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MW Loggings / November 2015 Michigan BCB logs
« on: December 07, 2015, 0247 UTC »
I continue to be impressed with the D-KAZ, and more proof here.  These are all new logs that were never heard here before with the NE/SW phased BOGs.  Working the North and South directions has added tons of new stations to the log book:

620 WWNR Beckley, WV. - 0100 UTC 11/5/2015 - On day rig? Poor under WTMJ during semi au cx with TOH legal ID and // FM 101.1 W266AZ, on South D-KAZ.

640 WXSM Blountville, TN. - 0059 UTC 11/5/2015 - Very weak under dominant local WMFN with clear slogan "Extreme Sports Monster", during semi au cx on South D-KAZ.

670 WWFE Miami, FL. - 0530 UTC 11/28/2015 - Presumed on day rig with fair signal under WSCR with SS news talk // to WWFE's live webstream, on South D-KAZ.

820 WWBA Largo, FL. - 2300 UTC 11/11/2015 - Fair under dominant WCPT with rapid-fire TOH ID: "W-W-B-A Largo, Tampa Bay" and then into ABC News, on South D-KAZ.

860 WTZX Sparta, TN. - 0000 UTC 11/10/2015 - With c/w music and slogan "Country Gold", good signal during TOH ID despite splash from a strong local on 850, on South D-KAZ.

990 WEIS Centre, AL. - 2300 UTC 11/11/2015 - With c/w music, YL jingle, and TOH legal ID and into locally read news and weather, fair on South D-KAZ.

1050 WSMT Sparta, TN. - 2203 UTC 11/11/2015 - Faint with a call letter ID and "AM 10-50" popping up briefly mixing with a weakened WLIP on the South D-KAZ.

1100 WCGA Woodbine, GA. - 2258 UTC 11/11/2015 - With slogan: "Newstalk 1100", live time check, call letter IDs, southern-accented announcer giving 912 area code phone number, better in USB to avoid 1090 KAAY splash, on South D-KAZ.

1140 WBXR Hazel Green, AL. - 2300 UTC 11/11/2015 - Off-frequency at 1139.98 with Pro-life Perspectives program and TOH call letter ID mentioning Hazel Green, Fayetteville and Huntsville, fair on South D-KAZ.

1220 WAYE Birmingham, AL. - 2301 UTC 11/11/2015 - Faint & difficult copy with FM callsign W252BE, city and "La Jefa" slogan, on South D-KAZ.

1270 WCGC Belmont, NC. - 2200 UTC 11/8/2015 - With the Gospel Light Holiness with pastor Jerry Willard and using the slogan "Your Carolina Christian Connection", long website promo while dominant on the South D_KAZ.

1370 KWTL Grand Forks, ND. - 0213 UTC 11/3/2015 - Presumed, no calls, but with EWTN programming with no other EWTN outlets found on this frequency, o/u WXXI, on North D-KAZ.

1370 WGCL Bloomingham, IN. - 2306 UTC 11/11/2015 - With a call letter ID and mention of // FM 96.1 and phone number given by local announcer for call in show, on South D-KAZ.

1400 WZNG Shelbyville, TN. - 0259 UTC 11/7/2015 - With two TOH legal IDs repeated twice while briefly atop the graveyard noise, then into USA Radio News, on South D-KAZ.

1400 WCYN Cynthiana, KY. - 2200 UTC 11/8/2015 - Very faint with announcer: "Today's country and yesterday's favorites" and then into legal TOH ID, on South D-KAZ.

1420 KPOC Pocahontas, AR. - 0300 UTC 11/7/2015 - With faint but clear TOH legal ID and into CBS News, ID'ed as K-P-O-C FM, on South D-KAZ.

1450 WKEI Kewanee, IL. - 2159 UTC 11/8/2015 - Call letters unclear but clear "Talk of the Tri-Counties" slogan and clear mention of // FM 104.3, on South D-KAZ.

1460 WRVK Mount Vernon, KY. - 2259 UTC 11/11/2015 - Briefly dominant with spot for local HSFB coverage and ad mentioning the station's website, on South D-KAZ.

1480 WQOH Irondale, AL. - 0000 UTC 11/8/2015 - With pro-life program and into long TOH ID mentioning several frequencies , poor copy, on South D-KAZ.

