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Thank you for posting this!

This has got to be one of the strangest shows I've ever heard! Makes RFW seem G rated.

These type RFW shows are usually featuring mostly music that even me and Assistant Stavin (Stephen) never knew about. As you can tell we both LOVE many, many types of music and like to pass our discoveries of what we feel to be the best of the newer tracks on to the listeners of RFW. That's why we try to name every song we play for the listeners. Glad you enjoy the shows and if any of our shows have ever gotten someone to go out and buy a CD or download new music because they had to have a song we helped them discover that's a great thing. That's what it's all about.

We really didn't know the sir mixalot 45 was mixed in with all those old records. That wasn't staged. We thought it was funny so we left that in the show.

Tried to go on. Ran into trouble. Lots of RF feedback since we re-built RFW bunker studio. We keep working on it.

No show for tonight comrades as we must improve our grounding system. Sorry  :-[

Strong signal here with lots of unintelligible whispering/audio.

Hey dude, your microphone audio is clipping pretty fierce. Music sounds ok though. Got S7 on you here. Thanks for the show. Sounds like RF feedback getting onto your mic circuit. I've pulled my hair out trying to deal with that kinda stuff. Good luck with it.

Weird stuff. Definitely very vintage sounding, like a 70's era, maybe 80's educational recording about synthesizers. In and out of tremendous static at S6. 23:15 I just heard mention of "disco". I better tell Assistant Stephen to tune in. Was that an XLR8 ID at 23:20??

Is that you Blue Ocean Radio? Signal and content is consistent with a B.O.R. show for me. (s6 just above noise)
Thanks for the show comrade!

Okay at 04:13 I just heard its Cool AM Radio/Blue Ocean Radio.

I hope my audio sounds that good. Very nice and wide with excellent bass.

"Pirating with Cumbre" plug at 0422.

OM live break at 0501 backselling and frontselling the blues songs. (nice to hear a live person on besides me)

another live break at 0527 talking about the various tracks.

ID (Cool AM Promo) at 0534 and live intro of the next song.

Live break at 0552 talking about a job opportunity? Something about a giveaway with a trivia question. 916-278-5299 number given to call for trivia question.

live break at 0619 and intro to next song. Sounds like 60s rock.

ID at 0622

"Cool AM relayed by Blue Ocean Radio ID" at 0628

0632 "you are listening to Mick Wagners Blues Party"...various album talk. Signal came up a bit. With a preamp on it's at +20!

0645 BOR/Cool AM ID

0713 Still going strong. I'm gonna keep listening but I'm starving. Gots to fix me a DXing snack.

0727 Sounds like a final BOR/Cool AM ID and BOR is QRT Awesome show again! Thanks for using USB so I could hear it!

I get this guy almost non stop 24/7.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Unid on 6.935 at 0207 UTC
« on: June 09, 2014, 0233 UTC »
Sounds like the music they use in Viagra tv commercials but I like it. Good signal and audio here. About s7

I think that's Rage Against The Machine that does that cover.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Unid 6945 carrier 0150 6/9/14
« on: June 09, 2014, 0152 UTC »
Hearing a carrier here on 6945 but no audio. For a while I thought I heard some cw. Very weak. Only detectable as I passed through in ssb mode.

North American Shortwave Pirate / unid 6925 usb 0251 utc 6/8/14
« on: June 08, 2014, 0254 UTC »
Some strange electronic sounds on 6925. Is that music? S5 here. Now off altogether as I finish writing this. Sounded like modem buzzes chirps and beeps but I also heard people.

Yes.. we were live but technical issues kept us from making it on the air until everyone had already gone to bed. We recorded the show though so maybe we play again comrades.

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