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QSLs Received / Re: Poop Deck Radio eQSL
« on: July 11, 2021, 0029 UTC »
Also received the eQSL. Thank you, Poop Deck!

Coming in here on the DX-398, but fading in and out. SINPO: 35433. Difficult to tune in the USB for comfortable listening.

02:23 Talk.
02:25 Song "... on your feet ...".
02:30 Male, then female voice: "Your station ... Independent radio".
02:30 Song: "Street Fighting Man" by the Rolling Stones.
02:33 ID: "Cool AM Radio". Emaill address. Presenter is Samantha.
02:33: ID by male speaker: "You're listening to Samatha's Music Special".
02:34 Song: "Bad Company" by Bad Company.
02:39 Song: "Heart Full of Soul" by the Yardbirds. Samantha is identifying the playlist.
02:41 ID: "This is a Cool AM music special presented by Samantha".
02:41 Song: "Roadhouse Blues" by The Doors.
02:45 Song: "Black Night" by Deep Purple.
02:53 Multiple IDs and email address announcements. Presenter is Samantha Jones.
02:54 Song by a band from The Netherlands.
02:56 Song by a band from The Netherlands.
03:00 ID: "We have come to the end of this Cool AM Radio broadcast". Talk about the radio magazines database.
03:01 ID: "Cool AM Radio".
03:03 ID: "Mix Radio International". "Classic rock that rocks".
03:04 ID: 'This is MRI, Mix Radio International".

Nice playlist! Thanks for the show!

This one is proving tough, so-so signal through lots of noise. SINPO 35233 on the Washington, DC, web SDR.

03:10 Instrumental music.
03:15 Song "Lies" by Thymics.
03:20 Female speaker.
03:20 Song: "Detroit" by Oric.
03:25 Song: "Secret Travel 2" by Oric.
03:28 Speaker, can't make it out (might be part of the song).
03:30 Song: "Dare: by the Psychedelic Suns.
03:34 Music: "Limbo" by Lastryko.
03:41 Song: "The Maze Under the Tree Rings" by Spiral Cell.
03:45 Music: "Division" by El Ten Eleven.
03:50 Music: "Deep Sea Oddities".
03:54 Music: Medusa by Holotropica.
03:56 Speaker. Audio too low to copy. Believe it was something like ... All you guys ... Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi ..."
03:57 Music.
04:03 Music.
04:07 Music: "Road Space".
04:12 Instrumental music.
04:16 Speaker. Audio too low to copy.

Thanks for the show!

SINPO 55444 via the Washington, DC, web SDR.

23:45 Music: "Cars" by Gary Numan
23:47 ID: "You are listening to Radio Genix." Email address.
23:47 Music: "Axel F" by Harold Faltermeyer.
23:50 Song: "Electric Avenue" by Eddy Grant.
23:53 Song: "Radio Ga Ga" by Queen.
23:59 ID: "This is Radio Genix." Email address.
23:59 Song (Russian title according to Shazam).
00:03 "For the first time on national television". Song: "Shake".
00:07 Song: "I'll Do Anything You Want Me To".
00:09 ID: "You are listening to Radio Genix." Email address.
00:09 Music (Russian title according to Shazam).
00:12 ID and email address. A few false starts.
00:13 Song: Tallinn.
00:18 ID: This is Radio Genix.
00:18 Music: "Берег" = "Bereg".
00:22 Email address.
00:22 Song: "Деор" - "Deor".
00:25 ID: "You are listening to Radio Genix."

Thanks for the show and, I must say, unique music!

Copying this on the Washington, DC web SDR. SINPO 55454.

20:35 Ten Tones.

Followed by Morse Code: .-. .- -.. .. --- / --. . -. .. -..- = radio genix


Believe it is Radio Genix.


QSLs Received / Re: ION Radio eQSL 4.July 2021
« on: July 05, 2021, 1539 UTC »
Also received the ION Radio eQSL. Thank you, ION Radio!

SINPO 44343

05:05 Came on following Drunken DJ Radio. He says "Good job" to WDDR.
05:06 Music.
05:12 Music, guitars. Then song.
05:19 SSTV.
05:20 ID "Outhouse Radio".

SINPO 45454 via my Realistic DX-398.
SINPO 55555 via Washington, DC, Web SDR.

Great reception on all fronts!

