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Tuned in at 0343utc, fair sig, hear old blue eyes singing "my kind of town Chicago is", R2000 & dipole. Edit 0349, he left air after saying hello to me and 2 others from Chicagoland.

Tuned in at 0202utc, poor/weak, heard ID ok, rapid fading, R2000 & dipole. Edit at 0338, noticed he's on 6955 now.

Tuned in at 0120utc, weak/poor sig, much fading, Drake R8 & 7mhz dipole, obscure pop tune, ID at Pirate Radio Boston, sed pirateradioboston@gmail.com

tuned in at 0102utc, poor/weak, just above noise floor, hear slow pop tune. I emailed him at channelzradio@gmail.com and it hasn't bounced yet.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: TCS 6851 2354z 4-8-14
« on: April 09, 2014, 0039 UTC »
Like, far OUT, man! Tuned in at 0005utc 4-9-14, 6850.5am, fair/poor, narrow audio like sent thru phone line, flower power from the TCS shortwave realy network, tunes from late 1960's incl "if you're going to San Francisco", Small Faces: "Itchycoo Park", "along comes Mary", "8 miles high", "journey to center of mind", J Airplane: "white rabbit", "I had too much to dream", Strawberry Alarm Clock: "incense & peppermints", "just dropped in to see what condition etc", "pictures of matchstick men". Aw man if only I had a time machine to go back there. Drake R8 & 7mhz dipole. edit @0058utc, I just emailed him at tcsshortwave@gmail.com and it hasn't bounced yet.

Was still tuned in but out of room when program changed, still poor/weak, relayed by Blue Ocean Radio, R2000 & dipole.

Tuned in at 0215utc, weak/poor, sounds like comedy song, edit at 0238: coolamradio@hotmail.com, DJ has British accent, edit at 0255 song: "we shall overcome" sung by Pete Seeger in concert, at 0301utc said relayed by Blue Ocean Radio, R2000 & dipole.

Sorry for late log in. Tuned in @ 0100utc, fair sig, R8 & dipole, AC hum, overmod w/ some splatter, song: "will circle be unbroken", religious tunes by Dolly Parton(?), off @ 0112utc.

Tuned in at 0112utc, good sig good audio, R8 & dipole, excellent program as usual, big band & swing tunes with word "tonight" in them, I knew it was Wolverine B4 I heard ID.

At 0242utc I got nothing, not a hint of carrier in ssb mode. NE Illinois.

Very weak here in NE Illinois. Hawaii five oh theme over and over, mostly fading below noise floor, tunes by T Rex, Kenwood R2000 & 7mhz dipole.

Old rock and roll tune, weak, fading in and out, hear saxophones in swing type R&R tune "lets have a party", now hearing blues, nice program. At 0147 twilite zone music and ID "Captain Morgan Shortwave", off at 0149utc. captainmorganshortwave@gmail.com

Barely detect carrier in ssb mode under low noise floor in NE Illinois. Kenwood R2000 & 7mhz dipole.

I hear male voice during weak upfades on 6270am here in NE Illinois. Kenwood R2000 & 7mhz dipole.

Tuned in at 0101utc after seeing post. Darn, I haven't heard him since the late 90's. I think I last heard him in August 1997 when he relayed a broadcast of The Voice Of Anarchy last ever program on his 10kw transmitter. (VOA said in that broadcast that the word anarchy had become a liability and was changing name). I have a recording of this relay on CD from VHS-HIFI tape that I recorded from a Sony 2010. I hope Dr Tornado is doing well.

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