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Shortwave Pirate / BOR 6930 AM 01:44 ut 1-4-13
« on: February 04, 2013, 0154 UTC »
6930 AM
I have been seeing this sig for awhile but in the noise to deep to ID

01:44 ut S5 - S7  Irish Music
01:49 ut BOR ID
Bluegrass music
02:03 ut  BOR Id's
Bluegrass Music
02:21 ut mostly in the noise S5 - S6 - BOR ID's - Lighthouse song
02:25 ut 2001 SO Outro
02:26 ut Off

Shortwave Pirate / Radio Therapy 6930 USB 2:29 ut 2-2-13
« on: February 02, 2013, 0234 UTC »
Moved up to 6930 USB after AM sig went off 6925 khz
2:31 ut Radio therapy ID
Back into Chili Peppers
S5 - S7 - good audio
2:35 ut Radio Therapy ID "Old Friend Captain Ron"
2:36 ut Shout out to HFU & Me.
Back into RHCP's
Friday Night Radio Therapy

3:10 - 3:14 ut Cap Ron still coming in strong - average S7 - few slow fades down to S5
Captain is chatting "Clearly a Live Broadcast" - the way we like 'em Ron. "On A Mission for Transmission"

QSLs Received / Radio Ronin Shortwave 1-16-13
« on: January 26, 2013, 2324 UTC »
Very Nice QSL from Radio Ronin Shortwave THANKS!

Shortwave Pirate / 6970 khz AM 23:30 ut 1-22-13
« on: January 22, 2013, 2341 UTC »
6970 khz AM  23:20 ut  1-22-13

23:30-23:40 ut  Nice wide AM sig S5-S7 Faint modulation for me,
Can hear music sounds like a 30's ish movie soundtrack?
Never did get an ID before sig gone.

Spur makes sense, should have checked that out.
I'm still seeing a lot of LSB traffic and various digital steams 6900 - 7000
so could be propagation favored the spur for awhile?

MW Loggings / 530 AM CIAO 4:10 utc 1-15-13
« on: January 17, 2013, 0347 UTC »
After seeing some comments on the LW thread about broadcast stations in the LW band I have been keeping an eye out for any modulation but it seems like maybe this log belongs more on the MW thread.

530 AM CIAO Brampton Ontario  1000W day 250 watts night - The only (licensed) broadcaster in North America on 530 AM?

I discovered this signal at S7 - S9
They were playing  laid back "Lounge" Music featuring piano but what really caught my ear was the absolutely captivating Female Announcer speaking Italian.
Her voice was soooo smooth - Shiver me timbers mates!

I found the web site but what they were playing online was not the same show (rude surprise) and it looks like the online schedule was an hour off?

I have seen a bit of carrier on 530 both last night and tonight but alas no modulation. (or shivers)

Shortwave Pirate / BOR 6925 usb 2:45 ut 1-16-13
« on: January 16, 2013, 0250 UTC »
2:45 ut BOR Intro - sig started out S5 - S7 strong rapid fades at times.
2:46 - Who is this gal - you play most? shows - good tune..
2:49 ut BOR ID's
2:50 ut Irish like tune - but I started to loose your sig during ID's
2:52 - 2:54 ut Lost in the noise now...
2:54 - 3:24 ut Mostly Nada - S4 noise floor - rare ~S5 peak with faint audio.
3:24 ut Sig back up 4.5 - s5 peaks - Roy Orbison - "Crying"
3:29 ut   UNID Female vocals
3:34 ut - Is this the Waifs again?  - lots of static but sounds like same vocalist.
3:34 - 3:58 ut S4.5 - S5 Plenty of static but can copy songs
3:58 - 4:00 ut Multiply ID's over musdic
4:00 ut "Lighthouse"
4:04 ut  2001 SO outro - off air

Thanks for the song ID..  Waifs - Lighthouse - Good radio programming - introducing the listener to new artists -

Equipment / Decoder sofware for SSTV and other digital modes
« on: January 08, 2013, 0516 UTC »
I've just started looking into decoder software for various modes and have downloaded
some Freeware decoding software for CW & SSTV . (MMSTV)

I have various flavors of Windows & Linux to work with at home.

The Freeware SSTV  MMSSTV Ver 1.13A worked fine. Easy to setup and free.
I put a splitter in the on board sound card output then patched  one side to the mic input and one side to the speakers.
I setup MMSSTV then I played a recording of the Wolverine 12-25-2012 6925USB show and it worked first time!


