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Other / UNID 6949,80
« on: September 19, 2017, 0727 UTC »
Got a carrier at 6949,80 here.
Little Fading, Signal up to S5.

And now also a Carrier at 6950,30.
Same Signal up to S5.. ???

MW Loggings / no ID TX 1620 AM
« on: February 17, 2015, 0741 UTC »
..off now at 07:40UTC...
Listen to this good Signal via Twente SDR since 07:15UTC :)
Last song bevor off was a littel bit Country Music,bevor some NL Folk ;)

Greeting's ;D

MW Loggings / Radio Belledonna 1629kHz
« on: February 17, 2015, 0737 UTC »
07:35 UTC on 1629,75 AM Radio Belladonna with carrier via Twente WebSDR :)
Sometime got some Audio too!
Signal is arround the Noiselevel..

Greeting's ;D

North American Shortwave Pirate / TX on 6925.37
« on: February 17, 2015, 0712 UTC »
Got a Signal on 6925.37 now, 08:11 local, 07:11 UTC.
Sometimes with sound ??? ??? but most oft the time just carrier...

Listen here via Twente Web SDR..

Greeting's ;D

Anyone any idea??

Just carrier,strange sound if i switch to USB..
..Sometimes here on voice..

Greeting's ;D

European Pirates and Private Stations / strange UNID AM TX at 19 August
« on: September 24, 2014, 0817 UTC »
Hello All!
Arround this time on friday i do end of work on my house,smoke something and drink a beer ;D
Lucky,i got my portabel RX with me ;)
I pick up a AM Broadcaster on 6383 kHz, arround 2221 local time,2021 utc on 19.09.14.
Switch to transmittion,first i hear a rest from ''propaganda style'' song. Next was a male DJ,speak something about ''harmonic orchestra'' and ''celebrations''.
He repeat the spoken text in chinese language.
Copy than something about ''a 19 years old soldier,surviving in irak war'' this info will be from the ''whashington post'' ->he repeat this again in chinese language..

Next word's i copy he said ''the director of next winner of the academy...'' and anything about 13 years..
I do a littel Video of this transmittion about 4min.
Signal was about Sinpo 23322, receiver was my Degen 1103 with teleskop and i listen just outside my House.

..no ID ???

Anybody have a idea and can help me please??

Greeting's,Carsten ;)

..got techno beat ;D on 14477 usb at 2045 local time, 1945 CET with signal S4 in the peak.
Low fading,stabil signal but now ID.

Anybody now something ?????

-->got ID ;D

Good DX!

MW Loggings / Radio Calipso on 1620 AM
« on: August 28, 2014, 1305 UTC »
Listen over one hour to Radio Calipso on 1620 AM, 27.08.14 from 2030 until around 2145 CET with superb signal.
Sinpo between 33333 and 44544 8).
And the ''plus'': .. next to the listening i got a nice chat with Mr. Radio Calipso :)!
RX was a simple ATS909 with Feritte and my old Stern Automatic 1421,also with Feritte Antenna.

Tnx for the show,i hope to catch you again at night,Calipso!

Equipment / Noise canceling systems
« on: August 27, 2014, 0939 UTC »
Good Day All :)!

I could get: Daiwa All Mode Active Filter AK606K , Datong FL1 and a Datong FL3, all in good condition!
All three in one 'packet' for 160 european coins ;D

My Question,anybody get some experience with this stuff?

Good DX!

10/11 meters / AM TX on 27325 kHz 14.50 local time
« on: August 11, 2014, 1303 UTC »
I gota good Signal via Twente on 11.08.14, 14.50 local on 27325 AM.
Here some music but no ID ???
Anyone could help me please?


The RF Workbench / ..helpfull site for making RF
« on: May 07, 2014, 1009 UTC »
Just want to post a nice website,that could be helpfull for every one to work with electronical stuff ;D!
The site is in German,but very helpfull! (maybe a litte Translater will be fine ;))
I make my LowPassFilters and some other RF stuff wth this extra help.

Take a look to:
..and enjoy :D

Good DX!

Equipment / well made portabel mag. loop
« on: May 05, 2014, 0818 UTC »
Want to write some word's about this nice portabel magnetic loop now ;D

I use it for about one Year if i travel with my Degen or the Sagean RX.
Very low noise floor,Battery Power Supply with long lifetime, the loop element can be rotated and so you got nice directivity and simple change from the ''loop'' element.
Usable on LW up to SW with seperate filter an preamp. setting's :)
I made some loop element just from RG213 Koax with other diameter.
This loop is available in Europe on Ebay.


For just 99Euro,it is not expensive and you got a small,portabel and longlife loop with good result's!

Good DX!

Playing now with S 8.
Sinpo 44444,great Signal!

Thank's for TX!

Yesterday, 10.03.14 at 1915UTC, i listen to Pink Panther Radio again with my simple indoor RX Degen 1103 plus the Teleskop Ant.!
Great Signal from the Netherland's for a indoor Reception ;D
Audio via http://youtu.be/A9-0Nr3gbVc!

Thank's, PinkPanther!

Good DX!

HF Beacons / cw on 6220 1910utc signal 5
« on: February 06, 2014, 1921 UTC »
listen now on 6220 cw to the signal :)
anybody listen to it??

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