1490 WJJM Lewisburg, TN. - 0259 UTC 11/7/2015 - Dominant during TOH w/ legal ID and into FOX Sports, on South D-KAZ.

1490 WCOR Lebanon, TN. - 2259 UTC 11/11/2015 - With c/w music and IDing as FM 98.9 (// WANT), also WCOR calls given at TOH, slogan: "Real Country", on South D-KAZ.

1510 XEQI Monterrey, NVL., Mexico - 0259 UTC 11/7/2015 - Heard during 10 seconds of dead-air silence from WLAC with legal call letter ID, "Systema Radio y Television Neuvo Leon" and "Alternativa" slogan, thanks to Neil Kazaross for confirming ID, weak on South D-KAZ.

1550 KWBC Navasota, TX. - 2315 UTC 11/11/2015 - Rising out of the noise with mention of Texas A&M football, call sign, and mentions of Navasota, on South D-KAZ.

1570 WQTW Latrobe, PA. - 0400 UTC 11/1/2015 - With legal ID at TOH w/ oldies music during brief rise-up from the noise, on North D-KAZ.

1570 WNCA Siler City, NC. - 2200 UTC 11/8/2015 - Poor copy with local weather leading up to TOH call letter ID and mention of Siler City (NC), on South D-KAZ.

1580 WPMO Pascagoula-Moss Pt., MS. - 0245 UTC 11/7/2015 - Dominant signal at times with local HSFB game, presumably on day pattern/power, on South D-KAZ.

1610 UNID TIS/HAR station - 2155 UTC 11/8/2015 - Exceptional conditions towards the South observed during the late afternoon on November 8th, 2015 with Southern stations coming in much earlier than usual including the Caribbean Beacon being heard at 4:45pm EST local time.  Ten minutes later had this UNID TIS station beating out the CB relaying Kentucky NOAA weather radio, presumably from Kentucky, which I've never heard before.  Heard on the South D-KAZ with audio/video clip posted here

MW Harmonics:

2640 (880x3) WIJR Highland, IL. - 1307 UTC 11/27/2015 - Intermittent harmonic perfectly matching WIJR's live webstream.  Not a peep of WIJR heard here on 880 during this, which I need for the log!

I'm actually hearing audible music tonight from this one, and some talk between songs.  That's a first here.  Only present on the North D-KAZ.  Conditions seem very good tonight for DX.

S4 faint but clear with a soothing blues tune at 0611z.  Timberwolf Radio Shortwave ID & email @ 0616z.

I just noticed this one on the waterfall while listening to TCS.  Peaking good at times and then down to just a carrier and back up again.  I'm hearing ads for Chicago businesses along Archer Avenue, weather prediction talk, etc. all indicating a harmonic from W807 "Geo Research Rock Radio" on 1710 kHz.  I've never heard this harmonic before and W807 (on 1710) is generally a weak signal here, so this is a bit of a surprise.  This might offer someone a chance to hear them better vs 1710.

Quote from W807:
we are recognized by NASA, NDGRC, Department of Homeland Security, and the Pentagon. We're using the harmonizing tones in the broadcast AM band to predict certain weather and the geological phenomenon.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 AM 2246 UTC 26 Nov 2015
« on: November 26, 2015, 2249 UTC »
S6 with some light UTE QRM from 6928 and peskies on the lower side on 6925 are making things tough.

2246: Traffic "The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys"
2301: Grand Funk Railroad "Some kind of Wonderful"
2303: open carrier lasting several minutes
2305: back with Paul Simon
2308: John Fogerty "Old Man Down the Road"
2311: Signal picking up, S7-S8 on peaks
2312: Gerry Rafferty "Baker Street"
2316: The Hollies "Long Cool Woman", signal has seemed to plateau again, now hitting S9
2320: Stones "Paint It Black"

MW Loggings / 1750 kHz WH2XDE/3 26NO15 0135 UTC
« on: November 26, 2015, 0200 UTC »
CW beacon on the air right now.  I haven't heard these guys in a long time.

2105z: Prodigy's "Smack my Bitch up"
2125z: Liquid Radio IDs

S5 fading up and down...

Signing on right now, S8 and off to a great start tonight.  Great to hear you again!

