boost. I've heard Cool AM sound much better in the past. Good programming too.

S7 signal here most of the evening with good audio. Loved the Tull music. Thanks for the show!

6955 was better in SE VA, but still a good S7-8 signal on 4185.

Solid S9+10 signal into SE Virginia tonight with usual superb audio. Thanks for the show comrade!

00:57 "Mushroom Head Radio" in water fall.  S6-7 signal with good audio.

00:42 "Ride the Wave" ID - then into "I'm Afraid of Americans - V2" Bowie.       S7-8 signal into SEVA tonight with really nice audio. Thanks for the show!

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