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S9+20 with the KX4AZ KiwiSDR in Michigan.

2337 UTC-ON
2337 UTC-Music

0018 UTC-Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria
0020 UTC-Heat Like Storm by Marshal
0025 UTC-Sycko talking and giving Sycko Radio ID, going to read some HFU posts, saying hello to people on the HFU (thanks!), hope everyone is enjoying the show
0026 UTC-Losing My Religion by R.E.M.
0030 UTC-Children by Robert Miles, Sycko talking about the other stations on air tonight
0040 UTC-Learning to Fly by Pink Floyd
0045 UTC-Sycko talking (signal is getting weaker), difficult copy

0101 UTC-Recognizable music direct but still near the noise level, should improve later (still daylight here)

S5 with the Raleigh, NC KiwiSDR.

2329 UTC-Unknown Electronic Music
2330 UTC-Unknown Rap Music, rap lyrics to the tune of “ Stayin' Alive”
2334 UTC-Mash up of “Another Brick In The Wall” lyrics over an electronic beat, the “skyman” numbskull is back
2341 UTC-Robot 36 SSTV
2342 UTC-Another mashup, We Will Rock You with another song (familiar but I can’t recall the title), Outhouse said something but I’m not sure what
2346 UTC-Unknown Music
2350 UTC-Scottie 1 SSTV
2352 UTC-Micheal Jackson and Another One Bites The Dust mashup
2356 UTC-Unknown Music
0000 UTC-Outhouse Radio ID
0000 UTC-Unknown Music
0006 UTC-Psalm 69 by Ministry
0010 UTC-Paranoid by Jazz Sabbath
0014 UTC-OFF

S3 with the Raleigh, NC KiwiSDR.

2252 UTC-ON
2252 UTC-Music, I canít find the correct frequency
2257 UTC-Outhouse Talking?, found the correct frequency
2158 UTC-Unknown Music
2203 UTC-OFF

Poor frequency choice, very bad QRM from the Peskies on 6925 LSB due to being partway into their signals.

S5 with the Raleigh, NC KiwiSDR.

2215 UTC-ON
2215 UTC-Choir music
2216 UTC-OM “You are tuned to ?? Radio”
2218 UTC-Two men talking, saying one thing about a “virtual radio”
2218 UTC-Spoof ad for “Saturday Night Gunmart”
2219 UTC-Another spoof ad, this one for the CB vocabulary cassette course so you can sound like a “Torrible Texas Trucker”
2220 UTC-Next spoof ad, not sure what for
2221 UTC-Commercial Radio ID
2221 UTC-Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money) by Pet Shop Boys
2224 UTC-“Products that make your life better, Commercial Radio”
2225 UTC-Spoof PSA about conserving energy from Monolithic Oil Corporation
2226 UTC-Next spoof ad for an antenna
2229 UTC-Commercial Radio ID
2229 UTC-Spoof ad for National Necrophiliac Foundation
2230 UTC-Next spoof ad, not sure what for
2232 UTC-Commercial Radio ID
2232 UTC-Spoof ad for Camel Toe Jeans from Friggin Industries
2233 UTC-Spoof PSA for spanking your monkey
2235 UTC-Next spoof ad, not sure what for
2235 UTC-Commercial Radio ID
2236 UTC-Spoof ad for a Grateful Dead album
2236 UTC-Spoof ad for Men’s Whorehouse
2238 UTC-Commercial Radio ID
2238 UTC-Spoof ad for Tree Frog Brewing Company
2239 UTC-Spoof ad for Motel Strict
2239 UTC-Spoof PSA for the Foundation for Hot Rod Truck and Tractor Pull Announcers Disease
2240 UTC-Commercial Radio ID
2241 UTC-Spoof ad for World of Radio (?)
2243 UTC-Commercial Radio ID
2243 UTC-Let It Be (unknown version)
2244 UTC-Commercial Radio
2244 UTC-Talking about Shazam and “the glory days of free radio”, this has been brought to you by Foxhole Productions in conjunction with Sick Puppy Productions, this is Commercial Radio
2245 UTC-OFF

Latin American Pirate / UNID (Brazil) 7630 AM 1925 UTC 28 JAN 2023
« on: January 28, 2023, 1928 UTC »
Exact frequency is 7629.97 kHz. S7 with the Brasilia, Brazil KiwiSDR. S7 but much stronger with the PY2-81502 KiwiSDR in S„o Paulo. There is another listener on the Brasilia SDR in Poa, Brazil (probably the op).

1925 UTC-First Christmas Star by Christmas Jazz Music Collection
1931 UTC-Piano and Clarinet Jazz - Vibes for Working from Home by Coffee Break Chill Out Lounge
1937 UTC-The Thrill of a Morning Glory by Cafe Jazz Duo, Java Jazz Cafe & Good Morning Jazz Cafe
1943 UTC-The Call by Another Jazz


Unfortunately I lost the video recording but at least I still have the audio. I ran out of space on the computer and need to sort things out to make more room.