Off-air stereo recording from the show from 0045z to 0317 sign-off:


Great show Redhat!

Just signing on, scary sounds and scary huge signal!  Wolverine Radio ID at 2311 UTC.  Hitting S9+20!

2328z:  There's a new remote Perseus online in Qatar, and yes, Wolverine is being heard in Qatar right now.  Way to go man!

North American Shortwave Pirate / X Minus One 6925 USB 2001 10/30/15
« on: October 30, 2015, 2001 UTC »
Very weak and just above the noise floor, I can hear talking and chatter.  6925u

MW Loggings / 1710 "CHIM-FM 92.7", nightly
« on: October 27, 2015, 0008 UTC »
Seems to be on continuous since i first logged it last month.  It has been strong at times during peaks, IDing at "CHIM-FM 92.7".  And now the kicker, they seem to be transmitting in FM mode.  Sounds horrible in AM, LSB and USB however on the signal peaks it actually sounds decent while listening in FM mode.  Strange...And nobody else is hearing this one?  I'd sure like to get a second opinion on the mode of operation being used here as FM seems like an odd choice for this frequency.

HF Beacons / UNID 6918 / 6930.5 kHz 1111 UTC 11OC2015
« on: October 11, 2015, 1204 UTC »
I first noticed this last Sunday morning when listening to the breakfast with Boombox show.  Two weak synchronized signals on 6918 and 6930.5 (nominal) producing dashes on the waterfall.  I can't rule out the possibility of some kind of very weak RFI, but I've never seen this before.  I checked several remotes and couldn't reproduce what I see here, but then again none that I checked had the 6940 dasher either.  This seems worthy of posting in the event that someone is testing.  You can also see the 6940 dasher clearly in this screenshot for comparison, which is a bit stronger:

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6956 AM 2322 UTC 10 Oct 2015
« on: October 10, 2015, 2325 UTC »
Carrier drifting slowly upward and is stronger than the modulation, but S4-S5 with:

2322z: Stevie Wonder's Superstition
2326z: Off

MW Loggings / September 2015 Michigan BCB logs
« on: September 30, 2015, 0303 UTC »
Stations heard in Michigan during the month of September:

740 KCBS San Francisco, CA. - 9/20/2015 @ 1105 UTC - Rare second relog with call sign ID after news and then into CBS's 60 Minutes television program from the week before.  Good for several minutes until fade-out around 1115 UTC, on the phased S-W BOGs, relog.

740 KATK Carlsbad, NM. - 9/25/2015 @ 1135 UTC - Another rare second relog of this station (1000w D / 250w N) with oldies and two clear call letter IDs mixing w/ KVOR and all alone at one point, on S-W phased BOGs, relog.
Video of reception: https://youtu.be/M451jNpsgi8

800 WMGY Montgomery, AL. - 9/11/2015 @ 1000 UTC - Poor under stronger WHOS with legal TOH ID and mention of // FM 96.5, on South D-KAZ during mild AU CX, new log.

810 WYZI Royston, GA. - 9/11/2015 @ 0958 UTC - Daytimer signing on over the Bahamas National Anthem with legal sign-on announcement mentioning Oconee River Broadcasting, LLC, frequency, and a maximum daytime power of 230 watts! "Farm Radio 8-10" slogans and into the SSB at 0959. Overtaken at TOH by local WMJH. Fair signal over moderate summer static, on South D-KAZ during mild AU CX, new log.

870 WTCG Mount Holly, NC. - 9/11/2015 @ 1001 UTC - Under WWL with spot for myfamiliytalk.com and then into presumed ID with a clear mention of Mount Holly as part of that ID followed by a religious verse, on South D-KAZ during mild AU CX, new log. 

920 WMOK Metropolis, IL. - 9/11/2015 @ 1000 UTC - "Real Country" YL jingle slogans and TOH ID mostly dominant over summer static crashes during mild AU CX, on South D-KAZ, new log.

920 WPTL Canton, NC. - 9/11/2015 @ 1002 UTC - Live and local DJ following network TOH news with Frank Byrd, "The Birdman", wishing listeners a Happy Friday, fair mixing with WMOK (also new here this morning) during mild AU CX, on South D-KAZ, new log.

