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0039 UTC Weak music just above the noise floor. SSTV image sent at 0334z.


On the Shares North net they are sending a weather forecast in MT63:

R 082249Z APR 2022
..Upper-level low to produce snow and rain showers over parts of the
Great Lakes to Central Appalachians...

...There is a Critical Risk of fire weather over parts of the Plains and
the Central Gulf Coast...

...Heavy snow for the Cascades...

Deep upper-level low over the Upper Great Lakes to the Central Gulf Coast
will aid in producing snow and rain showers over parts of the Great Lakes
to Central Appalachians through Saturday. The snow and rain showers will
slowly taper off from west to east overnight Saturday into Sunday. The
heaviest snow amounts will be over the Central Appalachians and, to a
lesser degree, downwind from the Great Lakes. Some of the rain showers
will have embedded thunderstorms over the Ohio Valley into parts of the
Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, with the greatest areal coverage on Friday and
less on Saturday.

Meanwhile, gusty winds, low humidity, and dry fuels have contributed to
the SPC issuing a Critical Risk of fire weather over parts of the Plains
and the Central Gulf Coast through Saturday morning. However, the fire
weather threat will be over parts of the Southern High Plains and Southern
Rockies on Saturday. In addition, upper-level ridging over portions of
California and the Southwest will aid in producing tied or record high
temperatures over the area through Friday evening.

Furthermore, a front over Northern Plains to the Great Basin will move
eastward to Upper Midwest to the Southern Plains by Sunday afternoon. As a
result, light rain and snow will develop over parts of the Northern
Intermountain Region early Friday evening. As the front passes, the snow
levels will lower over the region as snow develops over the Northern
Rockies by Saturday morning. The light snow continues over the Northern
Rockies on Saturday. Overnight Saturday, the snow will begin to move into
the Central Rockies. Nevertheless, light snow and rain showers will
develop over parts of the Northern/Central High Plains on Sunday morning,
expanding into the Upper Mississippi Valley by Sunday evening.
Furthermore, light rain and thunderstorms will develop over parts of the
Middle/Lower Mississippi Valley by Sunday evening.



Two Dog Radio came on shortly after Outhouse Radio shutdown. Signal is weak in the noise here with a SSTV image and into music.

Unidentified SSTV images sent:


Into music at 0108 UTC, Born To Be Wild.


And off.

0024 UTC: S9+ signal with a Frank Sinatra song (I think).

0037 UTC: Zeke with station ID.

Good S7+ signal with music .

Waterfall image and SSTV:


Seemed to be a SSTV test. Two images sent and nothing else.


Good S5 to S7 signal with music. Slight fading and low noise. Perhaps Sycko Radio.
0313 UTC: Station ID.

Thanks to a tip from Sycko on HFU Discord.

One Dog Radio with music. Good but noisy signal.


0121 UTC: "One Dog Radio arf arf"

Two Dog with Blues music. Weak signal.


Two men were talking about a robot pirate radio show. Now hearing robot voices with background music.  The signal is fighting the noise.
0321 UTC: Off.
0327 UTC: Back on with bells.

Pirate songs and an ID. Good signal but noisy.


Mostly a good signal throughout, thanks for the broadcast tonight.

Weak music in the noise. Sounds somewhat oriental to me.
0042 UTC: "W--H--I--Z, WHIZ on your radio."
0100 UTC: Off

Good signal with Quinn The Eskimo at 0208z.


Music weak in the noise.


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