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013? ID as "cat's eye radio", "Ezekiel, Zekey for short"
0133 Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen - Good Time
0140 ID and chatting "eye of the cat coming right out of the Bermuda triangle"

0145 Ethereal music cutting off pop song
0150 "space music, just how we like it, spaced out music",  "Space Commander Zekey" chatting about having a QSL card for us maybe next week and signing off
0152 Sting - Ghost Story
0158 Off

Just under S9 on Vermont Mountaintop SDR

00:54 Computer Games - Kraftwerk mixed with what sounds like 50's 60's sitcom dialog
Audio Sample with waterfall

Wrong thread, that's the 6933.3 station

0052 Leave It To Beaver audio overlaid on top of Kraftwerk - Numbers
0057 Can - Vitamin C

0105 Deep heavily modulated voice, can't make out much of it but sounds alien themed
0106 Elvis - Blue Sued Shoes with modulation
0109 modulated voice is back, can't make out any of it

0112 Slow atmospheric Krautrock style music

0119 Gary Numan & The Tubeway Army - We Have a Technical
0122 Leave it to Beaver audio returns
0123 OFF

wasn't off, just the receiver malfunctioned or it's antenna blew off or something, caught the last of it on the Vermont SDR at around 0130

S5 - S7 on KB1UIF Ashley Falls, MA KiwiSDR, slightly noisy with lightning crashes

very weak but can just barely make things out if I put it in QAM of all things, talking about the evils of having to wear a mask right now...

caught on W3HFU Westminster, MD KiwiSDR

saw a carrier and caught a trace of something on multiple internet SDRs on the east of the US at around 0018 UTC 12 Jul, could make out faint music and talking, went off at 0021.

Originally posted as an unID in the North American pirate forum but skipmunk suggested it was most likely this station so moving this here.

Peskies / Re: English 6951 USB 0400 UTC 9 July 2021
« on: July 11, 2021, 0355 UTC »
Heard again around 0400 UTC 9 July
didn't record this time, tried an SDR in the UK and it was coming in best there, so I think it's safe to assume that the signal is coming from someplace in that region given the accent of the speaker as well
I'll probably be monitoring this frequency more.

been listening since around 0325, been instrumental post punk and surf rock so far
was readable through the noise in SAM but dipping in and out now
0336 grindcore with vocals

S7 (if that even matters) on N1NTE SDR 4, lots of noise and interference from utilities

0415 Downtempo Jazz fusion music

S5 but very loud and clear N1NTE 3 SDR

Might try to catch this on my home unit.
Also I'm starting to realize how useless the S meters on these internet SDRs are, might switch to a sinpo system like I've seen others here use.

hrrrm... why are you using some sort of script to play the file and not just using something like google drive or vocaroo?
also this is pretty vague, interrupted by what? what is the significance here, I feel like you should give more details.

2255 - Noise and intermittent male voice "See the world through the eyes and ears of a person with schizophrenia who has lost his pills a few weeks ago"
2305 - Moaning sort of noises and dogs or people howling, male voice ID "Schizophrenia Radio"
2340 - signal had a sudden burst of clarity, screaming and electronic noise and what sounds like a christian sermon.
2344 - Off (or rather I just lost it in the noise)
2345 - burst of deep growly synthvoice, can't make out what it's saying in the noise
did hear a few things beyond this point (some tones, some indiscernible talking that sounded like it was from a movie) but walked away for a bit and now seems to be off, or maybe just lost in the noise again, who knows really.  ::)
and as for a carrier, I hadn't seen one since the first time I assumed it was off, even when there was a burst of activity I didn't see anything that looked like a carrier on the waterfall. 

S5 and very noisy on Vermont Mountaintop SDR

Thanks for the broadcast

Peskies / English 6951 USB 0553 UTC 7 July 2021
« on: July 07, 2021, 0604 UTC »
Seems to be either one half of a conversation or just one guy rambling on, some talk about about boats and random daily things.
Speaker seems to be a male with a scottish accent, hard to make out a lot of what he is saying in the noise. 

Caught on the Reileh NC Kiwi SDR


seems to be on 6925.36
0218 Female vocals punk song, sounded like it could have been The Runaways
0223 soft indie rock song with male vocals
weak signal, hard to make out above the noise, says S7 but I don't think it means much in this case

0315 Surf music and much stronger signal than I last left it
0316 muzac sounding music, fading in and out now.

0327 male talking about the music he just played, in and out of clarity, of course it became muffled right as he IDed
0328 PSAs
0332 Gene Vincent - Crazy Legs
0335 50s sounding song about feet hurting
0337 Morrissey - When You Open Your Legs
0340 Groovy instrumental 60s music, fading in and out again.
0343 Chad and Jeremy - You Need Feet
0349 chaotic music, beeping, Numbers station, repeating WBOG ID
0351 Female voice "I like this station very much" (I think) and OFF

Still S7 Vermont Mountaintop KiwiSDR

been listening to Goat to Goat PM with Zekey Bell for while now, nice mix of music and UFO talk, lol.

Vermont Mountaintop KiwiSDR meter weirdly bouncing all over the place going all the way from S5 to S9 but you sound good.

Playing poppy electronic dance music
IDed as Pirate Without a name around 0247
0259 Off suddenly midsong

0302 back on
0303 ID
0305 ID (thanks for the shoutout, lol)

S7 - S9 Vermont Mountaintop KiwiSDR, good signal tonight.

Still running as of 0548

barely readable on the Mountaintop Vermont SDR
much better on the K1RA/KW4VA SDR near Warrenton Virginia at S7 - S9, still very noisy and needed to use the Narrow AM mode to make out much.

and yes it is the Fox News Relay, Fox News was said several times.

0209 Southern Rock music
0210 Can hear talking and whistles over music but it sounds off frequency so not sure if it's a different station (it was peskies a bit over)
0215 digital mode
0216 back to music
0218 more digital

0248 OFF

S7 - S9 on N1NTE SDR4

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