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Heard here since 2344, with songs including Fleetwood Mac/Landslide, Mick Jagger/Memo for Turner, You Can Get It if You Really Want, We've Got Tonight (cover?), and U2/I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. Signal is fair, but big het was gone after 0000, with much better reception, although with craackly static.

Ross Comeau
Andovver, MA

Heard here from 2234 + with Carry Me Home, then off. Very good signal, with no interference, mild-moderate noise, good audio and a fairly steady signal). Wish I had been able to tune in a lot earlier.

Ross Comeau
Andover, MA

Heard here with strong signal (55444) since 0130. Many mentions of WDDR, Drunken DJ Radio ID, and Aretha Franklin, Dylan, and The Bee Gees. Gave shoutouts to HFU posters. Enjoying the show!

0146 - The announcer acknowledged new posters (including yours truly), and played Josie by Steely Dan.
0152 - More IDs and Stevie Wonder and Bonnie Raitt (My Little Runaway).
0201 - Mentioned that he'd take requests in about a half-hour, but would do his playlist first. Followed by Out in The Woods by Leon Russell.

Ross Comeau
Andover, MA

QSLs Received / Re: Ball Smacker eQSL 16 Apr 2022
« on: April 18, 2022, 1621 UTC »
Got mine in less than 24 hours! Great QSL! Thanks Ballsmacker!

0132 - Heard here in AM on 6.95999 with OM pop song. At 0135, The Cure's Friday I'm in Love. Excellent signal here, with no interference, little noise, and good, steady audio. Take Good Care of My Baby at 0138.
0147- YL ID, "here in the northeast," followed by Chucj Berry: Johnny Be Goode.
0149 - Steely Dan with Black Friday.
0158 - YL: Playing the greatest hits of all tiem, the Ballsmacker, on SW, followed by a bowling pin strike.
0202 - Friday on My Mind by The Easybeats. Still very good signal.

Ross Comeau
Andover, MA

0056: Sweet Emotion: Aerosmith. Good signal!
0100: Message directed to other station, followed by Walk This Way. Good with moderate noise, but signal overcame it. ID'ed as OPD, Opinionated Pirate Radio.
0106: Last Child
0108: Commentary about WDOG program on 6880, ID, and then, Back in The Saddle.

European Pirates and Private Stations / UNID (P: R. Harmony)
« on: April 03, 2022, 0053 UTC »
UNID (p. R. Harmony) 0047 UTC 3 APR 2022 Song with OM vocals and song with YL vocals at 0048. Weak-fair, but with no interference and relatively little noise. Steady signal, but haven't heard talk yet to fully assess audio. Just heard YL ann. Too weak to decipher. Better (less nx) in USB but broadcasting in nominal AM. SINPO=25432.

Ross Comeau
Andover, MA

0011: Heard here in NE MA with Bette Davis Eyes. Good signal with some noise and somewhat choppy propagation (SINPO=44333).

Listening here since 2021. I Want to Hold Your Hand now, and earlier played a non-Stone Ponies version of When Will I Be Loved. A jingle with "Remember...remember...remember the good old days? "
2028- Little Richard
2031 - Chubby Checker: Let's Twist Again (Like We Did Last Summer)
2033 - More Chubby: Let's Do The Twist

Very strong signal, but with mild-often moderate noise. Great audio and steady signal, along with the strength of the signal help overcome the noise. SINPO=54353.

Just caught the sign-off at 0048, with W....F...D...R...Goodnight! Excellent signal in the very brief time heard!

Hearing here in NE MA from 2342. OM talk, but very noisy and weak-fair, even with some CW interference.

Listening since 0032. Unbelievably strong signal (Sri Lanka is fast approaching sunrise) and and chalk-full of SC music.

Also heard here since 0003, with FDR speeches and an absolutely killer signal, with beautiful audio and mostly quiet conditions.

QSLs Received / Re: Undercover Radio QSL 8 FEB 2022 Show
« on: February 09, 2022, 2350 UTC »
Received a QSL from Undercover Radio on Mediumwave, as well! Much appreciated, DR Benway, and very nice QSL!

Hearing here since 0126, with Crazy Train and heavy metal selections. Fair signal, no interference, median noise level, and some big fade outs/ins, and some fuzzy audio). Still, the signal is strenghining,

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