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QSLs Received / Re: The Voice of Weird Al eQSL
« on: May 03, 2019, 1858 UTC »
Same eQSL design received from Weird Al, ty so much!!!!  :) :)

Received my copy the other day also. Looks great, good job as always Andrew!  ;D

Broadcast Announcements / Skyline Radio Germany Alert
« on: April 09, 2019, 1456 UTC »

After a long time of absence - WE ARE BACK ON THE AIR!

Shortwaveradio.de kindly gave us the possibility to be on air with
our shows via their transmitter located somewhere in Northern Germany.

If you would like to try to catch our programmes, six hours,
on April 20th, 2019, Easter Saturday afternoon local (15.00 - 21.00 UTC)
would be a good time to give us a listen.
Try the 75 metre band shortwave on 3975 kHz!
Let's keep fingers crossed for no geomagnetic storms!
If propagation conditions should be bad the transmission
will be postponed until further notice.

It might be a good chance for you to catch our special eQSL-card.
We look forward to your reception reports and comments to:
SKYLINE RADIO GERMANY, P.O.Box 2702, 6049 ZG Herten, The Netherlands
or via e-mail to: skylineradiogermany@web.de

Have a great time with us and Good DX,
DJ Jan-Hendrik

2148- "Amish Paradise" Weird Al  S6-7 signal and excellent audio!
2151- Weird Al polka mixup
2155- OM with The Voice Of Weird Al ID and voiceofweirdal@gmail.com for QSLs
2156- "Canadian Idiot"
2158- another polka mixup
2203- Lady GaGa parody tune polka version
2206- OM with ID, email into "Smells Like Nirvana" S8 signal now
2212- OM with ID, email and live time check (thanks for the shout out Weird Al!)
2213- "The White Stuff"
2220- "Young Dumb and Ugly" Weird Al
2224- live TC, ID and email into "Pretty Fly For A Rabbi"
2229- more Weird Al polka  S5 now
2233- live TC, email and ID, into "Like A Surgeon" (classic!!)  :)
2237- "My Bologna" lmao
2240- "Another One Rides The Bus" this is great!!!!  ;D
2242- OM with station OD into "Ricky"  S6 signal
2245- OM with ID, email over "I Lost On Jeopardy"
2248- some audio distortion then OM ID into "I Love Rocky Road"
2253- "Gump" LOL  this is great  ;D
2255- OM ID and email over music
2300- OM with ID, thanked JoeFLIPS and Radio Star for detailed logs
2301- "I Want A New Duck"
2303- "Xmas At Ground Zero"
2307- funny polka mixup  ;D
2310- another funny polka mix up (these are great!)
2314- Spatula City ad
2315- more polka!!!!!!
2321- OM said signing off, ty to JoeFLIPS, Radio Star and 8 tattoos
2322- Weird Al song?
2327- OM with ID, "I will be back" then email and off.

 Thanks for the new pirate!!!  :) Fun show  :D I enjoyed the show very much!! Something different  ;D

Ordering my copy now! Thanks Andrew  :)

QSLs Received / Re: Sloppy Joe Radio eQSL
« on: April 04, 2019, 1921 UTC »
Thanks Sloppy Joe!  :D Got my QSL too.

Shortwave Pirate / Sloppy Joe Radio 6950 USB 2023 UTC 16 Mar 2019
« on: March 16, 2019, 2023 UTC »
2023- Sloppy Joe Radio ID, YL said "testing"  S5 or so on my KiWi radio
2024- "Sloppy Joe" Jo Ann Campbell per Shazam
2027- Sloppy Joe commercial then YL with ID
2028- Sloppy Joe themed tune, OM vocals
2030- YL "a Manwich is a meal..." S3-4 signal now with heavy noise
2031- Family Guy audio "we're having Sloppy Joes...."
2033- YL with email as sloppyjoepirate@gmail.com into a Manwich ad  ;D
2036- ad for Sloppy Joe Used Cars into clear YL voice ID and email for QSL
2038- OM vocal tune mentioning Sloppy Joe
2039- "Lunch Lady Land" Adam Sandler (lol!)
2043- YL ID as "Sloppy Joe Radio testing....."
2044- OM giving a Sloppy Joe recipe   S7 signal then faded under the noise  :(
2045- signal back to S6-7
2046- ad "have a Manwich night....."
2048- YL tune "Sloppy Joe in a diner...." then YL ID
2051- OM vocal tune, signal fading under the noise again  :(
2054- YL with email and OM singing "Sloppy Joe"
2055- YL with email into "Sloppy Joe" Jo Ann Campbell S4-5 now
2057- YL with ID as "Sloppy Joe Radio testing...if you can hear..." then some kind of a IS
2058- off.

 Thanks for the show! Nice to hear again  ;D Fun show!!!!!

European Pirate / Re: Coast FM 6230 AM 0901 utc 12 mar 2019
« on: March 12, 2019, 2208 UTC »
2207- presumed Coast FM, hearing bits of music listening in USB mode (rough copy here)

Shortwave Pirate / Re: OTR 6770 AM 2122 UTC 12 Mar 2019
« on: March 12, 2019, 2203 UTC »
2203- signal there but tough copy  :(

European Pirate / Re: Laser Hot Hits 6205 AM 0901 utc 12 mar 2019
« on: March 12, 2019, 2158 UTC »
2157- hearing bits of music rising above noise level here in RI (listening on my KiWi SDR)
2200- OM vocals, rock music?

2130- Irish instrumental music here S4 or so in RI via my Kiwi SDR
2132- OM talking but hard to hear into more Irish instrumental music
2137- bits of music over the noise level
2140- hearing the Irish music in and out of the noise now
2144- OM talking then Irish Rose Radio ID
2146- more sweet instrumental music  ;D
2149- can hear an OM talking but signal under the noise now
2150- Irish tune, OM vocals
2152- seems to be off.
2156- SSTV now

 Thanks for the show!  ;D

European Pirate / Coast FM? 6230 AM 2140 UTC 01 March 2019
« on: March 01, 2019, 2144 UTC »
2140- OM talking, very weak signal listening in USB mode
2145- can hear OM talking but very tough copy here  :(
2152- bits of music under the noise

 Ray, I think I just heard music but it's very hard to tell

2135- just a faint carrier here...no audio coming through
2156- still just a trace of carrier here  :(

Shortwave Pirate / Moonlight Radio 6930 AM 2135 UTC 24 FEB 2019
« on: February 24, 2019, 2136 UTC »
2135- hearing very weak signal with music (listening in USB but rough copy here)
2139- just detecting extremely faint carrier now

Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6935 USB 2118 UTC 24 Feb 2019
« on: February 24, 2019, 2124 UTC »
2123- SSTV signal under the noise
2125- electronic music now

 Thanks for the show!  ;D

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