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QSLs Received / Re: Radio 48 via MRI, 18-19 MAR 2023 eQSL
« on: March 23, 2023, 2012 UTC »
Received here as well! Thanks Radio 48!

2332 - Rock song with male announcer.
2336 - "Hi I'm Phil Stevenson...and your listening to Radio 48." Rock song with OM vocals follows.
2338 - ID
2348 - Cigarette ad parody followed by a punkish song with OM vocals. Signal continies to be outstanding!
2352 - ID followed by "I Shot the Sheriff."

Very strong signal with no interference, very minimal noise (as little as ever occurs here in the winter), a steady signal, and no headphones necessary. SINPO=55444.

QSLs Received / Re: WLIS eQSL 11 Mar 2023
« on: March 18, 2023, 1232 UTC »
Also received here! Thanks WLIS, for the QSL and for the always high-quality broadcasts!

Hearing here since 2132 with instrumental music. Great (SINPO=45444) signal.
2138 - Off or overwhelmed by sudden noise burst.

QSLs Received / Re: Partial India Radio eQSL 1 Mar 2023
« on: March 11, 2023, 2355 UTC »
Also received here! Thanks PIR!

Hearing this since 1404 on 6.919.60 AM (corrected), with Sanjay saying "You are tuned to Partial India Radio," and Charlie L giving QSL info. The "Pushy Punjab" is on at 1406. Despite moderate noise, the signal is good and increasingly steady.

1409 - "You are listening to the best of Partial India Radio."
1412 - Mention of "Radio Pakistan."
1423 - "I can hear pirate stations on 6955. I can hear WLIS."
1432 - Heard Sanjay with "I am who am." Still very noisy, but the signal is good enough to battle through the noise.
1436 - Mellow reggae and Sanjay with ID. Sounds like a replay, with IDs and QSL info given. Suddenly very clear, but the noise doesn't abate.
1446 - Repeating show. Some good fade-ups with reduced noise, but mostly quite noisy.
1451 - Mentions of "our rooster friend from Radio Botswana" and "Mt Kisko." Very good when the noise lets up.

Decent signal, but much noise.

Hearing here (in Andover, MA) since 0135 with a very strong signal. No major propagation issues: SINPO=45444. Switched a song up at the last second.

Hearing on here at 6.936.80 USB, from 2250. Heard brief clip of The Monkees "Listen to the Band," followed by OM DJ, then "Put A Little Love in Your Heart."

Heard here, also on 15.475.96 USB in Andover, MA, since 0012, with mostly rock music and occasional announcements by male announcer. Heard mention of "Antartica" at 0015. Fair signal, no interfrence, quite noisy, and steady audio, but audibility is impacted by the noise level.
0032 _ Talk by OM.

Ross Comeau

QSLs Received / Re: WRKO Shortwave eQSL
« on: February 05, 2023, 1419 UTC »
Received here too. Thanks for the show and the QSL WRKO Shortwave!

QSLs Received / Re: Radio 1700 eQSL
« on: February 05, 2023, 1418 UTC »
Received here as well! Nice one too. Thanks Radio 1700 for the show and the QSL!

2045 -Heard at tune-in with comments about the cold and warmth from the transmitter. A Psychedelic Crumpets song and a "Radio Free Whatever" ID followed.
2058 - Dick Weed mentioned a song by Jacquiine Rose (Time Bomb) was played. Collaborative song by three bands, including Manaquin Pussy was played. Heard my name announced as one of the "new comrades," and a song called "Dress" is now playing.
2108 - "Major Dick Weed" and other fast-paced ID announcements including a YL with "whatever." Alternative music follows.
2115  ID and Dick Weed recapped songs just heard including Black Pistol Fire, The Record Company with How High, and Midnight Sun. ID and more music follows.
2120 - Does It Matter

Very good signal were with minimal noise. SINPO=45444.

Hi Dick Weed.

I'm in Andover, MA.It is a mysterious place indeed.

2025 - Killer signal and 554444 SINPO. Jazz version of the Tallahachie Bridge (just can't recall the name) song. More jazz covers of pop songs.
2032 - Just went silent. Off?

1532 - Male vocalist.
1537 - Male announcer with "WRKO" ID and fast talking, forwarded by Richie Valens La Bamba.
1540 - Just Give Me Some Kind of a Sign Girl
1545 - Cover of The Beatles "Goodbye" (Mary Hopkins?)
1547 - "...on an album cover...Mary Hopkins..." Followed by more music (familiar tune but I can't recall the title). Noise has abated just enough for now, at least.
1550 - Male announcer mentioned "1964." Music follows.
1604 - Announcer mentioned "Glen Campbell," followed by Gavelston.

Good signal but lots of noise. Hearing better on 6.975.55 USB now.

2226: OM talk at tune in.
2232: "Here on Commercial Radio. Ad parody followed.
2236: "You're tuned to Commercial Radio." Discussion of The Grateful Dead and their American Beauty album.
2243: Let It Be parody song
2245: "In conjunction with Sick Puppy Productions, Commercial Radio." Off?
Fair-good, but much of the audio is marred by and lost in the noise. SINPO=34232.

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