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Epic waterfall ID action. Airspy discovery with lame indoor loop.

Extremely strong in WNC on the now vintage Icom 8500. S9+10.
  Sounds great!

25 over S9 on Airspy HF+ Discovery on 77ft outdoor antenna. ID in waterfall. Nice.
 Asheville NC

What a weird station. Jazz with bizarre dog care tips as well as howling...only present in the USB. Lower sideband pure music.
  Very very strange. Weak in WNC but copyable above local noise. Occasionally swells to good signal...otherwise not so hot.
 S5 or so on Airspy. 

 OFF at 1632

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 4185 USB 1216 UTC 7 JAN 2023
« on: January 07, 2023, 1216 UTC »
Strong in WNC s7 to s9 rock music.

 Off at 0730 EST. Ided 3 times with heavily processed audio. Alternative shortwave radio I think?
 Best I can do with only 3 cups of coffee in me. Sorry.
  Airspy HF Discovery and 77ft end fed wire for reception this AM.

 Great S9+10 signal into asheville nc at 0150. Nice and wide too listening at 4850kc wide in USB. Very good audio!

S7 on indoor loop in asheville NC on the Airspy. Good audio.
 Cool waterfall image!

 Decent copy in Asheville nc on lame indoor loop. Tuned in just in time for gypsy eyes and foxy lady by Hendrix, then ID as radio EXP
  I assume EXP stands for the Jimi Hendrix Experience. What an epic band...

 Ultra strong in Asheville NC on external wire antenna.  S9+20+
  Great audio. Vermont public radio? OM talking live right now at 0108.
 Vermont public radio ALT is the ID.

 DR Zeeky playing acid rock.

 Announces it is CHIL Radio. at 0121 utc. Frothing about vermont public radio having too many transmitters
and ruining the FM band. Epic ranting!

Incredible in Asheville, NC on wire antenna. S9+16 easily conquering robust static levels. Great audio too.
 Airspy HF+Discovery

 Very low here in Asheville NC. Rock music with very low modulation. S4 or S5
  Airspy on external antenna

 Slight drift to 6931.100
 Sudden adjust to 6931.084!
 Totally consumed by noise at 0655 UTC.

S7 or so playing rock music. No ID so far.

 It looks like they moved to 6935 kc.

Very strong with some fade in Asheville NC. S9++ to S7. Techno music and very good audio!
You posted this while I was posting the same station! Really nice audio on the Airspy HF+Discovery

 Was getting noisy at S7 on the indoor loop. Storms have passed so I switched to the outdoor wire. Now S9+18.
   I hate having to use the indoor antenna.

Good copy of interval signal in asheville nc @ 0058 utc

 ID at 101 utc. Then into enter the sandman by mettalica.

 Off at 0222:50
 Comically a usb station fired up instantly playing the trololo song!

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