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Fishing Drift Net Beacons / Re: FISHING NET BEACONS
« on: January 29, 2011, 0150 UTC »
Has anyone heard any fishing net beacons and the frequencies.

Yep! Here's a mini-log of fishnet beacons I've been hearing between 1720 & 1800 khz. The 1725 khz beacon probably isn't fishing related as it doesn't match the patterns of the rest, it's still a mystery. "?" means the signal was too weak to copy the full ID. These are all very faint signals that would be difficult to discover without the aid of the SDR's waterfall display - see screenshots below. These beacons are thought to run about 4 to 10 watts output, locations unknown, and a challenge to hear:

Code: [Select]
Khz CD ID Time Date Notes                                     
1723 4KPU 0014 UTC 12/31/10 DAID, repeats 3x on 3 minute intervals
1725 N?? 0525 UTC 12/28/10 No DAID, carrier on 1725 khz, CW ID visible on 1724 & 1726 khz
1748 ? 0334 UTC 12/17/10 DAID, repeats 3x on 3 minute intervals
1753 4PNQ 0250 UTC 12/17/10 DAID, repeats 3x on 3 minute intervals
1754 KW02? 0327 UTC 12/21/10 DAID, repeats 3x on 3 minute intervals
1756 4OGK 0036 UTC 12/31/10 DAID, repeats 3x on 3 minute intervals
1784 4??J 0227 UTC 12/29/10 DAID, repeats 3x on 3 minute intervals
1787 4QEE 0442 UTC 12/19/10 DAID, repeats 3x on 3 minute intervals
1792 4OXI 0228 UTC 12/29/10 DAID, repeats 3x on 3 minute intervals
1795 ?JE? 0228 UTC 12/29/10 DAID, repeats 3x on 3 minute intervals
1796 ? 1230 UTC 12/29/10 DAID, repeats 3x on 3 minute intervals
1799 4? 0229 UTC 12/29/10 DAID, repeats 3x on 3 minute intervals

MW Loggings / Re: 1610 Non stop Christmas Music
« on: November 26, 2010, 0542 UTC »
Did the station sign off at any point in the morning, or are they on around the clock (evenings?)  The only thing coming in here on 1610 are the two Canadians right now.

North American MW Pirate Radio / Re: 1710 khz AM - "The Big Q"
« on: November 24, 2010, 0006 UTC »
Just curious what kind of setup (rig, antenna) you used to hear this station. I might try and listen some more down on MW this winter. The noise and hash is pretty unbearable here in the Boston burbs, though. Not to mention, 1620-1710 is awash in ethnic pirates in this area. In about 1990 or 1991, I heard a station on 1610 or 1620 called "WORM", which I think is the only hobby pirate I have ever heard on MW.

If directed towards me, I'm using a Perseus SDR with two unterminated beverage-on-ground "bog" antennas (soon to be "beverage-under-snow" antennas!) of about 500 ft and 300 ft lengths.  I phase both wires with a Quantum Phaser.  On medium wave the phaser setup works well for nulling out pest stations when you're trying to hear DX on the same channel.  On shortwave, I'm finding it works better for eliminating man-made noise and peaking signals to some degree.  I started out with this setup for medium wave DXing but I'm finding decent results on the lower shortwave bands too. 

1710 at my location is usually a weak Radio Soleil.  I've heard some Spanish underneath it at times, but have never been able to ID it.  Soleil has an internet stream making their weak signal easy to ID.

BTW, Greek and Serbian stations use the 1700-1750 range frequently, often with quite high power (5kW or more).  I have heard and confirmed Radio B-52 from Greece on 1710.

