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Very weak carrier with the Northern Utah KiwiSDR at 1845 UTC.

I thought this might be of interest since the last time Radio Compañía Worldwide was logged here was March 31 2022. I noticed their Facebook page and found their website from there. It looks like they announce their current broadcasts on Facebook and it shows they were last on air 8 hours ago as I write this. Looks like they are active quite often but rarely logged here. Might want to keep an eye out for broadcast announcements from them.




Below the noise with the Northern Utah KiwiSDR at 1645 UTC.

1645 UTC-Carrier visible
0404 UTC-S7 music with the Northern Utah KiwiSDR.

S9+10 with the Northern Utah KiwiSDR.

0456 UTC-Religious Talk

Below the noise with the KPH KiwiSDR but carrier visible at 1650 UTC.

1650 UTC-Too weak to identify programming
0457 UTC-Unknown Music, S9 but very high static

S9+10 with the K3FEF KiwiSDR.

0133 UTC-Crowd cheering sounds? in AM mode
0135 UTC-Tone
0145 UTC-Now in USB with comedy

Signal keeps going off then back on

Drifty carrier around 6304.93 kHz. S7 with the Northwest Ireland KiwiSDR. Heavy QRM from careless idiots on 6295 kHz and Peskies on 6309 kHz. Peskies gone by 1835 UTC.

1830 UTC-Easy Lover by Philip Bailey & Phil Collins
1833 UTC-Station ID
1833 UTC-Why Does It Always Rain On Me? by Travis
1837 UTC-“Don’t touch that dial”
1837 UTC-Step On by Happy Mondays
1841 UTC-Jingle
1841 UTC-Gypsies, Tramps And Thieves by Cher
1844 UTC-Something that included “for weekend entertainment”
1844 UTC-2 Hearts by Kylie Minogue
1847 UTC-Email that ends in radiouk@gmail.com
1847 UTC-Get Lucky by Daft Punk Feat. Pharrell Williams
1851 UTC-Something said
1851 UTC-Centerfold by J. Geils Band
1855 UTC-I think I heard an Image Radio UK ID
1855 UTC-Apologize by Timbaland Feat. OneRepublic
1858 UTC-Some sort of jingle?
1858 UTC-Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder
1901 UTC-Email imageradiouk@gmail.com
1901 UTC-In The Summertime by Shaggy Feat. Rayvon
1905 UTC-Jingle?
1905 UTC-Grease by Frankie Valli
1909 UTC-OFF

Note: This frequency is used by Image Radio UK, their email is imageradiouk@gmail.com, and they use low power which explains their weak signal. I think this is Image Radio UK.
ID heard at 1855 UTC.

S5 with the Northwest Ireland KiwiSDR. Noisy S7 with the GB3WB KiwiSDR in the UK. Now S7-S9 with the GB3WB KiwiSDR at 1955 UTC.

1812 UTC-I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers
1815 UTC-Talk in English, very hard to hear, mentions of twitter
1817 UTC-Huge fade, music too weak to identify
1819 UTC-All The Things She Gave Me by The Waterboys
1821 UTC-Talk in English, jingle “You’re listening to the most popular radio station of 2021”
1822 UTC-Lady Writer by Dire Straits
1826 UTC-Talk, mentions of George Harrison
1828 UTC-Station ID jingle
1828 UTC-The Years We Shared (Remix Radio Edit) by Runrig
1829 UTC-OFF
1833 UTC-Carrier
1956 UTC-Tangled Up In Blue by Bob Dylan
1959 UTC-Email marinebroadcasters@hotmail.com
1959 UTC-WMBR jingle and Marine Broadcasters ID
2000 UTC-Ghostdancing by Simple Minds
2004 UTC-Talk, email address and ID in Dutch
2007 UTC-WMBR jingle
2007 UTC-The Long Way Round by Gerry Rafferty
2011 UTC-This Wheel's On Fire by The Byrds
2015 UTC-Talk in Dutch
2018 UTC-Email address
2018 UTC-Unknown Music
2019 UTC-One Stage Before by Al Stewart
2022 UTC-When I Was A Cowboy by Alan PRice
2025 UTC-Talk in Dutch and station ID in English, mention of Charleston Radio International, Radio Harmony, Sunlite, Radio Onda, Radio Jong Europa, and other stations, station ID jingle
2029 UTC-When The Swallows Fly by Bee Gees
2032 UTC-Drive by The Cars
2035 UTC-Talk in Dutch, station ID in English, email address, mentions of other stations
2039 UTC-Station ID and email address for reception reports in English
2039 UTC-Watching Scotty Grow by Bobby Goldsboro
2041 UTC-The Boys Of Summer by Don Henley
2046 UTC-Station ID and talk about other stations
2049 UTC-Intervention by Arcade Fire
2053 UTC-Talk about other stations in Dutch, email address
2055 UTC-Do You Believe In Magic by The Lovin' Spoonful
2057 UTC-Station ID, talk in Dutch, email address, mentions of other stations
2059 UTC-Station ID and email address for reception reports in English
2059 UTC-Blank carrier
2101 UTC-OFF

S9 with the Northwest Ireland KiwiSDR.

1730 UTC-The Swiss Maid by Del Shannon
1733 UTC-Talk in Dutch
1733 UTC-Little Green Bag by George Baker Selection
1737 UTC-Talk in Dutch
1738 UTC-Ik Ruil Jou Niet Meer Voor 'N Ander by Het Radi Ensemble
1741 UTC-Maar Voor Mij Is Er Een Dat Ben Jij by Het Radi Ensemble
1744 UTC-Streets Of Philadelphia by Bruce Springsteen
1748 UTC-Ba-Ba-Banküberfall by E.A.V. (Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung)
1751 UTC-Unknown Music
1756 UTC-Kiss (When The Sun Don't Shine) by Vengaboys
1759 UTC-Jabdah by Koto
1807 UTC-Slave To The Music by Twenty 4 Seven
1809 UTC-Talk in Dutch
1810 UTC-Slave To The Music by Twenty 4 Seven

Weak S5 with the KPH KiwiSDR in California. This stations has been going non-stop for days.

1640 UTC-Music at the noise level
2050 UTC-Weak carrier present
2220 UTC-Music at the noise during peaks
0219 UTC-S9 with music at the KPH KiwiSDR
0255 UTC-Very weak carrier on the K3FEF KiwiSDR

QSLs Received / Free Radio Victoria eQSL 1 July 2022
« on: July 10, 2022, 1631 UTC »
Thank you for the eQSL!

S9+10 with the Northern Utah KiwiSDR.

0457 UTC-Religious talk
0505 UTC-Gone

Exact frequency is 6919.96 kHz. S7 with the Northern Utah KiwiSDR. Better S7 with the KPH KiwiSDR in California. Nothing with the W3HFU KiwiSDR.

0130 UTC-Unknown Music
0133 UTC-Next Unknown Music
0136 UTC-Radio Pushka ID and mention of vote for songs on the Radio Pushka website
0140 UTC-I Like To Move It by Reel 2 Real
0143 UTC-Station ID
0409 UTC-Gone
0534 UTC-Back with Unknown Music
0536 UTC-Radio Pushka ID
0631 UTC-Unknown Music
1636 UTC-Unknown Music

I wonder if he is back to his near daily operation? I hope so.

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