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North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Undercover Radio 15050 am
« on: March 31, 2012, 1541 UTC »
1540Z 45344 S7 Pretty good signal here (but have some local noise).  Hearing music.
1545Z 45344 S7 ID Undercover Radio. This is Dr. Benway.
1546Z 45344 S7 Soul Coughing "Screenwriter's Blues"
1554Z 45344 S7 Laurie Anderson "Another Day In America"
1604Z 45344 S7 "This is Dr Benway on Undercover Radio" Shoutout to Zane, Chris & me.  
1605Z 45344 S7 Shinedown "45"
1610Z 45344 S7 ID. Running 10W from way up in the north woods. Requesting reception report and will get a special QSL.
1613Z 45344 S7 Jimmy Buffet "A Pirate Looks At Forty"
1614Z 45344 S7 "Time to crack open a brew and to hear a story about the Dr's trip to the West Indies. "
1640Z 45344 S7 ID "This is Undercover Radio"
1641Z 45344 S7 Dr Benway talking about his dreams.
1701Z 45344 S7 ID
1702Z 45344 S7 Telling a story with Halloween & the chupacabra.
1709Z 45344 S7 ID.
1710Z 45344 S7 Live Op- The previous program was a replay from a number of years ago. Not running 10W.
1710Z 45344 S7 Collective Soul "The World I Know"
1714Z 45344 S7 Collective Soul "The World I Know" (again)
1716Z 45344 S7 Dr Benway talking over the song. Another ID. Thanking everyone that tuned in.
1719Z 45344 S7 Running 1000W from a mobile unit, from the middle of nowhere.
1719Z Off air.

Thanks Doc!

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6950 USB Wolverine Radio
« on: March 25, 2012, 0430 UTC »
Catherwood- I have Shazam. It does a pretty good job, even with static & fading.

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6950 USB Wolverine Radio
« on: March 25, 2012, 0416 UTC »

0416Z Wolverine interval signal. Came on about 30 seconds after X-FM went off.
0416Z ID "Wolverine Radio"
0417Z 45444 S9+10 "Ukelele Lady"
0419Z 45444 S9+10 Benny Goodman "When A Lady Meets A Gentleman Down South"
0421Z 55444 S9+10 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0421Z 55444 S9+10 "The Lady Is A Tramp"
0424Z 55444 S9+10 The King Sisters "Sophisticated Lady"
0428Z 55444 S9+10 Ames Brothers "The Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane"
0430Z 55444 S9+10 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0430Z 55444 S9+10 Jan & Dean "The Little Old Lady From Pasadena"
0433Z 55444 S9+10 Peter & Gordon "Lady Godiva"
0435Z 55444 S9+10 Lloyd Price "Lady Luck"
0438Z 55444 S9+10 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0438Z 55444 S9+10 Fats Domino "Lady Madonna"
0440Z 45444 S9+10 John Sebastian "She's A Lady"
0442Z 45444 S9+10 Jimi Hendrix "Foxy Lady"
0445Z 45444 S9+10 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0445Z 45444 S9+10 Joe Cocker "Delta Lady"
0448Z 55454 S9+10 Bob Dylan "Lay Lady Lay" (peaks to S9+20)
0451Z 55454 S9+15 Sugarloaf "Green Eyed Lady"
0454Z 55454 S9+15 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0454Z 55444 S9+15 Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose "Treat Her Like A Lady"
0457Z 55444 S9+10 The Isley Brothers "That Lady"
0000Z 55444 S9+10 The Temptations "Treat Her Like A Lady"
0004Z 55444 S9+10 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0004Z 55444 S9+10 Leon Russel "Lady Blue"
0008Z 55444 S9+10 Bonnie Raitt "No Way To Treat A Lady"
0011Z 45444 S9+ Brewer And Shipley "Lady Like You"
0014Z 45444 S9+10 "She's No Lady"
0017Z 55444 S9+10 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0018Z 55445 S9+15 SSTV
0019Z Off air.

Thanks Wolverine!

