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North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WTCR 6925u
« on: July 11, 2010, 0201 UTC »
Good signal tonight - S4 to S6 consistently with little in the way of deep fades into Texas.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WTCR 6925u
« on: July 11, 2010, 0154 UTC »
Got ya by a minute!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Northwoods Radio 6925U
« on: July 11, 2010, 0058 UTC »
6925 USB
0050z: Just now catching distinctive loon calls and Northwoods Radio "Broadcasting freedom from the Great Lakes" YL voice ID.

Is that what that is ... been copying since 0049z, with a really strange sign-on ... sounded like coyotes (see posting below this one)

more to follow

Too weak a signal to copy, but, something repeated numerous times ... now a rock-format something playing ...

0054z ... rock format ... signal picking up ...

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6925u
« on: July 11, 2010, 0002 UTC »
6925u 7/10/10 11:54 sio555, fantastic signal, female folk vocalist sort, followed by a brief statement something about "a new world order", and into rap music, anti-Iraq war screed

Insufficient signal here at my locale in Texas to make much out yet ...


1633z Sig Strength picking up a little, no longer inaudible

Pep talk to marines continues ...

more to follow

Began 1618z / 11:18 AM CDT

Sounds like ... a speech given in a large room judging from the acoustics ...

1121z  "God has a hard-on for Marines"

Freq is 6925.12 kHz

1626z Fading to inaudible.

Lex, what program do you use to copy SSTV off the air?

MMSSTV, one of the world's great freebie programs.  Should be available from several sites.

Thanks Lex, I'm going to give that a try ...

Over the years, I have used several different programs for SSTV reception of both amateur and pirate material, and MMSSTV remains my favorite.  It may not be as polished as some of the others, but it's robust, flexible, and quite functional.

The "quick and easy" way to hook it up is, as mentioned above, to place your computer's microphone next to your receiver's speaker.  It will pick up the squawks and warbles and magically turn them into images.  It will also pick up other noises in the room, and be subject to some of the oddities of going through an acoustic link, but it's a perfectly usable method, and one that we used to get many people on the air with SSTV back when I was in Florida.

Another method also mentioned above is the direct audio line, though also as mentioned, you may need to choke out some noise with ferrite beads or toroids.

The method I prefer is to use a 1:1 transformer in the line, to isolate the radio and the computer from being directly connected to each other.  This also lets me throw an attenuator into the mix so I can adjust the levels easily with a knob instead of having to mess with onscreen volume controls all the time.  I also have another isolation transformer going the other way, from the computer to the radio for sending SSTV on the ham bands.  This is part of the interface that I made, which also has an outgoing attenuator (again, no fiddly onscreen controls), manual/off/auto TX switch (using the computer's serial port to kick the radio into TX mode), and a level meter to avoid splatter. 

That's a whole hellofalot more than the basics required to work SSTV though.  For the isolation cable approach, all you really need is an audio cable with a 1:1 transformer in it (you can use other values too if 1:1 isn't available - I've seen people use all sorts of wacky values and work fine - it just needs to be an audio transformer).

Then again, for full transmit-receive capability, a mic and speakers work just fine - just hold the one up to the other, depending on which direction you're going, and the sound goes through.

Thanks for your input too, Seamus; just getting around to installing MMSSTV today.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Wolverine Radio
« on: July 10, 2010, 0315 UTC »
0314z getting some strange like 'ringing' interference on 6925u now ...

Edit: time corrected

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Wolverine Radio
« on: July 10, 2010, 0256 UTC »
Wolverine Radio 7/10/10 10:45 sio545, fading and some static crashes, "Heat Wave", "Love to See the Rain in the Summertime", "Summertime Blues", "Suddenly Last Summer"

Copied starting about 0244z 9:44 PM CDT here in NC Texas ... good signal, not wideband, but good compression, fair readability.

Peaks average S5, S3 ATTM.

I should add: We have had a series of mild T-storms the last few nights that have impaired our listening in North Texas, at least those of us with outside antennas that don't want to risk a lightning strike to equipment, let alone the extra strong QRN due to discharges in local proximity ...

Wow! Degen 1103s.

Yeah, fairly nice portable for the money, can be had on eBay in quantity 49.x ea (+ 24 shipping) from offshore, about 10 days I have found ...

And we trust an article in a "right-wing-Onion" newspaper... why? ::)

How is it, far left-wing and far right-wing always end up as dictators (communists and fascists)?

Maybe the 'lens' politics is viewed through should be changed to one that looks further, at the end goal: up towards freedom or down towards tyranny?
Which countries in the ME are fiefdoms/kingdoms and which are democracies (subjugated peoples vs free/voting people)?

Someone has run an interesting experiment with a couple of receivers tied
together, and, as one radio is rotated 180 degrees to the other one, the
phase is seen to change 180 degrees.


HF Beacons / Re: 26.600Mhz beacon off indefinitely
« on: July 08, 2010, 1423 UTC »
Rats, like cmr said, just when conds were improving too.

Equipment / Re: UDXF discussion on baluns
« on: July 08, 2010, 1411 UTC »
No war needed, or requested.

For the record, I'm the guy who builds commercial AM, FM, TV, and SW antennas.  I build baluns to handle 500 KW continuous duty.  I know a thing or two about baluns too.


Anything original? (Anything I can't find in Jasik?)

Building onesey - twosey units with significant overdesign that a particular market will bear (cost-wise) is a relatively easy thing to do (it's physics: the physics will dictate the size the spacing, the selection of materials, etc etc) ... and while 500KW is not insignificant, is pales in comparison to some RADAR peak powers (which I've had experience with too while with a defense contractor). Could go on ... won't.

See, no wants 'war' but it always results ... to a point.

BTW, this 'current' or 'voltage' balun (here I am falling into your world) thing would appear to be a recent 'internet' thing; you still can't perform the function you desire (eliminate common mode currents) without involving both currents and voltages (creating electric and magnetic fields) as expressed using Maxwell's equations ... and when you *do* succeed with a particular balun design, it is effective only to a particular value (call it CMRR if you will), maybe 20, 25 dB ... perhaps 30 with careful attention and tuning on onesey - twosey designs.

A side question, in which category would place a "Robert's Balun"? Voltage or Current?

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