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Lots of noise here and faded out, really started to hear you when the heavy metal kicked in. S7 when I could hear you, and fully legible, as usual, with some of the best AM audio quality in the biz. ;) Thanks for the broadcast!

Killer s9 here in  SW AZ, fully legible and LOUD rock n' roll, fantastic show, thank you!

Haha, that is true, when I hear them they are usually _loud_.

Hey, good on you for actually QSO-ing with these guys, I've never heard of anyone doing that. The lack of any analysis of what the "peskies" talk about in Spanish has always bothered me, so like you (?) I decided to learn some myself. Of course, a lot of the time the guys are drunk (?), and it seems totally meaningless, they start singing... Nevertheless, the world of Senor Mister Shrimps on the radio is always interesting to ponder.

Been listening to these guys since the late 80's.  The BBC can come and go, but the Pescado guys and the numbers stations and the pirates are here to stay, and will probably increase, I think, don't you? You want Omerta, you got Omerta.... who in general public listens to SW? Very few? It's a decent cover...

Hope to have some pescado logs soon, tis the season!

Really enjoying your posts and observations. I first heard "kilos" mentioned on a Peskie broadcast back in the early 90's. I have no idea what they meant or mean but of course hiding  "general cargo" in fishing boats is as old as the black market (and fishing, I'm sure). It's interesting to monitor these conversations as my Spanish becomes slightly competent. Haven't heard peskies here yet but will be monitoring. Thanks for the logs!

S7 he re in SW AZ and getting better by the minute. Nice!

I'd like to second that dxace. I have 15, 7.5., 3 3/4, 1 7/6 speeds on 1/4" tape, but  the 15 is half-track and some of the old stuff is mono, so it gets tricky. The only possible answer is re-hab of more beautiful, wrecked old machines.  :)  I have a Sony "portable" from 1971 but it doesn't do 15 ips, of course, but who aside from radio stations recorded stuff that speed? I have great stuff from Katrina days (ham radio) on Reel to Reel, must fish it out when I have time.

Like the above listeners I found the inimitable R. Pyongyang just waking up and wandering around 9-10K. Strong absolutely copy-able signal here in AZ for them on 9435, much better than the old 9335 kHz days for some surely unknown reason. Or maybe the prop is good today...

Great find, Chris. Thanks!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: XLR8 6955 USB 0437 3/05/2016
« on: March 05, 2016, 0527 UTC »
Several XLR8 ID's @ 0525.

Really killer sounding station, even better with the audio distortion! You need to invent a guitar pedal that does exactly that! Cool radio, too! Maybe they could point their signal north!!

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: [UNID] 6915 USB 0200 UTC 27 Feb 2016
« on: February 27, 2016, 0650 UTC »
Is WRMI _really_  aimed at the NW US? That seems a big change. My memory is blurry on the subject, but back in the days, didn't they tend to broadcast in the opposite direction? You know, being in Miami, they had Spanish language programming that was, to put it obliquely,  aimed at certain countries in another, Spanish speaking direction? I may be totally off in memory here.  Anyway,  "keying over" WRMI might not be rocket science, I can scarcely hear them either.  I'm just curious what the sum is to by 24/7 programming on a ton of freq's and stations (what is it, ten?) which can have exactly how many fanatics of Stair listening at the same time? Day, year, in and out, is that not chump change? Another SW mystery.  ??? Haven't checked out WBCQ since they were on 7415, did you listen then? Alan (?) in the control room shooting the breeze with staff before nowforsomethingcompletely different (programming wise) came on? They were trying to go solar, last time I checked. Of course, waaaay back when,  WBCQ was taking over the main pirate frequency band. Round and round we go!  ;D

EDIT: interesting history of WRMI on their site:

[I don't see Overcomer nor 6915 on their schedule page btw]

Over on WWRB, however, they say you can lease 24/7 for 25K/month, and here is Stair's schedule:

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: WRMI 6915 AM 2356 UTC 16 Feb 2016
« on: February 27, 2016, 0526 UTC »
Elite Data, your comments are spot on and your suspicions of why may be, sadly, quite correct. This subject keeps rising like Dracula, what on earth could be the reason other than $? On the other hand, like you and Chris said, the pirates will simply move if necessary.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: [UNID] 6915 USB 0200 UTC 27 Feb 2016
« on: February 27, 2016, 0514 UTC »
Yeah, you're almost certainly right. I did some google searches on the man and his minions and I no longer find him/them in any way amusing. Live and learn, and thanks for the tip EData.  This doesn't deserve to be called pirate, nor even Pesky? Why so much of these programs? I have my theories, the whole topic is beyond depressing. I'll check out the other thread again , thanks. I agree with you, "psycho binge" is the apt expression.   Mods, you can delete or move this thread, this station and logging in no way deserve to be here.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: XLR8 on 6955 USB @ 0040 FEB 27
« on: February 27, 2016, 0352 UTC »
ID and talk into heavy (post?) punk music @3:50, S6 here.

Shortwave Broadcast / [UNID] 6915 USB 0200 UTC 27 Feb 2016
« on: February 27, 2016, 0314 UTC »
One hour later and this guy is still at it. Furious rants next to the Sage of Walterboro? Unfortunately barely legible from my location. I paraphrase: "You're gonna get what you deserve! We all know what God does to our transgressions. I'm gonna SHOW you how God sees you, etc., etc. " I think I heard the guy say this was the next part of "last week's program." "I hate liars, cons, you ungrateful, wretched soul!" This guy is actually preaching and may have an audience, still going on and on at 3:18...

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