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'

0143Z 45444 S9+ Arctic Monkeys "Brick By Brick"
0235Z 45444 S9+ No Doubt "Spiderwebs"  Very nice signal... ~22 kHz bandwidth.  
0243Z 45444 S9+ Van Halen "Love Walks In" Request from mytequinn
0245Z 45444 S9+ ID X-FM  
0251Z 45444 S9+ Queens Of The Stone Age "I Never Came"
0319Z 45444 S9+ Arcade Fire "The Suburbs"
0322Z 45444 S9+ ID "X-FM is the power of X"
0322Z 45444 S9+ Red Hot Chili Peppers "Factory Of Faith"
0326Z 45444 S9+ ID "This is X-FM"
0326Z 45444 S9+ Third Eye Blind "Losing A Whole Year"
0330Z 45444 S9+ Dire Straits "Sultans Of Swing"
0335Z 45444 S9+ Hibernate "Submit"
0340Z 45344 S9+ ID "X-FM, the power of X"  Taking telephone requests and took a call live from Catherwood.
0344Z 45344 S9+ Boston "More Than A Feeling" - Requested by Bender.
0349Z 45344 S9+ ID "X-FM the power of X"
0349Z 45344 S9+10 Frank Zappa "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow"
0352Z 45344 S9+10 Op talking. Maybe having stereo coming this summer? Taking requests. ID "X-FM"
0354Z 55434 S9+15 Savage Garden "To The Moon And Back" (S9 to S9+15)
0359Z 45434 S9+ Op wrapping things up. Mentioned that DimBulb sent in the next song.
0400Z 45434 S9+ Little Feat "Two Trains"
0403Z 45434 S9+ Sneaker Pimps "6 Underground"
0406Z 45434 S7 Signing off. KiloKat7 has a video on YouTube of the broadcast. The telephone may not be a regular item for the show, but will be around occasionally.
0401Z 45434 S8 Telepopmusik "Breathe"
0415Z 45434 S8 ID X-FM
0415Z Off air.

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6925 USB Red Mercury Labs
« on: March 25, 2012, 0126 UTC »
0124Z 45444 S8 Symphonic music. Decent signal.
0130Z 45444 S8 ID "Red Mercury Labs"  email: redmercurylabs@yahoo.com
0131Z 45444 S8 Scorpions "Rock You Like A Hurricane"
0135Z 45444 S8 Scorpions "No One Like You"
0139Z 45444 S8 ID "Red Mercury Labs" Talking about the crew aboard their ship.
0140Z 45444 S8 Scorpions "The Zoo"
0147Z 45444 S8 Op. talking about us here on HFU. Hi Red Mercury Labs!  :D
0150Z 45444 S8 Scorpions "Loving You Sunday Morning"
0156Z 45444 S8 Op on live. Reporting on email. Got one from Blue Earth, MN (Hi Blue Earth from Minneapolis!)
0157Z 45444 S8 Scorpions "Still Loving You"
0204Z 45444 S9 ID "Red Mercury Labs" Talking about his trip to a Scorpions concert, including backstage passes. Had a really good time.
0208Z 45444 S9 Scorpions "Big City Nights"
0212Z 45444 S9 Scorpions "Believe In Love"
0218Z 45444 S8 ID "Red Mercury Labs coming to you live tonight." Talking on the ship to ship radio and talking to Capt Ron. USB is the manliest of all modes. Shout out to a few more. Op has confirmed that the big celestial body has behaved itself today.
0219Z 45444 S9 Scorpions "Rhythm Of Love"
0224Z 45444 S8 ID "Red Mercury Labs coming to you live from the high seas." More shoutouts. Will send eQSL for a reception report via email.
0225Z 45444 S9 Scorpions "I Can't Explain"
0229Z 45444 S8 Op. Red Mercury Labs is a research vessel. Going to change it up a bit now and hope the kids are in bed. Transmitting on the Yoshi transmitter around 100 W.  Going below deck now with the ship on autopilot.
0230Z 45444 S9  Rob Zombie "Call Of The Zombie"
0237Z 45444 S8 ID If you want a QSL, send email to redmercurylabs@yahoo.com. Still talking with Capt Ron on ship to ship radio. He's also on the high seas.
0237Z 45444 S9 Rob Zombie "Dragula"
0246Z 35443 S8 ID
0249Z 45444 S8 Rob Zombie "Perversion 99"
0254Z 45444 S9 Rob Zombie "Demonoid Phenomenon"
0255Z 45444 S8 ID "Red Mercury Labs coming you live on this Saturday night." They don't like to be funny at RML. They are serious & are researchers. Claims they've had too much Sam Adams tonight (although that's not really possible).
0257Z 45444 S9 Rob Zombie "Spookshow Baby"
0300Z 45444 S9 Rob Zombie "How To Make A Monster"
0302Z 45444 S9 ID "Red Mercury Labs" Quick ID nothing more.
0302Z 45444 S9 Rob Zombie "Meet The Creeper"
0306Z 45444 S8 ID.  Announced one more song coming up. Gave a shootout to Sam for being a good brewer.
0307Z 45444 S8 Bush "Everything Zen"
0312Z 45444 S8 Op signing off.
0313Z Off air.

