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Spy Numbers / Re: HM01 (?) 11633 KHz AM copied ~0830
« on: December 06, 2013, 2334 UTC »
Could it have been on 11635 (which according to http://www.qsl.net/py4zbz/eni.htm has been used at 18 and 21 UTC by the Cuban Lady numbers station, so this frequency would simply be a mistimed use of what should have been 9065)? Or should 11635 in those listings actually be 11633 KHz?

Spy Numbers / Re: HM01 / 10-11-13 & 10-12-13
« on: December 06, 2013, 2317 UTC »
Try 5855 at 05 - 06 UTC. See my report from today's wild goings on with the Cuban Lady 12/06/13 at 05 UT (Midnight Eastern) as well as their repeat transmission on 9830 at 07 UTC -- both picked up in New York City on an inexpensive portable SW radio (which includes the numbers of the day). BTW, the best part (for me) is the translation and writing down of those 5 digit number groups into the SIX sequences of same for that particular day in the proper order. I can't load the data bursts into DIGTRX (as suggested by http://www.qsl.net/py4zbz/eni.htm, who I've relied on for much info on HM01) , since the portable radio I own has no such facility, so I have to turn the volume up to the max to hear 'her' voice after the data stops (which is always MUCH LOWER than those data bursts for some unknown reason).

Spy Numbers / Re: new frequency for HM01?
« on: December 06, 2013, 2306 UTC »
Could this frequency be an odd mixing product of 5855 and 9330-- the early UTC frequencies for 05 and 07 (the sum divided by two)? I now that this would mathematically yield 15185 / 2 or 7592.5 (which is close to 7320, but not quite).  If so, would this difference (~ 270 KHz) imply that the transmitter for 5855 is NOT the same as the one for 9330 (since the mixing is a bit off) or not?  (Note that I am NOT an audio engineer, so I am grasping at the potentially obvious straw here....)

Spy Numbers / Re: HM01 (?) 6 Nov 2013
« on: December 06, 2013, 2254 UTC »
It often seems that the numbers for the first half hour tend to be the same in the second half hour of the Cuban transmission.... I've listened to full broadcasts and NOT noticed such a difference. Will aurally investigate the next time 5850 (or 9330) is on the air.... The next DAY'S transmission may differ (sometimes by as little as one number in one group), but I have not noticed an INTRA-DAY (or intra-broadcast) change in the number groups....

However, as noted earlier today (see my long post), the Cuban numbers station can go slightly haywire by transmitting two tape loops simultaneously (or what I believe is two tape loops), losing audio for awhile, and being forced to end the transmission mid sequence as a result (in order to go to their next frequency/frequencies for 06 - 07 UTC).

See my report as a reply to the recent 9330 KHz report for HM01: in any case try 05 - 06 UTC for 5855 and 07 -08 UTC for 9330 in the future. Best info source on the Cuban Lady station is http://www.qsl.net/py4zbz/eni.htm. Check it out....

Spy Numbers / Re: HM01 on 9330 kHz 29NOV13
« on: December 06, 2013, 2244 UTC »
Early this morning (in NYC) I monitored the "Cuban Lady" twice -- first @ 5855 at 05 UT and then 9330 @ 07 UT. Detailed report sent to primetimeshortwave Yahoo group. Copied and pasted below:

The transmitted numbers for today in this order are (drum roll, please):

22574 // 15441 // 50182 // 08444 // 51835 // 83381

Notes from first broadcast at Midnight Eastern (05 UTC @ 5855 or so)-- dual transmissions going on (delayed by approximately 20 seconds or so): in other words, tones still going on while first round of numbers begin, then tones stop while numbers repeated on delay (from second tape loop?) At ~ 0510 UTC, transmission cut off for a few minutes, so I went elsewhere. I picked it up around 0530. By then, the (second) tape loop was off air-- only one transmission at this time. (Is this station transmitting TWICE these numbers at 05 - 06 UTC on what are supposed to be two different frequencies? If so, then we may have been getting the transmission for BOTH frequencies on 5855 [as well as on the unknown frequency?]). AT 0558 transmission cut off in middle of 51835 sequence (after '51') -- as if to change frequencies for their 06 UTC broadcast (which are apparently off band).

Second broadcast @ 07 UT @ 9330 or so -- began with additional dual transmissions in the beginning sequence of 22574 15441 50182 08444 51835 83881 with repeats. By 0724 UT problem eliminated and I went to SLEEP (even DXers need some shuteye!)

OTHER NOTES: the number "tres" (3) was of lower volume (due to a problem with the machine that generates the voice?) than any of the other numbers used in sequences (0 - 2, 4 - 5, and 7 - 8; there were no sixes or nines to check on the volume on those numbers on SW). Does this mean anything special or not? Also, on the 9330 transmission, noticed signal fading quite often (can't be sure if frequency was changing to 9331, or some other number close to 9330 -- frequencies mentioned are being ASSUMED as correct per well-known frequency chart on Internet).

Equipment Used: Hamilton 12 Band World Radio (cheap-- bought from Publishers Clearing House) with attached antenna. Volume turned up to the max to hear the numbers (and translate from Spanish as I go). No ability to record or translate tones to data, etc. Sorry!

After not hearing from 'the Cuban Lady' for a few days, we'll see if anything changes over this weekend beginning at midnight Eastern Time on the usual spot on the dial between Pastor Peters (5830- WTWW) and Brother Stair (5890- WWCR).

Perhaps we can figure out what all these numbers and data bursts mean someday -- as the Gallagher Girls (and Ally Carter) would say: "United We Spy".... 73s and a merry DXMAS to all....

ADDITIONAL QUESTION for anyone in this group: Does anyone know (or can compute) the (approximate) transmitter power for this station? My guess is about 20 KW, but I have no real idea....

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