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Shortwave Pirate / 30's music 6925 am mode 00:58 UTC
« on: March 30, 2012, 0102 UTC »
Faint signal, just now noticed. No better than S4.

1:04 Sounds like a commercial, also nostalgic, buried in noise.
1:05 Sounds like a country tune
1:07 Sounds like another commercial with music
1:09 Speaking voices, too buried in noise to read
1:11 "Puttin' on the Ritz" male vocal
1:15 30's big band jazz tune
1:18 "Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)" female vocal?
1:20 Jazz instrumental
1:27 May be another station sounding off
1:28 Singing
1:32 R&B tune, may be another station, doesn't fit in with other
1:36 No more carrier at 1:36

First noted at 7:37 UTC

Groups of five numbers in Spanish female voice. I really dig this chick, there's something special about her, I would like to meet her some day.

Unfortunately, it had to end.

She said, "Finale...finale...finale" and it was over at 7:42 UTC

She disappeared into the night. I never got her phone number or address.

I guess I'll have to find something else to do, like a hobby, to get her off my mind.

Buried in noise, slowly fading in at 2:20 with music, then mention of ID.

Nostalgic musical numbers.

Crashing static. Only coming through in bits and pieces at 2:30, more music.

Anti-pot PSA parody at 2:38 "...marijuana can lead to psychological..."

Station ID at 2:42 "Northern Relay Service...the program is called 'Cruising Altitude.'"

Couple of techno tracks until 2:52, then voice messages, unintelligible.

Strange whistling QRM at 3:00

QSL address at 3:04

Theme from "Deliverance" at 3:09

First heard carrier switch on and off a couple of times, then at 4:49 classical symphonic music, slow movement, I'm guessing Mozart. Good signal, good audio, some fading. Sudden cutoff at 4:53.

Nice relaxing tasteful selection for late night. Enjoyable, too bad it ended so soon. Don't recall hearing classical on pirate broadcasts before.

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