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0228: jazzy rock music that I can't ID; 25222
0238: 35333, slightly improved reception from a few minutes ago

Thank you for the show!

0058: carrier on, "Wildfire" IS, slight sporadic QRM from peskie on LSB
0100: ID by YL -> "The King of Wishful Thinking" - Go West; "Head Over Heels" - Go-Gos; "Go Where You Wanna Go" - Mamas and Papas
0233: SSTV
0235: YL mentioning special eQSL for report and guessing the theme of the show, followed by IS
0236: quiet, then carrier gone/EOT

Thank you for the broadcast!

0038: music, maybe Hendrix - "Star Spangled Banner"
barely above noise, S6, 15221
0051: still sounds like Hendrix playing, not sure of song name
0054: sporadic digital QRM
0100: can barely tell station is still there; OM singing
0103: thought I heard an SSTV preamble, maybe not; more music
0105: again, thought I heard SSTV start and quickly stop -> repeat of Hendrix with Star Spangled Banner
0108: 25222, more SSTV, too weak to decode very well, but shows "DAMN SKIPPY"

0117: "Setting Sun" - BLP Brian Lucas Project
0122: SSTV; too much QRM from digital station to completely decode, but ...
0123: EOT

Thank you for the show - the music and the SSTV. Wish I could hear it better.

0122 utc

is this the (The 2024 Shortwave Fest Pirate Radio Broadcast 6950 USB 0024 UTC 11 MAY 2024)

I'm not sure. It seemed to appear out of the blue loud enough and visible enough all at once around 0113 that I could make out a station, at least on my radio. Might be a continuation. Reception even of BallSmacker on 6960 is really bad compared to usual tonight.

0113: music, weak
0115: OM repeating something (might be pesky QRM); more music, too weak to ID
0119: OM singing, "Shortwave Radio" - Brian Patrick
0121: "You are listening to the 2000 (?) [something] Shortwave Pirate Broadcast", repeated, then OM talking
-- ID per N2MLP --- THANKS
Thank you for the show!

0058: Wildfire IS
0100: ID by YL -- BallSmacker Radio -> music "When Doves Cry" - Prince
0106: "Mama Said" - Shirelles
0108: "Mama Can't Buy You Love" - Elton John & Thom Bell
QRM on lsb 22222, clear on usb 25222

Thank you for the show!

music under very heavy local qrm every 5 khz
better with different antenna
0007: "Ball and Chain" - Social Distortion
0019: "Mad About You" - Belinda Carlisle
0023: ID by YL -> "Passionate Kisses" - Mary Chapin Carpenter
55454, S9+20
0053: "Cinco de Mayo" - War
0056: ID by YL, "They Don't Know" - Kristy MacColl

Thank you for the broadcast! Also, special thanks for the eQSL I just received - very nice!

(2359: carrier appears)
0000: ID by OM, "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" - Andrews Sisters
0004: "In the Mood" - Glenn Miller
0006: Professor Plum and Miss Scarlet talking, "Who's Sorry Now" - Connie Francis, "Where the Boys Are"
0013: spoof Medicare plan commercial
0016: ID, "Hello, Dolly" - Louis Armstrong
0028: "Star Spangled Banner" - Lisa Del Bo, et al.; speech from JFK, tone, EOT

Thanks for the very cool music and the broadcast!

2311: music "It's A Beautiful Morning" - The Rascals
2313: "Spooky" - Classics IV
2316: ID, Million Dollar Weekend, shoutouts
2317: "Light My Fire" - Jose' Feliciano, "The Look of Love" - Sergio Mendez and Brasil '66, more hits from the '60s
2328: ID, "Classical Gas" - Mason WIlliams (THANKS - this is a favorite of mine), "Angel of the Morning" - Merrilee Rush
2333: 45444, S9, slowly improving
2337: talking of shutting down, "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing" - Tammi Terrell and Marvin Gaye, "Do You Know the Way to San Jose"- Dionne Warwick
2346: EOT

Thank you for the broadcast and the shoutouts!

2152: music; can't ID song, but lots of radio associated talk VO
35444, S9
2156: ID by OM -> "Dosed" - Cherry Glazerr & Jefertitti
2202: ID, "David Byrne Does Hard Time" - Paramore and David Byrne
2205: DJDW with commentary on previous tunes, radio conditions, job interviews
2206: "Feeling Too Much" - Cold War Kids
2209: "Quarterlife" - Wallice
-- more Indie Rock --
2229: ID, more shoutouts, "City Lights" - The WAEVE, Graham Coxon & Rose Dougall

Thank you for the broadcast and the shoutouts! I hope you get to feeling better. All the best of luck with the job search.

0029: sign-on, music "Marquee Moon" - Television
0038: ? Repeat of previous song, or a continuation of same
0039: ID WLPR Long Play Radio, mx: "Station to Station" - David Bowie
Later: "Telegraph Road" - Dire Straits
0100: "In My Time of Dying" - Led Zeppelin

Thank you for the broadcast!

0022: music
25232, S6, JBA at times
0024: nearly faded into noise, but inklings of music come through ever so often

2329: sign-on, Rick Roll, "Never Gonna Give You Up" - Rick Astley
2332: EOT

Thank you for the Rick Roll!

2232: classical music - "Cello Concerto in B-Minor, Op. 104 ..." - Pablo Casals, Czech Philharmonic, ...
2241: OM talking -> more mx
2250: OM talking -> more mx
2257: ditto
2322: ID by OM, EOT

Thank you for the music and the show!

2209: signon, music
OH NO! Getting Rick-rolled!  ::)
2213: EOT

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