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QSLs Received / Re: Radio Illuminati 3/26 Broadcast eQSL
« on: May 07, 2020, 1559 UTC »
Found my RI QSL just now in my inbox. Thanks AC!!  :D

Shortwave Pirate / Re: WREC 5150 usb 1900 utc 28 Mar 2020
« on: March 28, 2020, 1920 UTC »
1920- country music S5-6 signal
1922- PJ with WREC ID, said live show then parody ads
1925- email as wrecradio@gmail.com then "You Really Had Me Going" Holly Dunn per Shazam  S7 now
1929- "The Bed You Made For Me" Highyway 101
1933- "Bluegrass Blues" Southern Pacific per Shazam
1936- PJ on mic with ID and email addy, said "stay safe from this coronavirus"
1938- George Jones tune for Badfish Al
1941- email address then a Glenn Hauser parody bit (lol!)
1942- Smokers Airlines ad and Rednecks Bar ad
1945- WREC ID into "Ring Of Fire" Johnny Cash
1947- "Highway Man" (classic!!)
1950- "King Of The Road" Roger Miller
1953- PJ with HFU shout outs (thanks!), said QSLs are coming
1955- "Take This Job And Shove It" Johnny Paycheck
2005- "In The Jailhouse Now" Webb Pierce :)
2007- WREC promo ID then a Ren and Stimpy bit
2009- YL country tune
2014- "El Paso" Marty Robbins  still S7 here
2017- email and PJ said "gonna change things up here"
2019- "Down With The Sickness" Disturbed
2022- "WREC is now signing on....." into a Star Trek parody bit
2030- PJ with lots of shout outs, ID into a Heart tune
2035- "Then I Got High" for Yeah Man lmao
2039- Mexican Air Force bit   S5 now
2041- WREC email as wrecradio@gmail.com for reports then "Three Little Birds" Bob Marley  (nice!)
2044- "Buffalo Soldier" Bob Marley
2048- email and WREC IDs, computer parody ad
2050- "Redemption Song" Bob Marley
2055- "Valerie" Steve Winwood
2101- WREC ID into a Beastie Boy song
2107- "Bring The Noise" Public Enemy  S4-5 signal
2111- Skipmuck shoutout
2112- another Public Enemy tune
2112- WREC IDs
2115- "King Of Rock" Run DMC
2120- WREC ID, shout outs on HFU
2121- "Rock Box" Run DMC
2127- HFU shout outs, WREC ID
2129- "Black Dog" Zeppelin
2133- "Rock and Roll" Zeppelin
2140- Ren and Stimpy bit, WREC ID
2141- "Voodoo Chile" Stevie Ray Vaughan
2145- PJ with WREC ID, said "stay safe" (you too!)
2147- "Band On The Run" Wings
2150- "Pirate's Life For Me", WREC ID
2154- "Give A Little Bit" Supertramp  S7
2158- WREC ID, "Your Wildest Dreams" Moody Blues
2204- PJ saying off soon, ID and email address, mention of the coronavirus
2207- "Locomotive Breath" Tull
2212- virus alert, "stay safe"  S3 signal
2212- Yes tune

