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Group W Bench / Re: Re: UNID 6950 USB 2324 UTC 22 MAY 2023
« on: May 23, 2023, 1940 UTC »
Or he recorded it on his audio software at the wrong bit rate.

I can't tell if you are trying to be serious here but no, the bitrate alone won't do it. That would certainly affect the fidelity and the ability to play it at all though. In any case, there are ways to speed up and slow down recordings as regular settings in most or all audio software these days, no turntable involved.

I wouldn't call it "New Wave" exactly. Elvis Costello and The Attractions and the Joe Jackson Band were New Wave. Mojo Nixon referred to this stuff as "Foo-Foo Haircut" music. Think of A Flock of Seagull's, their music and their haircuts and you've got it.

It's rare that I feel the need to correct you Mr. Meat, however, having lived and breathed this stuff in high school and university, complete with the hair, the pointy shoes and the skinny tie (but no earrings), I can assure you that New Order and Depeche Mode (and a few other bands that I recognized while the headphones were on and off my head as I ran around at work) are/were New Wave and it's not just me making that up.

Utility / Trenton Military 6753 USB 0045 UTC 23 May 2023
« on: May 23, 2023, 0054 UTC »
Simply noting that at this time in the hour (45 minutes after the hour) one would normally hear their usual announcements. Instead I'm hearing the background noise from their microwave link receiver, which is what you would normally hear only from ~1 minute to ~12 minutes after the top of the hour.

In other words, I'm wondering if they lost their microwave feed or there was a change in their schedule.

Dude, the turntable is set to a slow speed. You're ruining this wonderful New Wave music.

I'm imagining that this is Zeekie coming down off his 'shrooms. Zeekie ruins everything.

0039 - A Spanish-speaking peskie is on the same freq/USB talking over "Another One Bites The Dust". Significantly lower signal strength than Mr. Slow-Turntable on previously.

0219 - Just tuned in. What did I miss?  :D

First time catching this station. Mechanical-ish voice.

0217 - "Remember, we are all behind enemy lines. Goodbye."  OFF.

0108 - Blues music. "Can't Stop Rocking" ?
0109 - S7-S9, SINPO 33343 on a New England SDR.
0112 - ID over music.
0119 - ID over music.
0125 - QRM on the USB. (WTF, people? Occurring at the same time that Zeekie is transmitting on 6961, so perhaps not him.)
0129 - "Wild Turkey"
0145 - Carrier off after ID.

0017 - Iron Maiden, "Wasted Years" . S9+10, SINPO 55444 on an SDR in New England. 5 KHz audio.
0022 - Iron Maiden, "Aces High" (with the intro featuring Winston Churchill's "We will fight on the beaches, ..." speech)
0027 - (shifting between tracks trying to decide what to play)
0028 - Live version of "Aces High" (with Winston Churchill intro again)
0033 - Iron Maiden (I can't place the song). Live again.
0040 - "Two Minutes to Midnight" (..."Scream for me [insert concert location]!!")

In summation, "All Maiden, all the time" (insert emoji of hand making a cow horn gesture)

0051 - ID. Oh shit. BLW is right. It's the Zeekster. The mushrooms must be kicking in and he's on the radio.

0027 - Iron Maiden live sort bad compression mp3 or youtube stream???

Yes, for sure. Possibly some bootleg recording on Youtube.

Thanks for the show unless this is zeeky.


It might be. (Postscript: it is.) He seems to pick screwball frequencies. Fitting, I suppose. Hope he doesn't QRM any MARS or CFARS nets.

0048 - QRM jamming Ballsmacker's signal

Easy now, Tiger. Ballsmacker is not on the air yet.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Please avoid use of 6925 kHz
« on: May 19, 2023, 2119 UTC »
Not contradicting what was written above but I want to point out that from my casual observations that STANAG signal does not seem to be much of an issue west of the Mississippi River and possibly not a huge problem even immediately west of the Ohio River. (For Canadian localization: roughly west of Lake Superior and Thunder Bay, ON.)

However, listeners in the northeast US and eastern Canada will have a difficult time with it and there are many listeners in that area so keep it in mind.

Carrier came on and program continues. +5 KHz from ION Radio, who had been on 6955 KHz for quite some time.

0108 - "Silent Night"
0113 - "Silent Night" but this time by a gospel choir.
Getting killed by QRN on an SDR in New England but SINPO 35243.

0116 - ID and website or email address by YL ending in ".uk" but too much noise in this room to hear clearly, even with headphones pressed against my ears. Possibly German-accented.
0120-1 - Announcements by male then female but too much reverb and noise.
0125 - Much better on the W1NT SDR with Beverage antenna pointed at Europe. Significantly less QRN. Strong carrier but the modulation is a mess; no highs, muddy and distorted.  :(
0130 - Announcements
0132 - "Jingle Bells"
0134 - Several Radio Dr. Tim IDs.

Recording from W1NT SDR starting at 0135: https://voca.ro/1oqjdWtFsnbW

0142 - "Check out the website 'statesofunrest.com'"
0145 - Repeat of the above. SINPO 43344 / S8 on W1NT SDR.
0155 - Little Drummer Boy
0157 - ID, "Merry Christmas" and SSTV.

Recording starting at 0156 and including the SSTV, in case anybody wants to have a go: https://voca.ro/1bxYf584YSHk

Radio Dr. Tim has passed (RIP) but dammit, he never learned that reverb is generally not helpful for intelligibility  :(

0205 - NAPRS ID, address and SSTV
0207 - TX off.

Utility / Army MARS (?) Net 6968.5 USB 0032 UTC 12 May 2023
« on: May 13, 2023, 0039 UTC »
Callsigns beginning with "Alpha Alpha Romeo", which I think means Army MARS as opposed to Air Force MARS.
Net closed down at 0035 UTC.
Heard on an SDR in New England.

Potential pirates: take note of the frequency and time.

Caught the carrier on at 0008, right after Artist Spotlight signoff.
SINPO 45344 on an SDR in New England.

Really bad frequency choice due to the STANAG QRM. Does anyone listen first? As a result my passband is ~1.5 KHz wide. Oh joy.

Computerized ID (slow speech, sounding drunk) at 2330 UTC but too much QRM and noise in the room I am in right now to understand it.

2345 - Drunk computerized ID: "You are listening to (something something) Radio"

220- Checking back in and can still hear a weak trace of music. YL singer?


Carrier and occasional weak modulation (music) noticed. Female vocalist. Maybe Cher?

Signal stronger on east coast; non-existent on west coast. No trace in South America. W1NT SDR with Beverage antenna pointed at Europe has a S5-ish carrier but the peskies on 6960 LSB are killing it.

Recording when the peskies shut up: https://vocaroo.com/162KAEtflW4X

0207 - The Carpenters, "Close to You"

Definately coming from Europe. Signal is stronger in Iceland and Weston-Super-Mare, England. We should move this to European.
Thanks for the move and the ID. I should have checked the Euro forum once I figured out it was coming from Europe.

0222 - Laura Branigan, "Self Control"
0225 - Lionel Ritchie, "Hello"
0229 - Lionel Ritchie, "On My Way"
0238 - Dead carrier. I'm off for other things. Good night.

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