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Nice.  I was able to receive the signal in Chantilly, but the picture is just pure random noise.  It looks like I need an 80+ degree pass to pick something up.

S9 here, faded in from 2330.  "Spinning Away" (???)  IDed as WTF radio at 2345

Very poor copy on my end, but I can make out the 'RS0ISS' on it and it looks like it's probably yours Chris.

Also S3 in Chantilly Va at 2230.  It was down in the noise, faded in with a really strong signal for about 1 minute or so.

Can barely pick it up at 2350, fading in and out at my QTH in Chantilly, Va.  Guitar music and bluesy singing.   Did pick up the ID as Captain Morgan radio, but not the email at 2356

Got it!  I have 3 computers with SDR.  One Windows desktop that I use to decode ADS-B, one Windows laptop that I have pretty much dedicated to a Funcube (which will not pick up the 400 Mhz range), and one Linux laptop that monitors my power and I occasionally use to catch GOES.  Recently I've found that the Desktop generates a ton of RF and that seems to be the problem with picking up the Dulles sonde.  It looked pretty quiet at 400 mhz, but I think there's enough noise to wipe out the signal.  The Linux box picks up the signal perfectly.  Right now I have to save off a .wav file,  upload it to one of the Windows boxes and convert it from 32 bit stereo to 16 bit mono, but I was able to decode the signal.  I'm using gqrx; it will serve up the audio via udp, but I haven't figured out how to capture that audio on the windows boxes.

Okay, I tried at 1200-1230 UTC.  Maybe I'm not waiting long enough for the balloon to get altitude.  I'll try again.

Yeah, I am using a small indoor antenna but I'm able to pick up ADS-B with it out to the Blue Ridge.  I realize that's kind of apples and oranges given the different frequencies, but I'm just surprised that I've not been able to see a signal at all.

Because I'm at home and bored I started trying to pick up radiosonde transmissions out of the Sterling Va office.  I live in Chantilly Va, just a bit south of Dulles airport and I thought that it would be pretty easy to pick up at least the initial ascent.  I've been monitoring between about 400-406 mhz at both 1100-1230 and 2300-0030 UTC.  I know what the waveform should look like, but I've seen nothing so far, other than some digital transmissions at 400 and 403.2 Mhz which are constantly on.  Looking back at the posts on this site, it looks like 401 mhz is a good place to camp, but I've still seen nothing.  Am I perhaps looking at the wrong time or are the flights suspended or something?  I'm using an RTL-SDR and a Nooelec Ratlsnake antenna; I realize that's not the best choice for an antenna but I feel because of the close proximity, I should be able to pick up something.

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