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Product Report: Tool Bench Hardware Wire Set 6 coils wire @ 33 feet for $1.00

It appears to be #22 wire shiny silver like color

2 coils at 33 feet wire red plastic insulation

2 coils at 33 feet wire black plastic insulation

2 coils at 33 feet wire of non-insulated 'buss wire'?

I'm laughing while I write this soooooo....  :D

Before I bought a package of this stuff I pulled out the magnet I keep in my pocket for testing such things and guess what?  Yep the magnet stuck to it...  Hmmmm  must be steel wire... can't be nickel because nickel is too damned expensive.

So when I got it home I took out my handy dandy ohm meter and guess what?  33 feet of this stuff equals 9.5 ohms.  Well now... That comes to 0.2878787878...  ohms per foot or 0.023989898... ohms per inch.

 Let's see, I just tried my 16X eye loupe that hangs on a chain around my neck and took a peek at the inner core of the wire and it appears to be somewhat grainy.  Can't be too strong or dependable really.  Might have stress points and the like...

I guess I could use it for bag ties... or something like that.  Wire sculptures maybe...

But wait a minute...  9.5 ohms for 33 feet...  I could hook it to the output of an audio amp and place the stuff around the place where the walls meet the ceiling and I'd have an inductive radiator... all I would need is a simple receiver with a high inductance antenna coil and... taa dah!  an inductive radio station for that room.

Yea!!!! to hell with WiFi...


But that is too much work for little gain... ratts...

I could use it for meter shunts...

Now what I need to do is find out how much current this crappy wire will take so I might be able to use it for simple low current power resistors...  each one would have to be made to order and tolerance but...

Damned Chinese junk... more work than it's worth...  Most likely made from the bits and pieces of a melted down nuke power plant.  <sigh>  But if it is... does that mean I won't be able to make children any more?  Or I might glow in the dark...  I hope not, my Lady has problems enough with seeing me in the day time <big sigh>  Rattz

OK folks, this stuff is imported by:

Greenbrier International, Inc
500 Volvo Parkway
Chesapeake, VA  23320

Made in China of course.  Typical Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, All For A Dollar etc etc etc stuff...

Hope you enjoyed this first 'Product Report'



As I said above, my computer blocked this site as being 'unsafe'... so here's the addy folks!!!


Perhaps my computer is smarter than I????    :-\   Ok folks.... don't say what you're thinking   :P

Huh? / Re: Old Pirates...
« on: January 11, 2017, 1847 UTC »
But it's the time in between that counts  ::)

Huh? / Re: Power from Tap Water
« on: January 11, 2017, 1846 UTC »
Check out how much energy is contained in rocks...  no joke they do contain a lot of energy.  Take one from a river bed and toss it into your camp fire and run like hell... (don't really do this please)...  more fun then a barrel of balls.

Personally I think all Countries should shut down FM radio because it has become a worthless pile of crap... give it to the pirates so I can hear something different for a change!!!!   grrrrrrr No China FM rigs allowed!!!!

Word has it that China (here I go again) is building a great number of satellite killer units.  Maybe they will be up on ebay soon. But why would they be building such devices?  They also seems to be hoarding a hell of a lot of coal and oil too...  Yes something is up and POTUS is doing everything he can to make this Country vulnerable...

Vacations?  He was on an 8 year vacation on the taxpayers tab and the amount of money spent was well spent to keep him from doing any more damage...  An arse is an arse. 

Come on folks... I work my heart out over this tunage, please give it a listen.  My Lady (oh I love her) figured I was nutz when I danced nakid in the living room over this one but give it a listen!!!  I mean will it not replace rap and hip-hop?  I mean if I can dance to it what the hey hey hey, right?

It is easy to dance too I give it about a 69, ... well give it a listen ok folks...

Here it is:


Thanks to you all ;-)

CoolAM can't even remember me sending it to him so it has to be good right?  Sri CoolAM... :-)

Here's a sound clip :


It appears the station went QRT (off the air) at 0428 utc or there abouts.  I never did get the ID (?) by that nice lady's voice <sigh>

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6950 AM 0820 UTC 11/25/2016
« on: November 25, 2016, 0839 UTC »
Hey guys... I hope this shows up on some ones SDR tomorrow morning...  It seems to be short bits of early English rock but not something I an knowledgeable of. 11/25/2016.

Time I first heard this was 0820 utc, 6950 AM no ID as of yet, I am rolling tape.

Really great tunage...  please someone ID the music if not the station OK???  I may have it in my collection but not sure...


Shortwave Broadcast / BBC in English 7445KHZ 0500 UTC 11/17/2016
« on: November 17, 2016, 0933 UTC »
The BBC broadcast in English on 7445KHZ at 0500 UTC 11/17/2016.

With an excellent signal Q5 all the way.  This broadcast was made from the BBC transmitters at Ascension.

I just happened on the frequency and I knew at once it was the BBC.  The BBC has a sound that I can spot in a second.  I use to listen to them for hours way back when, I do so miss them these days.  Unfortunately this broadcast is only one hour long (0500 to 0600 UTC).

It was great to hear this 'old friend' once again.


Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Brother Stair Palooza 1530 UTC 16 Nov 2016
« on: November 17, 2016, 0921 UTC »
Sometime ago I heard him on a broadcast band station but I didn't bother to note the frequency, time, ID, etc...  Whenever I hear the 'melodious tones' of his voice I quickly tune my radio to another frequency to listen to something that makes a bit more sense like atmospheric noise because that, at the very least, DOES have some basis in logic.

I firmly believe listening to him for a time greater than one hour will cause a normal person to start drooling all over him or her self, collect used adult diapers and create 'art work' from toe jam.  If that same person were to listen greater than an order of magnitude of the same hour he or she will start mining belly button lint, save said lint, to weave a winter sweater.

If this doesn't scare you enough well... you should have seen the first draft of this short note...  it had a lot of technical terms like )*(()_()&&&  and *&&*&)%%^$# but I will not use such terms as it tends to confuse the topic.

With that being said remember;  All hail Bob and prepare for X-Day!!!  Devolution is real!!!

Are we not men?   We Are DEVO!

Huh? / Re: Vote early, vote often,
« on: November 08, 2016, 1611 UTC »
And a hot soapy enema douche for every politico...

Huh? / Re: Samsung's Whopper of a problem!
« on: October 28, 2016, 1157 UTC »
Hey Folks...

I've heard stories of where the football cheer Ladies put their phones when they are on the field... 

Get your perverse minds in gear now...

Yep... absolutely correct!  They put them in their... errrr... panties or whatever you call them thingies.  And yes on the 'vibrate' mode...

So if one of the Ladies were to put one of these Samsung phone thingies down there and the battery set itself afire...  would this cause a major 'brush fire?  Just sayin'

Imagine the cheers from the drunken crowd as some poor cheer Lady goes dancing around pounding her crotch to put out a fire...  it just might bring some interest in football to the likes of persons like myself...

What??? you want me to stick one of these phones where???

OK... I'll leave.... <sigh> 

Huh? / Re: Stopped by to check on a friend today.....
« on: October 27, 2016, 1429 UTC »
Well if he is going to Columbia Falls, Maine you can bet he is planning to do some serious DXing.  Wonderful radio site ;-)

Voice of the People 6600 khz 1140 utc 10/27/2016

Fair signal (S3-4)with little or no fading and it beats out the jammer from the north PRK.

Female is speaking right now... dialog with a male speaker.  I guess my long wire is working :-D

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