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2350 Morse ID  NWR, not terribly accurate loon call
very tough copy.. noisy

0103  I have these folks at S5, music I don't recognize, clear enough but not real strong.
0104 Dance music
0105 Up to an S9 now, good signal
0126  Finally a RFW ID and Dick Weed ! Great.
0133 Frequency , RFW

RFW & DW wearing the creative hat this evening. Good work.

0151  Can just hear "Along the Watchtower'.. not terribly clear

0131 ID Dick Weed RFW  excellent signal S8
0135 RFW ID..

Busy in this neck of the woods tonight !

0129 usual smoking A+ signal. Wake up Suzy.
0130 Chuck Berry


Great show. Thanks !

0056  Good signal in Halifax. S5+ New one for me.
0059  Doors
0102  "Shortwave Ghost at outlook.com" ID
0104  S9+ now, very good signal
0116 Id and email address

0247  Wolverine Radio Id.. another brilliant signal  10db over S9.

0135 Dick Weed and Stefan conversing, radios, Sound of Music ( Julie Andrews guys)

0138 S9+ into Halifax. Nice to have two booming stations on this evening. Choice is good !
0140 Dickweed and RFW ID, 880 radio comment.. now this is what adio reviews should be about !

0136  usual smokin signal into the NE. Depending on antenna, S9+30
0137 Singing in the Rain

0121 great big booming signal in Halifax. Don't know what they are doing, but signal seems to get better every time I hear it.

0034 Usual booming signal
0038 Dick Weed, RFW id, occasional UTE QRM, otherwise great signal, and program.
0039 Dick describing new gear. Hilarious !
0045 ID RFW,  "Dick Weed on the air"
0104 Sounds like RFW is being QRM'd , deliberately.  Unusual.
0116 Amp power event. I can still hear RFW on low power though.

0040  Sounds like I am receiving two stations, DJ chat and maybe some pesty QRM in back ground.. plus the tunes. A bit of a mash up.

0129  Decent signal in Halifax, some utility QRM
0138  Ahh there's comrade Weed... not the same without him !

0141 RFW  Great signal, S6-7  very clear.

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