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I learned today you can buy dilute hydrofluoric acid (Whink brand fabric rust remover) to eat a bit off your nonfunctional or crappy frequency crystals to make them operate where you want.  Seems to eat away and increase the frequency somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 khz per 10 minutes with fresh stuff.  Got to get me down to the Crap-mart and get some with a pair of autopsy gloves.  Don't do it without a pair of breaking bad gloves.
Scroll down a bit to the whink thread

The RF Workbench / Re: RF lowpass filters and inductor orientation
« on: February 26, 2016, 0134 UTC »
My brain can't process this.  Do you mean if you have a 10 turn toroid and you insert the wire sticking it through the top, pulling it around, sticking through the top again until you have 10 turns (like I always do), it will behave different if you do it mirror image pulling it through the bottom (and the legs you solder to the board will be opposite sides of the toroid in the first scenario) ?  I can barely create that thought.  Or are you talking about orientation parallel toroids vs one at a right angle to the others?  My head can accept that better.  Oh my god. Help......

Huh? / The next Bowl?
« on: February 03, 2016, 0150 UTC »
First there was super bowl.
Then puppy bowl.
I just heard there will be a kitten bowl.
What next?  I propose Dope Bowl.  Hot babes getting wasted in Colorado and eating melted peanut butter snickers, microwave burritos, and whole plates of sloppy loaded nachos.  No utensils allowed.
I admit I am a pig.  Oink.

My wife says topless only

Huh? / Re: Interesting graffiti
« on: January 26, 2016, 2343 UTC »
Decide what's real.  Then change your mind.

I am very impressed with this SDRPlay.  I learned it makes a big difference comparing it at ground level of the house vs an Icom upstairs using same antenna.  10 feet of elevation can make a big difference in the loop antenna.  I have also become more familiar with front end gain and volume vs ExtIO settings.   There is a learning curve there definitely with all the different places you control gain and volume.
I just compared 15 or so weak to strong AM/SSB stations mostly 1600 khz-ish and 6-7 Mhz.  The $150 SDR was overall superior.  The stronger stations were absolutely clear as a bell through the SDR.  On the weaker signals, there were a few where the Icom was superior, but the cheap SDR held its own and was equal on some and won a few more tests than the Icom.
Now I just have to wait for Friday and Saturday night to see what happens with those certain usually weak signals.
If you are debating getting this $150 laptop connection or a 10 lb real radio that needs a 10 lb power supply and you don't mind learning some new stuff there is no real choice.
One thing I did find--HDSDR runs great on a couple year old i5 laptop.  I tried to run SDR-Console on an older Vista laptop and it just couldn't do it very well at all.  I really wanted to try that program as well because I like the idea of filter bandwidth, which HDSDR doesn't have but it seems to sound fine on HDSDR without screwing around with filter width.  HDSDR seems much more user friendly to me too.

Mine arrived quickly. I had to cobble together some cables and adapters to get it hooked up to a Wellbrook indoor loop. Pretty easy installation of software. I had an hour messing around and will have to do some tutorials. It is cool!but has massive overload from the am antenna tower less than ten miles away. Not very sensitive either but maybe fixable. I made out a signal on 6770 but couldn't really hear. I didnt hear crap on the portable but heard 6770 decently on the icom. We'll see if it is definitely better than a 150 buck Sony 7600 portable. Better be. I'll have it figured out in a few days.

Tell us the story of time bloviating biaviian.  O-Qua Tangin Wann I know what you are up to.

Done deal.  Thanks.

I live in a real high noise environment.  I have had a Drake R8 and a couple Icoms that were great.  In OTHER locations.  Not here.  Sold a few and am now down to a portable and an Icom.  I would like to try SDR but don't want to drop a lot of cash since I am betting listening will be no better.  There was a thread here on a nice 3dbsdr item that now has links not found.  Since I can't get that, what is left?  Wait on the kickstarter one reported here a year ago http://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,20309.0.html or go with the nooelec deal with HamItUp converter?  Or something else?  I know I just need to move to solve everything but that will not happen any time soon.  The noise is related to household electrical supply and is everywhere in the entire subdivision and noise cancelling products do not work-have tried several.  Tried tracking the source etc etc...
Thanks everyone

This is the "Equipment" forum right?  So what prompted that response?  Maybe 5-6 drinks by bedtime.  Maybe wife telling me her friend at work knows someone that works at a nearby Amazon distribution center.  She asked them "What do you box up the most of?"  Answer "dildos."
I believe it.  I searched a year ago for the heaviest auto or marine grease I could find to help seal the rusting gas cap channel on a dying old car.  Initial results included gems something like Twinkie Armstrong's An** Fis**** Lu**.  New and improved with lidocaine!  5 stars.  100 users overjoyed.  I browsed in awe looking at things I never guessed would have existed and the explicit reviews.  Some of those things come in 1 gallon+ containers.
So yeahhhh Tecsun 600.

Yes totally tecsun 600.  You may be able to get that $30 off deal starting the amazon credit card too.  Not like you have to ever use it, but i charge everything on mine and get 1-3% amazon $ back so I get myself a free present monthly.  Cmon, you know you'd rather have that lube delivered in a brown box than have some humanoid scrape it over the scanner at the town CrapMart and look at you wondering in its feeble mind what you might do with it. Not that I reward us with lubricants.  Usually.

10 over to midwest abt 2245, even listenable on portable

Good signal to midwest, a bit less than 6880 at 2345.  Electro-dance music.

Excellent S9-10 6880AM signal to midwest.  Jay S. talk at 2340 discussing places visited.

6951AM fair to middlin signal.  I have a lot of interference.  I did pick out the silly voice ID about 2205 followed by Roosi, Roosi, where are you Rooci? Lucy show skit with canned laughs.....

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