Enjoyed the show RML!

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'

0208Z 15431 S5 The Allman Brothers Band "Midnight Rider"   Very weak & in the noise (S5 noise)
0210Z 15431 S5 America "Venture Highway"
0212Z 15431 S5 ID "This is Captain Morgan Shortwave"
0213Z 15431 S5 Albert Hammond "It Never Rains In Southern California"
0216Z 15431 S5 ID. Hard to hear, but heard parts of the themes from Hitchcock & Twilight Zone.
0223Z 15431 S5 ELO "Showdown"
0225Z 15431 S5 Norman Greenbaum "Spirit In The Sky"
0230Z Lost the signal

Yaesu FT-847 + 100' wire @ 10'.

0144Z 35433 S6 ID "This is Captain Morgan Shortwave"
0145Z 35433 S6 The Allman Brothers Band "Midnight Rider"
0149Z 15442 S5 America "Venture Highway"
0151Z 15441 S5 ID "This is Captain Morgan Shortwave" Faded out during the ID.

Yaesu FT-847 + 100' wire @ 10'

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Radio Mushroom 6925U *2332
« on: March 18, 2012, 2339 UTC »
2337Z 15342 Heavy static crashes.
2337Z 15242 Styx "Lorelei"
2338Z 15242 QSL: radiomushroom@gmail.com
2338Z 15242 ID "This is Radio Mushroom"
2340Z 25242 The Kingsmen "Louie Louie"
2343Z 25242 ID "This is Radio Mushroom" More talk about a reactor, hard to copy.
2343Z 25242 The Knack "My Sharona"
2348Z 25241 ID  Radio Mushroom. Can be reached at radiomushroom@gmail.com
2348Z 25242 David Bowie "Suffragette City"
2353Z Off air

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6925 channel z
« on: March 18, 2012, 2320 UTC »
2315Z 25342 Bananarama "Cruel Summer"  Lots of static crashes.
2317Z 25342 ID "Channel Z radio." QSL 100%. Gave more info, but missed it.
2317Z 25342 Mungo Jerry "In The Summertime"
2322Z 25342 Otis Redding "Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay"
2522Z 25343 The 5th Dimension "Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In"
2529Z 25343 Percy Faith & His Orchestra - Theme from "A Summer Place"
2531Z Off air

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'

For a few hours, 6925 was a simulcast of 5110 WBCQ.

Been listening to them for a while, but unsure who it is.

Gave email address, but with fading & static crashes only heard .net at the end.

Lots of static crashes disrupting what would otherwise be a very nice signal.