Interesting information - about the power they use over there.  I'll have to pay more attention to the upper end of the band, or at least look for their carriers.  Speaking of carriers, I have the Perseus zoomed in tight on 1710 khz and I'm counting about 5 carriers on the waterfall display: 1709.94, 1709.98, 1709.99, 1710.01, 1710.03 & 1710.07 - the strongest are 1709.98 & 1710.03

North American MW Pirate Radio / Re: 1710 khz AM - "The Big Q"
« on: November 19, 2010, 0136 UTC »
I've posted some audio clips of "The Big Q" (or Big Cube?) - it's not what I normally hear on 1710 and I haven't heard it since:

1710 khz The Big Q Clip 1
1710 khz The Big Q Clip 2
1710 khz The Big Q Clip 3
1710 khz The Big Q Clip 4

HF Beacons / Beacon "AZ" 4094.36
« on: November 18, 2010, 0341 UTC »
Strong right now in west michigan @ 0330 UTC, measures 4094.36 khz, "AZ" repeated.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Outhouse Radio 6925 usb
« on: November 12, 2010, 0200 UTC »
6925 USB

0148 UTC - Megadeth "Foreclosure of a Dream"
0151 UTC - "Outhouse Radio" electronic voice ID
0152 UTC - Song "Butcher, Faker, Policy Maker"
0156 UTC - "Outhouse Radio" electronic voice ID
0156 UTC - Megadeth "Hello Me, It's Me Again..."
0201 UTC - Another Megadeth tune
0205 UTC - Metallica "Sanitarium"
0208 UTC - Song interrupted with someone saying "Welcome home...<laughter>...Frickin Sanitarium!"
0209 UTC - Off air or lost due to noise

Lots of noise on the band tonight making reception tough here.

North American MW Pirate Radio / 1710 khz AM - "The Big Q"
« on: November 06, 2010, 1033 UTC »
I'm assuming this is a pirate and not a part 15 AM station due to references of the movie Pirate Radio.  Has anyone else heard this station before?  A Google search turned up only one other logging by another mystified MW DXer.

1710 khz UNID "You're listening to the the midnight man on the Big Q" -
UTC 0940-1033+ 11/6/2010 - I'm hearing an oldies stations here playing
1960s/1970s stuff with announcements between songs like "You're
listening to the Big Q".  Very good signal right now at S7 way over
Radio Soleil with slight warble to audio.  Songs heard include Beach
Boys "Help me Rhonda", Temptations "My Girl" sung by gravely voiced guy,
"Chantilly Lace", etc.  Ad for "GE Super Radio on eBay" and other
weirdness.  The announcer mentioned something about the movie "pirate
radio" and said it had nothing on his operation.  Pirate? Part 15? Don't
know!  Very professional sounding.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: KARR Mobil radio 6.940USB
« on: November 06, 2010, 0143 UTC »
Strong into Michigan starting out, but signal got worse throughout the broadcast. 6940 khz USB

0038 UTC - ID: "You are listening to KARR Mobile Radio" and into new song - Iron Maiden?
0049 UTC - SSTV image, back into hard rock music.
0051 UTC - Megadeath "Foreclosure of a Dream".
0054 UTC - Megadeath "Hello Me, It's Me Again".
0059 UTC - ID: "This is KARR Mobile..." and into new Megadeath song.
0109 UTC - SSTV image - signal has faded to just below noise floor now.
0110 - 0113 UTC - no signal heard.
0113 UTC - Police with song "Every Little Thing is Magic".
0120 UTC - Police song "Roxanne".
0121 UTC - New song begins Red Hot Chili Peppers "Californication".
0126 UTC - New song begins but signal too weak to ID.
0130 UTC - Signal lost.

PLS QSL to kilokat7 (gmail.com), audio available upon request.  Thanks for the broadcast!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Wolverine Radio 6925U marathon
« on: November 02, 2010, 1248 UTC »
Heard also in Michigan during this time with a weak signal.  Wolverine usually comes in strong here but they were fairly weak during this broadcast.  I also heard the live comments between songs, but I couldn't tell if this was from another op since the audio was very faint.  The signal peaked slightly for this SSTV capture at the end of the show:

HF Beacons / Re: BA 6841 loud right now
« on: November 02, 2010, 0441 UTC »
BA is also doing well into Michigan tonight, 0427 UTC right now.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Radio Face de Blatte 6505 usb
« on: November 02, 2010, 0017 UTC »
Hi, my first post here.  Many thanks for the tip last night.  I heard them well in western Michigan and just received an e-QSL for the reception report that I emailed last night.

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