Listening back to the recording it appears this station went off air just as Voice of the Martyrs signed on the frequency.

S3 with the Brasilia, Brazil KiwiSDR. Being listened to by another user in Pedro Velho, Brazil and using a frequency close to one used by this station before. Same unstable carrier.

1701 UTC-Very weak oldies music
1707 UTC-Duke of Earl by Gene Chandler
1711 UTC-Signal dropped quickly to just a trace on the waterfall then completed gone. Still a trace on the PY2-81502 KiwiSDR in Brazil.
1714 UTC-OFF 21500 kHz
1714 UTC-The listener in Pedro Velho is now listening on 15010 kHz, nothing there yet
1714 UTC-ON at 15010 kHz
1714 UTC-S5 with oldies music
1732 UTC-Up to S7 now
1753 UTC-Sounds like an (English language) ID for an online station?
1758 UTC-PSA for the Cancer Foundation of America with 800-739-9060 phone number to donate a car
1759 UTC-ID as Do-Wop Express (an online station)


At 0048 UTC “oldiesRadio” in Pedro Velho is listening on the Brasilia KiwiSDR at 15010 kHz AM but there is no signal there. My guess is at that frequency and time the transmitter might be on but the signal is not propagating to that SDR.

I wonder if this is Radio Cidade Oldies? I thought they are from a different state though.

European MW Pirate Radio / UNID (GR) 1640 AM 0524 UTC 28 JAN 2023
« on: January 28, 2023, 0527 UTC »
S9 with the OE6ADD KiwiSDR in Austria.

0524 UTC-Cyprus Blue by DJ Zeki
0527 UTC-Cyprus Blue by DJ Zeki (again?)
0529 UTC-Still on a loop..
0535 UTC-Now Greek music with the station op singing along

North American Shortwave Pirate / WWWW 6925 USB 0420 UTC 28 JAN 2023
« on: January 28, 2023, 0421 UTC »
S9 with the K3FEF KiwiSDR.

0420 UTC-Smoke and Mirrors by Gotye
0426 UTC-Stadium Arcadium by Red Hot Chili Peppers
0431 UTC-Brief talk between two OMs about legalization of Marijuana
0432 UTC-Unknown Music
0435 UTC-Telephone Line by Electric Light Orchestra
0439 UTC-Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue ÷yster Cult
0444 UTC-Stylo (feat. Mos Def and Bobby Womack) by Gorillaz
0449 UTC-Low Rider by War
0452 UTC-Dirty Work by Steely Dan
0455 UTC-Calling America by Electric Light Orchestra
0458 UTC-Rough Justice by The Rolling Stones
0500 UTC-Op saying it is midnight EST and this is the end of the transmission (with no ID)
0500 UTC-OFF

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6962 USB 0049 UTC 28 JAN 2023
« on: January 28, 2023, 0050 UTC »
S9+10 with the KX4AZ KiwiSDR.

0049 UTC-ON
0049 UTC-Music
0050 UTC-OFF

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6975.5 AM 0044 UTC 28 JAN 2023
« on: January 28, 2023, 0045 UTC »
Exact frequency is 6975.48 kHz and drifting a bit. S9 with the KX4AZ KiwiSDR.

0044 UTC-Relay of an old program?

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6962.7 AM 0043 UTC 28 JAN 2023
« on: January 28, 2023, 0044 UTC »
Exact frequency is 6962.71 kHz. S9 with the KX4AZ KiwiSDR.

0043 UTC-Baby Shark
0045 UTC-OFF
0046 UTC-ON
0047 UTC-OFF

HF Mystery Signals / UNID 6942.4 kHz 0042 UTC 28 JAN 2023
« on: January 28, 2023, 0043 UTC »
Exact frequency is 6942.42 kHz. S9+10 with the KX4AZ KiwiSDR.

0042 UTC-Digital?
0315 UTC-Still going

European MW Pirate Radio / UNID (RU) 1616 AM 1605 UTC 27 JAN 2023
« on: January 27, 2023, 1607 UTC »
S9 with the Tambov, Russia KiwiSDR. This is the guy with the oddly stable and good sounding transmitter. The signal is very steady on this SDR but super weak on all others so he must be in groundwave range of this SDR.

1605 UTC-Russian Heavy Metal
1606 UTC-Russian Pop Music

Latin American Pirate / UNID (Brazil?) 12006v AM 2139 UTC 26 JAN 2023
« on: January 27, 2023, 0020 UTC »
Exact frequency is drifting between 12005.90 and 12005.96 kHz. S5 with the Brasilia, Brazil KiwiSDR. I heard this yesterday around 2230 UTC but it was having the noise problem so I didn't log it as I wasn't sure what it was.

2139 UTC-Pop music
2202 UTC-Still more pop music
2203 UTC-Just noise being transmitted, sort of a low buzzing sound
2230 UTC-Still only transmitting noise

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