 Thanks for the show!!! Glad to hear you again PJ Sparx!  ;D

Shortwave Pirate / Radio Illuminati 5165 AM 1747 UTC 26 MAR 2020
« on: March 26, 2020, 1749 UTC »
1747- "Roundabout" Yes  S3-4 signal and noisy here
1753- rock music OM vocals
1758- Pink Floyd "Us and Them" S5 peaks above the QRN
1810- just a carrier now
1812- can hear rock music below the noise
1819- signal popped up above noise with unid OM vocal rock music  S2-3 signal
1823- King Crimson tune per Shazam
1833- "Time and A World" Jon Anderson per Shazam
1835- "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" Yes (acoustic)  S2 and very noisy
1843- sounds like Pink Floyd music? QRN is awful  :(
1845- "Heat Of The Moment" Asia   S5 signal now
1848- "Knockin' On Your Back Door" Deep Purple  ;D (awesome audio when the signal pops above the awful QRN)
1853- S3-4 signal with S5 peaks atm
1859- OM with Radio Illuminati ID :)
1902- funky instrumental music  S2-3 signal
1907- rock instrumental music
1912- "Your Love Is Stranger Than Mine" Camel per Shazam
1915- "You Know I'm Right" David Gilmour per Shazam
1920- "Photograph" Def Leppard
1927- "Tunnel Of Love" Dire Straits  S4-5 signal now, still noisy conditions
1932- Radio Illuminati ID and OM with email address
1933- "Strictly Incognito" Strictly Inc. per Shazam   S3-4 signal (above noise)
1936- got an S7 signal now  :D
1942- "Digging In The Dirt" Peter Gabriel per Shazam
1946- "Every Day" Steve Hackett per Shazam  S5-6 with S7 peaks
1955- "Too Old To Rock N Roll" Jethro Tull
1959- "She Blinded Me With Science" Thomas Dolby  ;D  S5-6 signal here and sounding nice!!
2005- "School's Out" Alice Cooper  signal fading slowly under the QRN now
2010- 38 Special song
2012- "Grand Illusion" Styx  S5 again
2017- "Solsbury Hill" Peter Gabriel  ;D (great song!!!  boom boom boom)
2021- OM with ID and email as radio.illuminati6150@gmail.com
2022- "And We Danced" The Hooters (great tune!)
2025- "In a Big Country" Big Country
2031- "Smoking" Boston  S4-5 signal here and great audio!!!
2036- "Locomotive Breath" Jethro Tull (can hear it but signal down in the QRN slop)  :(
2040- "Back In Black" AC/DC
2046- unid rock music (in and out of the noise)
2050- hard rock music OM vocals S1-2 signal and heavy noise
2105- "Just Another Nervous Wreck" Supertramp per Shazam   S4-5
2109- "Modern Day Delilah" Van Stephenson per Shazam
2125- "Come And Get Your Love" Redbone   S4-5 still here
2128- "Band Of Gold" Freda Payne
2131- OM with Illuminati ID and the email addy
2132- "Such A Shame" Talk Talk per Shazam
2141- "Just Died In Your Arms Tonight" Cutting Crew   S5-6 signal now
2146- "Your Love" The Outfield (yay!)  nice  ;D
2149- "Just The Way It Is Baby" The Rembrandts
2154- "Vacation" The Go Go's  still nice S5-6 signal and awesome AM audio
2157- "Don't Stand So Close To Me" The Police (Nice!!)
2202- "Walk Like An Egyptian" The Bangles

 Thanks for the show!  ;D Nice to hear you again AC!!!!!

Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6925 USB 2057 UTC 21 Mar 2020
« on: March 21, 2020, 2105 UTC »
2104- reggae music? very weak here
2107- "Georgia" thin audio
2110- OM computer voice said "what you think of...."
2111- maybe punk rock music?
2114- parody ad? hard to hear
2115- a bit of "Pirates Life For Me" then "Lunatic Fringe"  S2 now
2119- OM computer voice saying "Voice Of The...."? hard to tell with weak audio
2120- rock music
2122- mention of Atlanta, GA
2124- OM song "take a load off..."
2127- "this is the voice of the ….."
2128- signal a bit up with tune "Maryanne" ???

 Thanks for the show!