Other / UNID voice and digital traffic 6903.5 USB 17:05 utc 1-7-13
« on: January 07, 2013, 1758 UTC »
17:05 USB Noticed USB traffic on ~6903.5
I recorded the last 10 mis of their conversation.
They were attempting to sent up a message net.
Talk about setting up the software to send and receive message's
Talk about liking this frequency for daytime use, leaving it set up for today.
I don't have decoding software yet but it looked something like at SSTV stream?
Chat session ended at 17:17 utc - with Alfa Zero Alfa this is Alfa Alfa Zero Zero KIlo Mike the out but have left the net running.
Just recorded more digtal streams at 17:51 utc & 17:55 utc & 17:57 utc

I'l go back and listen to the recording later  - There was some reference to equipment and software.

Other / "HOMER" UNID now on 12088 khz USB 16:25 utc 1-7-13
« on: January 07, 2013, 1629 UTC »
16:25 utc Just found it on 12088 khz.  Same loop same timing off an on.
12,088.5 khz - I agree - sounds like Homer again now...
I noticed the other signal (~13570 USB) is still running simultaneously.

I wonder if there are any others? -  someone possibly with considerable Tx resources?

Other / UNID 13570 khz USB 14:56 utc 1-7-13
« on: January 07, 2013, 1505 UTC »
Very strange UNID 13570 USB
Tuned into this at 14:56 ut  S6 - S7
Repeating loop "What the hell are you reading (Bush?) for?
The audio is going off (~8 seconds)and on (~3-4 seconds) with the same loop running continuously.
15:00 utc Now running on top of an AM sig.
(USB sig. was all alone or background AM sig was very low when I first noticed the SSB sig and tuned into this.)
15:20 utc currently under a CODAR signal but still audible.
15:58 utc  AM sig both under and adjacent are off now - I tweaked the tuning and clearly hear Homer and "books" now.

Come to think of it what an appropriate phrase for intel op to use ;)

Enough audio - but between the music, Codar , and this message what an interesting loop this might be for a DJ mix...

Went of this frequency at 16:39 utc - was simultaneous on 12088.5 khz for a few? minutes.

Came on at ~-00:10 utc
Signal started out SIO 333  unknown music - w/ op talking over music.
00:17 utc  S4 - S6  SIO 3-3-3 Unknown tune - ops & music may be from UK
00:20 utc fades slowing down some, sig up to S6 - S8  SIO 434
00:21 utc Op speaking - said tune was a 70's hit in the UK  followed by CWR ID
Consipracy Worldwide Radio - cool.
00:29  utc Sig degrading back to SIO 333 - S5 - S6 at peaks
op's are taking again over music but can only pick out 20-30% of speech.
00:32 utc into another tune - Male singer, UNID tune for me.
Still have a decent copy at 00:39 utc quik CWR ID - into AC/DC tune..
00:44 - 00:50 SIO 444  S6 - some S9 peaks - hearing 70% of speech between op's now.
00:51 - 1:08 utc   Sig is all downhill from 00:50 utc  current noise floor  here is S 4.5 - S5.
Can not make out any speech or music anymore, bummer  :(
1:08 utc at end of song - Sig back up to S6 - S8
Heard op(s) say "That was Wonderful"
 "yes it is, no it is'nt" then
2 times  "This is CWR"
1:09 utc Off Air.

Never did hear an e-mail addy?

Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6930AM 2:10 z 1-1-13
« on: January 01, 2013, 0213 UTC »
2:03 - 2:10 z I have a decent S6 - S7 carrier here with what appears to be only a very narrow Lower & Upper band of modulation>
I can hear a bit of muffled boom and bang and bass in the noise but cannot make out anything from the audio.
2:34z  Signal still ~S7  same narrow modulation with no usable audio.

Shortwave Pirate / Radio True North 6925 AM 00:44z 1-1-2013
« on: January 01, 2013, 0046 UTC »
RTN signing on - with that big beautiful AM sig
00:45z  playing intro  S6 - S7 w/ some fast fades  
00:47z WOW! some S9+ peaks during intro
00:54z  6925 ID
into dance music..

Shortwave Pirate / KPZL Puzzle Radio 6933 CW 00:10 utc 12-29-2012
« on: December 29, 2012, 0019 UTC »
I started hearing Slow 5 WPM CW signal about 00:10 hrs
It is Puzzzle Radio's CW signal combined with the lower
band of RTN's AM sig & radio Ga Ga's USB sig.

Propagation Happen's I guess - Famine to Feast in seconds flat around here....

Shortwave Pirate / BOR Blue Ocean Radio 6925 USB 21:25 utc 1-28-12
« on: December 28, 2012, 2132 UTC »
Tuned in at 21:25 utc  steady S5 to S6 in Montana

2:28 utc  BOR ID
Into Bluegrass music
21:28 utc - 21:48 utc 100% toe tapping Bluegrass
21:28 utc BOR ID's - you are now bumping S7 here in Montana J.O.

Signal stayed strong in Montana through the entire broadcast -
second half of broadcast was averaging S7 - some peaks to S9
Off Air @ 1:40 utc

Great Show BOR - Thanks

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