960 WRFC Athens, GA. - 9/11/2015 @ 1000 UTC - Local spot for Vanderbilt vs University of Georgia football game and slogans "The Ref", weak during mild AU CX on South D-KAZ, new log.

1010 WSPC Albemarle, NC. - 9/11/2015 @ 0959 UTC - Call letter ID by YL following USA Radio News with mention of Stanly County, NC. and into local weather forecast, faint during mild AU CX, on South D-KAZ, new log.

1110 WKDZ Cadiz, KY. - 9/25/2015 @ 0110 UTC - On late with oldies programming // 1480 WHVO and IDing as 1480 WHVO, good signal on South D-KAZ, new log but I couldn't pull off the 1480 //, thanks to tip on the BCB Prop Logger.

1200 WZPS Huntington, WV. - 9/20/2015 @ 2302 UTC - Mixing evenly with WRTO with TOH legal ID and mentions of "spirit1200.com", gave calls as WZPS, on South D-KAZ, new log.

1230 WCDS Glasgow, KY. - 9/20/2015 @ 2259 UTC - Weak but clear TOH ID under local WTKG dead-air silence just before TOH with ID "This is W-C-D-S, Glasgow. ESPN Radio 12-30, your total sports leader.", on South D-KAZ, new log.

1290 WJCZ Jacksonville, NC. - 9/11/2015 @ 0959 UTC - Playing Southern gospel music and TOH call letter ID mentioning FM // W252BO 98.3, fair to good mixing evenly with WHIO during mild AU CX on South D-KAZ, new log.

1370 WTAB Tabor City, NC. - 9/11/2015 @ 1002 UTC - C/W music with live ID by local announcer with weather read by live/local YL, call letter ID finally given at 1002 UTC, rapid fading in and out on signal during mild AU CX, on South D-KAZ, new log.

1380 KLIZ Brainerd, MN. - 9/21/2015 @ 1100 UTC - With legal TOH ID struggling against WKJG, using slogan "The Fan", on North D-KAZ, new log.

1400 WDUZ Green Bay, WI. - 9/15/2015 @ 1101 UTC - Presumed with slogan "Sportsradio 107.5" & "The Fan", also two distinct mentions of Greenbay during TOH ID, though no calls discerned, on North D-KAZ while mixing with WQXO, new log.

1450 KFIZ Fond Du Lac, WI. - 9/7/2015 @ 1104 UTC - Poor signal level but clear call letter ID heard in the graveyard mess, then quickly lost again, on North D-KAZ, new log.

1450 KNSI St. Cloud, MN. - 9/14/2015 @ 1106 UTC - With St. Cloud local news and weather forecast from the "KNSI weather center", poor in the graveyard mix battling with WDLB on the North D-KAZ, new log.

1450 WRCO Richland Center, WI. @ 1100 UTC - Atop the graveyard rumble with chimes, local weather forecast and TOH ID then into CBS News, on North D-KAZ, new log. 

1490 WCLU Glasgow, KY. - 9/11/2015 @ 0959 UTC - TOH ID above the GY mush mentioning owner Royce Radio, INC. along with call letter ID and city, during mild AU CX on South D-KAZ, new log.

1560 WTNS Coshocton, OH. - 9/21/2015 @ 1100 UTC - With slogan: "Coshocton Counties Real Country" and legal ID at TOH, good signal despite D-KAZ aiming North, new log.

1590 KGFK East Grand Forks, MN. - 9/21/2015 @ 1105 UTC - With George Thorogood tune and other classic rock hits, legal ID finally at 1105 UTC by YL along with mention of FM 95.7, fair on North D-KAZ, new log.

1600 KDAK Carrington, ND. - 9/7/2015 @ 1059 UTC - BCB log #1700 with TOH call letter ID given immediately after WAAM's ID then gone again, on North D-KAZ, new log.

North American MW Pirate Radio / UNID 1710 am 0259 UTC 27Sep15
« on: September 27, 2015, 0310 UTC »
Someone here playing music, fairly consistent signal but badly over-modulated.  Best here in LSB to dodge the IBOC hash from the new 1700 station.  Some announcements between songs but the speech is very difficult to understand due to the poor modulation.  Anyone else hearing this?

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