1823- "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You" Kenny Rogers S5-6 signal on 4130 USB
1825- "She Rides Wild Horses" per Shazam
1828- Humperdoo ID and HFU shoutouts (thanks!), said special QSL for this show
1830- "The Gambler" Kenny Rogers
1833- "Islands In The Stream" Kenny and Dolly Parton
1836- ID and OM said "RIP Kenny Rogers", email given for QSL drunkenradiopirate@gmail.com
1838- "Neon Horses"
1841- "Coward Of The County"  S5 signal and great audio
1845- ID over "We've Got Tonight" Kenny and Sheena Easton
1849- Humperdoo ID, "Kenny Roger's Tribute Show", email address, HFU shout outs
1853- "All I Ever Need Is You" w/Dottie West per Shazam
1857- ID and shout outs, said Kenny Rogers tribute show
1859- "Ruby"
1904- "Where Does Rosie Go"
1906- "I'm Gonna Sing You a Sad Song Susie"
1908- Humperdoo ID, email into "Green Green Grass Of Home"
1914- "Something's Burning" Kenny Rogers and First Edition per Shazam
1916- "Reuben James" S4-5 signal
1919- OM with Humperdoo ID into "Three Times A Lady" Kenny Rogers
1923- OM said "stay safe from the Coronavirus", HFU shout outs,email into "Amazing Grace" Kenny Rogers
1928- "She Believes In Me" signal fading out
1933- USA National Anthem and off.

 Nice to hear you again Drunken Pirate!  ;D Thanks for the nice tribute.

2029- "Along Comes Mary" S2 or so here
2030- "Do You Believe In Magic"
2033- "These Eyes" S3-4 signal and nice audio
2037- "In My Room" then "Love Is Strange"
2041- "Denise, Denise"
2043- "My Girl"
2045- "Runaway" Del Shannon
2048- "Traveling Man" Ricky Nelson
2052- "Under The Boardwalk" The Drifters (nice!) S5 here
2057- "Chapel Of Love"
2058- "Dedicated To The One I Love"
2102- "Leader Of The Pack" The Shangri-Las S3 now
2105- "He's So Fine" The Chiffons
2107- "My Boyfriend's Back" The Chiffons
2109- "One Fine Day" The Chiffons S2-3 signal here now
2111- "Soldier Boy" The Shirelles
2114- "Then He Kissed Me" S5-6 signal now and great audio
2117- "He's A Rebel"
2118- "Da Doo Ron Ron" :)
2120- "He's Sure The Boy I Love"
2123- OM said "300,000 watts of weasel power, this is pirate radio" also mentioned Southern CA
2127- OM mentioning pirate radio into "Be My Baby"
2131- "Chapel Of Love"
2133- OM said "This is 100.3 FM pirate radio" into "Son Of A Preacher Man"  S4 signal now
2136- "Can't Hurry Love" The Supremes
2139- more 100.3 pirate FM radio IDs into "I Hear A Symphony" The Supremes
2142- "Keep Me Hanging On" The Supremes
2145- "Please Mr Postman"
2147- 100.3 FM pirate radio ID, OM said "equal opportunity offender?" into "Jimmy Mack"
2152- OM "we now pause for station identification....." then "Shop Around" The Miracles   S2-3 signal
2200- "Do You Love Me"
2202- Barry White saying "get down, get funky....pirate radio" into another Motown tune
2205- "My Guy" Mary Wells
2208- more FM pirate IDs and OM said "transmitting to North America"
2215- 100.3 FM pirate radio ID into "I Ran All The Way Home"
2218- ID as "Pirate radio FM, the 200,000 watt weed whacker" then off.

 Thanks for the music whoever! Fun show!

Shortwave Pirate / Yeah Man Radio 6925 AM 1945 UTC 4 MAR 2020
« on: March 04, 2020, 1946 UTC »
1945- unid music OM voice  S5 signal but very noisy here
1947- "Sunday Will Never Be The Same" Spanky and Our Gang
1949- OM talking, sounds like Yeah Man
1950- Yeah Man Radio ID :) into "I Second That Emotion" Smokey Robinson
1953- OM with station ID and HFU shoutouts  very noisy signal here
1955- off or faded out  :-\
2001- Yeah Man ID and shout out to CT Yankee, signal back but massive noise here
2002- music fading in and out of the noise level (Bee Gee's ?)
2004- Yeah Man ID and a request for CT Yankee
2012- "Spooky"
2013- ID and OM said "head out outta here"
2015- "Hooked On A Feeling"
2017- OM with ID "You're listening to Yeah Man Radio on 6925" into "Wichita Lineman" Glenn Campbell  S5 signal now
2021- off.

