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Hearing Beavis & Butthead audio at 2003 UTC on 6925.0 kHz USB.  Nice audio on the K2SDR WebSDR receiver.  Bouncing around between S7 and S9 on the peaks.  I'm also seeing a carrier on 6925.0 kHz, but there's nothing on the LSB so I'm guessing the carrier is coming from another station.

2005 UTC - Beavis and Butthead critiquing music videos
2007 UTC - Audio gone, carrier still there on 6925.0 kHz
2009 UTC - More rock music with Beavis and Butthead talking over the audio.  
2016 UTC - More laughing, into music
2017 UTC - "They stole this from Popeye" then intro music.  Even when the SSB audio is gone, the carrier is still there on the K2SDR WebSDR waterfall.
2019 UTC - Hearing patriotic music with Beavis/Butthead voices over it
2022 UTC - USB audio still there, AM carrier seems to be getting weaker
2030 UTC - "And now, back to The Deer Hunter", sounds like Beavis and Butthead changing channels

Seems like I can always check 6770 kHz AM on the K2SDR WebSDR and at the very least see a carrier on 6770.  Same goes with spinning the VFO around 6770 in SSB/CW mode and hearing the carrier "tone".  Like Chris says, it seems to disappear for a few days but that very well could be due to propagation.

Seeing a carrier slightly below 6935 kHz.  Looks like 6934.75 kHz or thereabouts.  No audio but there's definitely a carrier there of some kind.  S5 signal level, just above the noise floor at this point.

Gone at 0309 UTC.  Anybody else see/hear this? 

Some sort of echo ID at 2201 UTC.  "We won't let them..." back into music at 2202.  Real killer AM signal.  

2210 UTC: "Tell me something good"

Awesome audio!  Peaking at S9 with nice wide AM modulation.  No clipping or overmodulation heard.  Looks like a broadcast station on the waterfall display.  Great job, whoever you are! 

Heard a chime sound (could be something on the DJ's PC? ;) at 1505 UTC over "Tainted Love".  A bit of carrier whine/QRM fading in and out (could be local to the SDR).  Looks like its around 6923 kHz

Carrier gone/off air at 1508 UTC

Back on at 1513?  Or could be another station?  Same signal strength and slightly-offset frequency 6925.1 kHz

"Our Love's In Jeopardy" at tune in (1458 UTC) on the NJ WebSDR.  Solid carrier and decent modulation, with some noise.  S7 signal level.  Into "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell at 1459 UTC

Carrier seems to be closer to 6925.09 kHz or 6925.10 kHz.  Signal strength increasing slightly, now peaking to S8! 

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: TCS 6876 AM 2203 22 Dec 2015
« on: December 22, 2015, 2212 UTC »
Noisy here, but readable.  2210 UTC - The Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash.  Nice AM audio, good modulation.  S8 on the K2SDR WebSDR with some fading.  Readable, but much weaker and fighting the local QRN at my local RX setup.  Carrier appears to be very slightly below 6876 kHz on the waterfall.  I'd say 6875.90 or 6875.95 kHz.  

Fading is getting a bit more noticeable at 2212 UTC but I can hear the 'Stones all right!  Thanks JP!

^That carrier has come and gone over the past 10 minutes or so.  I'm not hearing (or seeing) it anymore though.  Perhaps it was another station tuning up?  

2149 UTC: "Run, Run Rudolph!" - great tune.  Heard what sounded like a sweeping VFO a few seconds ago.  Carrier is gone now (at least from the vicinity of 6925).

Pirate Radio Boston is definitely in USB though.  Could somebody change the thread title?   ;D

Have them at 2140 UTC on 6770 AM on the K2SDR WebSDR.  Pretty rough copy, S5 to S7 with S5 noise levels right now.  Sometimes fading completely down into the noise with only a slight carrier visible on the waterfall. 

Even when conditions are terrible I can usually see a carrier on 6770.  Same goes for my local RX setup.  I can almost always switch into USB or CW mode and tune around for that carrier tone whine around 6770.  As I write this, the signal gets weaker and weaker.  No audio heard at all as of 2143 UTC.

There's some sort of weak utility signal at roughly 6775.5 USB and a much stronger one at 6776.5 USB.  I had to narrow the AM bandwidth down a bit to take those signals out

2145 UTC - I can now hear an OM and a YL talking down in the noise.  Peaking back to a S6 but still very noisy. 

2134 UTC: ID given  "You're listening to Pirate Radio Broadcast 2015 Holiday Special".  QSL info provided with email address.  
2135 UTC: ID again, back into music.

Got them at around a S7 on the K2SDR WebSDR.  Thread title says they're in AM mode but the signal looks like USB (I don't see a carrier and only the upper side band)...and I'm only able to hear them in USB.  Are they transmitting a reduced sideband with a carrier or did they just switch from AM to USB at some point?  

2137 UTC: More Xmas music, good audio with some noise.  Overall a great signal!  
2138 UTC: "Merry Christmas boys" into advertisement for voice processor
2139 UTC: Back into "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time"

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6900.3 AM 2200 UTC 12/20/2015
« on: December 20, 2015, 2200 UTC »
Have a strong carrier at roughly 6900.3 Showing 6900.34 maybe 6900.35 kHz on the K2SDR WebSDR.  No audio heard yet.

2200-2203 UTC - Carrier being switched on and off.  Maybe somebody tuning up?  Could be closer to 6900.4 kHz

Euro-trance music with pitch-shifted vocals at 1645 UTC.  S5 on the K2SDR WebSDR

I see a carrier on the N2SDR WebSDR receiver in NJ at 0050 UTC, no audio heard in AM or AM Narrow, but there's a carrier there...at 6925.15 or 6925.17.  OTH Radar QRM

10/11 meters / Re: 11 meter DX 15 December 2015 1700 UTC +
« on: December 15, 2015, 1948 UTC »
That portion of the band is usually more quiet than other parts, likely due to the fact that most "export" or "10-meter" radios' coverage starts at 25615.  There have been times during better band openings that I've heard taxis every 10 kHz from 25615 up through the busier 27 MHz parts of the band...and then even into the bottom part of 10 meters.  Next time the band is really open, listen to 28005 and 28085 AM.  You'll likely hear Spanish language traffic in AM mode.  

The taxi dispatchers tend to hang out either in the lower part of 26 MHz and upper part of 25 MHz as well as the upper part of 27 MHz.  What fascinates me is the heavy use of the 11 meter band for land mobile communications in Latin America (and other parts of the world as well).  When VHF lowband is open to that part of the world, you'll not only hear land mobile traffic from 25-28 MHz in AM mode but also from 30-35 MHz or so in FM mode.  Apparently many Latin American countries have serious issues with interference from taxis and truckers throughout 10 meters.  I know Europe suffers from heavy taxi QRM (in FM mode) from 25 to 30 MHz, mostly from Russia and other Eastern European countries that have little to no enforcement of radio laws.

Many CB radios sold in Europe now feature a "Russia" setting, that opens the radio up to 25615 to 30105 in 5 or 10 kHz steps.  Imagine trying to police users of these radios in a country as large as Russia.  Not going to happen.  Same situation with Mexico, Central and South America.


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