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Now rawhide @ 2026z
BB King thrill is gone 2032z nice audio a bit staticky and deep fades.
AC/DC ? Then gone at 2038?

Here’s the other pic I received - further away but same object waaaay back in center of pic taken from the road in foreground?

You can’t post images directly to the forum anymore by attachment. Here is what I do to upload images

1. Go to https://imgbb.com/
2. Click on the blue "start uploading" button.
3. Upload an image
4. Select “BBCode full linked” under the “Embed codes”
5. Copy the link
6. Paste the link in your post

Thx - did it work?  If so doesn’t it look like an RV or trailer home?

Here’s the pic I received along with another a few years back.
Looks like a desolate place.  I haven’t found the original email but I recall it referring to YHWHs QTH.  He must’ve been seeing my logs of him on hfu and emailed me - or someone did….

Hmm I guess I don’t know how to paste a pic - using an iPad and tried copying pic but can’t paste it here.  Help?

There is something about that song (Days of Hard Life) that gives me the willies….

Pigmeat you may be right about his past moniker - I didn’t log him until fall of 2016 and yes it takes money to buy whiskey, as they say.

Thanks very very much for the heads up on the Bob Dylan Radio broadcast.  Am a big Dylan fan so thanks thanks thanks.  And never forget:

QSLs Received / Re: Bob Dylan Radio via TRI eQSL
« on: July 09, 2022, 0037 UTC »
Got mine as well - thx thx thx!

On with Like a Rolling Stone at 2257 sign on - OM parodies Bobs voice over music - decent here with Wellbrook and trusty old R8.
2306 Bob impersonator then ID by the actual Bob Dylan (from the old Sirius show).
Ad for old LP (parody?) with Vanilla Fudge, Moby Grape, Traffic, Blind Faith, others too rapid fire to write down).
OM - “you’re listening to Bob Dylan Radio - All Bob Dylan All the Time” - sweet!!!!
2307z into parody of Mr. Tambourine Man
2310 same ID into It Takes A Lot to Laugh It Takes a Train to Cry - actual BD version from LP (aka Phantom Engineer as played electric at Newport Folk Festival July 1965).
ID 2315z into OM on piano and guitar parodying Dylan singing - then skit with high pitched guy.  More parody by station op.
Gone at 2318z.  Thanks very very much for the show!  Bob’s 81 now and yes he’s still touring (Denver the other nite).

Sounds like the brass bed frame may make a good antenna ;D

According to posts in an email group I am in, he now is giving a mailing address for people to contact him - and apparently he will reply.
The address has been heard twice:

Marty Elliott  Box 134  Olancha CA  93549

Josiah Elias c/o PO Box 134 Olancha, CA 93549

This info is from a DX email group I’m in and isn’t noted as confidential so if this is inappropriate then I’m ok if an admin type here wants to edit this.

I used to post all my logs of him back about 2018 (I think) on hfu and he or someone he knows (?) emailed me a few pictures of a mobile home that looked like it was in the middle of nowhere - I’ll look back at the email to verify but either the email address it came from or the subject line indicated the pics had something to do with his location.
Were they real?  I have no idea.  Did it creep me out like his closing music? Ab-so-f*-@king-lutely.
I don’t dig his rap but I am intrigued by his brazen attitude toward FCC rules/regs and the flat out bizarreness of the whole idea of a religious pirate.  And no pirate should EVER sign off with “I love you”.
Have fun,

Doubtful as he is logged on many DX groups so whatever you choose to do will likely have no effect.
Good luck.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Radio Aquarius
« on: July 05, 2022, 0034 UTC »
You’re welcome - it’s a great series of videos.  True pioneers.  They were incredibly bold - at one point going back on the air the day after getting the knock.  And their cat & mouse game with Gordon of the PO is like a Monty Python sketch.
Hope you are well.

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