Thanks for the show!! Great to log you again Yeah Man!!  ;D

Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 USB 2157 UTC 21 FEB 2020
« on: February 21, 2020, 2159 UTC »
2157- "Layla" Cream SIO 222
2200- Led Zep. tune....signal weaker here now
2203- hearing music but signal under the noise
2205- "Lucky Man" ELP S3-4 signal now
2211- signal under noise level with unid music
2212- off?

Pirate Radio History / Re: Vintage reception report MEGA THREAD!
« on: February 05, 2020, 1614 UTC »
I see my report to Radio Free New England dated 9/23/91. Very cool!! Thanks for sharing Beerus, I'm looking forward to seeing more of these old reception reports. I was a madman with a pen back in those days lol!!

 I recognized the penmanship of Alan P. Masyga.  ;D

Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6925 AM 1705 UTC 11 Sep 2019
« on: September 11, 2019, 1715 UTC »
1710- no trace in Rhode Island, listening via the Smolinski SDR. S7-8 signal
1712- old Ovaltine ad
1717- police sirens then OM talking
1719- singing then YL talk, some kind of old radio show
1720- old ad for AutoLite then ad for Velveeta
1722- signal down to S6, now playing a show called “Truth or Consequence”
1728- OM “Hello this is.....” then talk about radio jingles
1730- S7 signal now, big band music and old time radio ads
1735- OM talking, musical interludes and singing
1736- "good evening ladies and gentlemen....Washington DC....." signal fading a bit now
1738- old Pepsi Cola singing ad, ad for Dodge
1740- signal back up to S7-8 on Smolinski SDR in MD, OM talking with music in background, mention of "common diseases"  ???
1744- off.

Thanks for the broadcast!

QSLs Received / Solar Centric Radio QSL
« on: September 07, 2019, 1445 UTC »
Received this long awaited paper QSL in my mailbox the other day. Thanks for the great QSL SCR!!  ;D

Shortwave Pirate / Radio Free Whatever 4915 USB 2134 UTC 1 Sep 2019
« on: September 01, 2019, 2135 UTC »
2134- DW talking S5 signal
2141- and unfortunately the signal faded out  :-\
2154- getting stronger now with unid music
2157- Soviet National Anthem then DW talking
2158- YL vocal rock tune

 Listening at the annual BADX cookout along with Chris Lobdell, Radio Star, Sanjay of PIR, Eric Cottrell, Andy Wallace and The Nature Boy!

Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6955 AM 1916 UTC 16 Aug 2019
« on: August 16, 2019, 1928 UTC »
1925- just a slight carrier here, no audio heard

Shortwave Pirate / Doctor Detroit 6150 AM 1849 UTC 16 Aug 2019
« on: August 16, 2019, 1850 UTC »
1849- hearing music via Uniontown, PA SDR
1852- S3-4 signal, OM vocals
1854- “She Bop” Cyndi Lauper
1859- “Walk Like An Egyptian” The Bangles S5 Peaks now
1904- Pat Benatar tune
1911- YL vocal tune, no signal direct to Rhode Island
1917- Doctor Detroit ID into another unid YL vocal tune
1921- more unid YL tunes, don’t have Shazam running
1923- still S5 peaks on PA SDR
1931- "Hold Me Now" Thompson Twins
1942- signal fading away on the PA SDR
1944- OM vocal song, now S5 via PA SDR
1948- signal is now below the noise but can still hear music
1955- faded away

Thanks for the broadcast! Nice to hear DD again  :)

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