02:10 Song: "Two Trains" by Little Feat.
02:11 Male speaker: HF Underground shoutout.
02:13 Request for Big Badfish Al.
02:13 Song: Hukilau Sng" by Don Ho.
02:15 ID: "From WDDR, Drunken DJ Radio."
02:16 Song: Dead Man's Party" by Oingo Boingo.
02:21 More HF Underground shoutouts. He recognized my screen name is my PE SWL monitor call sign! (Thanks, DJ!)
02:23 ID: "WDDR"
02:24 Music.
02:28 ID: "WDDR, Drunken DJ Radio". His fireworks were rained out.
02:29 Song: "Ten Men Working" by Neil Young.
02:36 Song: "So Far Away" by Carole King.
02:40 HF Underground shoutouts.
02:41 Song: "Dire Wolf" by the Grateful Dead.
02:45 Song: "I.G.Y." by Donald Fagen.
02:50 DJ knows IGY was the International Geophysical Year. :)
02:52 Song: "You're No Good" by Linda Ronstadt.
02:57 Song: "Creeque Alley" by the Mammas and the Pappas, by request.
03:01 ID "WDDR, Drunken DJ Radio".
03:01 Song: "Pressure Drop" by Toots and The Maytals.
03:04 Talk about Louis Prima.
03:04 Song: "Rhythm on the Radio" by Louis Prima.
03:08 Song: "Joise" by Steely Dan.
03:12 DDJ reveals he has programmed Wolverine Radio.
03:12 Song: "Pretty Ballerina" by The Left Banke.

Great fun! Thanks for the show!

SINPO 35333 via Washington, DC, web SDR.

00:44 Song: "Time" by Pink Floyd.
00:48 SSTV
00:49 Song: "Break on Through" by The Doors.
00:52 SSTV mid-song.
00:53 Begin song, then SSTV.
00:58 SSTV.
Silence. Then images in other formats.
01:06 SSTV image.

SINPO 35332 via my Realistic DX-398.
SINPO 45444 via the Washington, DC, SDR.

22:25 Song: "Feelin' Stronger Every Day" by Chicago.
22:30 Dead air.

SINPO 45344 via the Washington, DC, Web SDR.

22:19 ID: "India - Oscar - November. This is ION Radio". (Female voice.)
22:19 Song: "ROCK in the USA" by John Mellencamp.
22:22 Song: "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong.
22:24 ID: "India - Oscar - November. This is ION Radio". (Female voice.)
22:24 Song: "This Land Is Your Land" by Peter, Paul and Mary.
22:27 Song: "4th of July" by Soundgarden.
22:32 "The Star-Spangled Banner" sung by Whitney Houston. Preceded by male announcer, broadcasting from Super Bowl XXV in 1991.
22:35 Female speaker: "Thank you for listening to Ion Radio". Announcement of email address. "Listen for more Ion Radio on the 43 metre band. This is Ion Radio singing off".

Great Fourth of July show!

SINPO 35333 in Northern Virginia

21:41 Male speaker. Ends wishing everyone a Happy Fourth of July.
21:42 Song. "... rodeo ..."
21:48 SSTV
21:49 Male speaker: Will retry SSTV as the "Fourth of July 2021 comes only once in history".
21:50 SSTV.
21:51 Off.

QSLs Received / Re: Dr. Detroit eQSL June 13, 2021
« on: July 04, 2021, 0257 UTC »
Received the same QSL. Thank you, Doctor Detroit!

SINPO 35343 via web SDR in Washington, DC.

02:24 SSTV (no copy).
02:25 Song: "Dein Meister" by Steely Dan.
02:28 Male speaker.
02:29 Song: "Born in the USA" by Bruce Springsteen.
02:33 SSTV image.
02:38 Music: "Star-Spangled Banner" on electric guitar.
02:44 Talk by a male speaker: "... frogs in the creek ... we live in an era of progress, accomplishment ... I remember when ..."
02:50 SSTV image.

SINPO 45344 via the Washington, DC, web SDR
Barely audible via my DX-398.

01:52 Song: "One of a Kind Love Affair" by The Spinners.
01:55 Talk by a male speaker (indistinct). Mentioned the previous song.
Songs coming in better than is speech.
01:55 Song: "Take me to the River" by the Talking Heads.
02:00 ID: "Poop Deck Radio. How ya doing out there?"
02:00 Song: "Do It Baby" by The Miracles.
02:03 ID: "Poop Deck Radio".
02:03 Song: "Gypsy Woman" by Brian Hyland.
02:06 Song: "Hey Nineteen" by Steely Dan.
02:10 ID: "Poop Deck Radio". Broadcasting from the poop deck. Fireworks are everywhere.
02:11 Song: "I'm on Fire" by Bruce Springsteen.
02:13 Song: "Got Me Under Pressure" by ZZ Top.
02:16 ID: "Poop Deck Radio".
02:17 Song: "Leave Me" by Yvonne Elliman.

Thanks for the show!

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