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Good copy of WTF, into Omaha, Nebraska .....
s5 to s7 signal on the SDR

Thank you for the show.

Up-date..whooping signal up here near Edmonton Alberta at VE6JY's antenna farm @0105 hours.
Great audio at s7 to s8 signal!

Tuned in via the Perseus from the Wideband SW Radio website and great audio..measured on 6955.1o
same signal level
Sign-off announcements with ID @ 0117

Hearing a nice signal into a SDR at Peoria, Illinois, @ 0040 hours.
S-reading of s5 to s6

Great program and thanks for the show!

White Zombie at 0044....

Edward Kusalik

Just tuned via SDR in Pennsylvania, with s7 signal...
Yellow Rose of Texas @ 1944 UTC

Hrd a ID for  Texas Radio Shortwave ID w/ report address given followed with 'my generations' by
the WHO....

Noted from 0014 with just a audible signal on  the 1000 foot beverage
(VE6JY's site in Lamont Alberta) pointed towards Europe.

Should improve...if station stays on...

0108 "Wendy' by the Associations ...my kind of music of the Rock 'n' Roll era!

Great signal into Ohio...just barely coming into Alberta via SDR in Edmonton (Ve6JY's site)

Great programming !!!!
With classic ballad by Seals and Crofts from 1972 'Summer breeze"   .....after giving a ID and e-mail address for
ballsmacker@proton.com and indicated a special E-QSL

0119 Great song by the legions of music, Peter, Paul and Mary - "Blowing in the Wind"
0122 "Second wind' by Billy Joel
0144 after ID and e-mail address..'running against the wind' a Bob Sieger original
0150 'ride like the wind' by Christopher Cross

At 0155 hearing a nice signal into the VE6JY's Antenna Farm located at Lamont Alberta. S-reading of s5 to s6 signal!!
This on the 1000 foot beverage pointed to Europe

Noted at 0055 UTC - "Different Drum" - Linda Ronstadt, then station ID for 'WDOG" w/ dog barking. Great signal into a SDR located sutton, Mass.

Great show featurning 'all lady bands' !!!

Signal dropped off to s2 -s3 by 0104 hours

QSLs Received / Speedwing Radio Easter Boardcast Special 3940 AM
« on: April 14, 2020, 1542 UTC »
3940 AM Speedwing E-QSL rec'd within three hours after posting my report to their e-mail address.
Here is the link to view the QSL:

Just blasting away (@0134+) into Rochester New York on the Perseus Site Map, on the Wideband Shortwave Site great signal into Ottawa Canada...Great show !!!

Check the signal into Edmonton Alberta at VE6JY's site (@0148 hrs) with s5 to s6 signal...on the wide band site, but on the Perseus Map, using the #3 on the Perseus for antenna alternation (1000 foot NE Beverage) signal @ 0152 hit 5 to 10 DB's over S9 !!

QSLs Received / Non-QSL from Radio Barones and Infomation 6262 kHz
« on: April 09, 2020, 1610 UTC »
Radio Barones replied via FACEBOOK on their current situation, for a E-mail report.

*It was not me on 6262, no idea who was on 6262. It was years ago, I was active on shortwave
At the moment only on MW 73'3 Radio Baro PS I use this name for many years (1975- present)*

Possible some relaying this station?
Edward Kusalik

QSLs Received / Radio Merlin International E-QSL 6305 kHz
« on: April 09, 2020, 1609 UTC »
6305 Radio Merlin International replied within hours of posting my report to: radiomerlin@blueyonder.co.uk  with a whole batch of
photo's ranging from their console, station, antenna and their 30th anniversary QSL card. Power: 30 watts hrd via SDR. Op indicated that he never got my
January report sent via Postal Mail. V/S: Paul

QSLs Received / ION Radio E-QSL
« on: April 09, 2020, 1608 UTC »
6869.7 AM Mode ION Radio ( hrd via SDR in Detroit Michigan) Nice FULL Date E-QSL Card of Tattered  irate ship heading to the over the falls. Power as 25 watts via Transmitter #2, into folded Dipole.This to my posting on HFU.
Many THANKS for this truly attractive QSL Card!

Edward Kusalik

Hearing just some audio at best on the Wellbrook loop beverage
 but nothing specific.. at 0016 hours

Moved to SDR site in Detroit ; 0020 hours with a strong signal but noisy..with blues music

Hearing via SDR in New York State ..GREAT SIGNAL
with ID and indicated a delay on the internet up to 2 hours..

Nothing yet out in the wild west...
BUT hearing a nice signal into Peoria, Illinois at 2358 hours..

0005 hours -log into VE6JY site up near Edmonton Alberta (using the Perseus)  hearing a nice signal on the wellbook loop beverage.
s-reading at 0005 of s6 to s7 ...

S5 to S6 on the 1000 foot southeast beverage at 0008 hours..GREAT PROGRAM and signal out here in Alberta...

QSLs Received / Radio Pandora QSL and Letter
« on: January 14, 2020, 1823 UTC »
6322.5 Radio Pandora  Rec'd a full data QSL card and Information letter in 14 days after posting my e-mail report to this station, to pandoraradio@hotmail.com. Reply came in the mail from the UK.


and https://imgur.com/KgwP9W6

Nothing heard into Winnipeg Manitoba.Into SDR in Bikedork Minn. with s5 to s6 signal at 0149
Into SDR Detroit via the Perseus a great signal of 20-30 DB's over s9.
Into Peorie, ILL s7 to s9 @0210 hrs.

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