0250Z 45232 S8 It's a Beautiful Day "White Bird"
0253Z 45231 S8 Some IDs... heard WBCQ again. Also "Radio Free" something.
0257Z 45233 S9 Hot Tuna "Baby What You Want Me To Do"
0309Z 45233 S9 ID "Lumpy Gravy Radio Show" on WBCQ. Mentioned the re-transmission on 6925.
0322Z 45233 S9 Led Zeppelin "In The Evening"
0340Z 45333 S9 The Meteors "Those Boots Were Made For Walking"
0348Z 35232 S8 Eric Dolphy "Out There"
0400Z 35333 S8 The Monkees "Pleasant Valley Sunday"
0410Z 35333 S8 "Peter Cottontail"
0415Z 35333 S8 WBCQ hosts said hi to Commander Bunny
0421Z 25232 S7 Gerry Rafferty "Baker Street"
0430Z 25222 S7 Buck Owens "I've Got A Tiger By The Tail"
0442Z 25222 S7 Frank Zappa "Stick Together"
0443Z 25222 S7 Panjabi MC "Mundian To Bach Ke (Knight Rider Remix)"  (Never thought I'd hear this one on the radio... on any station)
0504Z 25222 S7 ID As Radio Free Euphoria on WBCQ.
0523Z Off air

6925 is a simulcast of 5110.

5110 is very weak.

6925: Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @25'
5110: National NC-183D + 100' random wire

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Radio Ronin Shortwave
« on: March 17, 2012, 0058 UTC »
0056Z 45334 S8 Yes "I've Seen All Good People"
0057Z 45344 S8 Duran Duran "Hungry Like The Wolf"
0101Z 45344 S8 Roxy Music "More Than This"
0114Z 45344 S8 Devo "Whip It"
0116Z 45344 S8 ID "This is Radio Ronin Shortwave" radioroninshortwave@gmail.com
0116Z 45344 S8 Frank Zappa & The Mothers "Montana"
0138Z 45344 Signed off.

Yaesu FT-847 w/100' wire ~10' above the ground.

QSLs Received / Re: Trans Europe Radio QSL
« on: March 17, 2012, 0054 UTC »
Wow... that sure is nice.

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6925 USB Wolverine Radio
« on: March 11, 2012, 0219 UTC »

0219Z 45444 S8 Barenaked Ladies "Testing 1-2-3"
0220Z 45444 S8 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0220Z 45443 S8 Old music
0223Z 45444 S9 Eddy Arnold(?) "A Little On The Lonely Side"
0225Z 45444 S9 Ray Charles "Lonely Avenue"
0228Z 45444 S9 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0228Z 45444 S9 Jackie Wilson "Lonely Teardrops"
0231Z 45434 S9 The Four Tops "Ask The Lonely"
0233Z 45433 S8 Roy Orbison "Only The Lonely"
0236Z 45433 S8 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0236Z 45433 S8 The Rascals "I've Been Lonely Too Long"
0238Z 55444 S9+ Yes "Owner Of A Lonely Heart"
0242Z 55444 S9+10 James Taylor "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight"
0245Z 45444 S9 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0245Z 45444 S9 J.D. Souther "You're Only Lonely"
0247Z 45444 S9 Dr John "Those Lonely Lonely Nights"
0251Z 45434 S9 The Police "So Lonely"
0256Z 45434 S9 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0256Z 45434 S9 The Motels "Only The Lonely"
0258Z 45434 S9 Unknown, but lonely something.  :D
0304Z 45434 S9 John Mayer "Perfectly Lonely"
0309Z 45434 S9 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0309Z 45434 S9 Alix "Lonely"
0313Z 55434 S9+ The Black Keys "Lonely Boy"
0316Z 55434 S9+ Seasick Steve "Have Mercy On The Lonely"
0319Z 45434 S9 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0319Z 45434 S9 Randy Newman "Loneyly At The Top"
0321Z 45434 S9 Willie Nelson "Permanently Lonely"
0324Z 45444 S9+ SSTV

Thanks for the show, enjoyed it!

Perseus SDR with 102' G5RV @ 25'

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Killer signal on 6930 AM
« on: March 04, 2012, 0220 UTC »
Absolutely nothing here. Not even a hint.

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