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19.12 UTC classic spheric rock
19.16 UTC ID jingle HOT Radio
19.23 UTC music, illegible
19.25 UTC again HOT Radio jingles
19.25 UTC The Blizzard & Daniel Van Sand feat. Julie - Made For You (Club Mix)
19.31 UTC HOT Radio jingle again, into Ofra Haza - Yerushalayim
19.36 UTC close down

weak but audible in NW Germany

07.03 UTC Dawn - Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose
07.05 UTC English talk by OM
07.06 UTC music

weak in NW Germany

20.26 UTC carrier starts up and varied to about 6301.4 kHz
20.27 UTC The Rubettes - Sugar Baby Love
20.30 UTC The Rubettes - Juke Box Jive
20.33 UTC short pause, The Rubettes - You're The Reason Why
20.36 UTC The Rubettes - Julia
20.39 UTC The Rubettes - Baby I Know
20.43 UTC The Rubettes - Little 69
20.46 UTC The Rubettes - I Can Do It
20.49 UTC The Rubettes - Tonight
20.53 UTC The Rubettes - Ooh La La
20.56 UTC Announcements by man, but too bad modulation
20.59 UTC The Rubettes - Little Darling
21.00 UTC carrier only
21.02 UTC signal gone

Very VERY bad audio, distorted modulation, the announcement at 20.56 UTC was illegible, maybe a Dutch OP

I just received this information from the station Radio SE-TA2:

First of all, we would like to thank you again for the great response
to our programs in April. We were very pleased about every letter!
Please remain loyal to Radio SE-TA 2.
Our quarterly program series continues on July 3rd, 2021
with our one hour show called "Let's Go Rock'n Roll".
This time our program is from Nauen via the facilities of
MEDIA BROADCAST on 6095 kHz with a radiation power of 100 KW.
The reception area will be all of Central Europe.
Transmission time will be from 10.00-11.00 UTC (12.00-13.00 CEST).
Further transmission with the same airtime and frequency is:
Saturday, October 2nd, 2021
Your letters with comments, criticisms and reception reports
are welcome as always to:
Yours sincerely

again audible here now on 9289.7 kHz:
15.20 UTC Irwin Goodman - Poliisi On Pop
15.22 UTC Finnish announcement by Dick Spacewalker, e-mail: SpaceshuttleRadio@yahoo.com
15.23 UTC Edu Kettunen - Kone Älä Hyydy

SINPO 23322 now

09.04 UTC Dick announces 9290 kHz and Radio Spaceshuttle
09.06 UTC music
09.11 UTC American DJ gives 199 Caroline and jingle
09.11 UTC Gene Pitney - Backstage (I'm Lonely)
09.11 UTC Dick announces Spaceshuttle, Summertime Radio
09.16 UTC ID, 9290, Caroline info, 50 watts, e-mail given
09.17 UTC Instrumental
09.20 UTC Caroline 199 recording continues, American DJ
09.21 UTC Interview with The Beatles
09.27 UTC many HAPPY BIRTHDAY Caroline annoucements, 199

weak in NW Gernmany, deep fading

15.53 UTC Dutch aanzegger, Studio Continental (100% ID), Dutch talk,
15.53 UTC Wilmari's - Goudblond Haar En Blauwe Ogen
15.57 UTC Apollo Trio - Een Avond Om Nooit Te Vergeten
15.59 UTC Jovink & The Voederbietels - Brommers Kieken

so I guess lateron it was still Studio (Radio) Continental, when you were listening!

@ Ray, no doubt now Radio Barones is on 6270 now!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

edit by Ray : that was a report for Continental, but posted somewhat late,
as a reply to UNID 6270 AM 1621 UTC
I split it and rename it Continental., although the last two lines wera added later,
when 6270 was relaying Barones.
From other reports, Continental was already on 6270 at 1510 utc

14.30 UTC The Searchers - When You Walk In The Room
14.31 UTC jingle "319",  First Choice- Doctor Love
14.34 UTC The Beatles - Ticket to Ride
14.37 UTC Albert Hammond - I'm A Train
14.41 UTC laughing, children... Herman's Hermits - A Must To Avoid
14.43 UTC KC & The Sunshine Band - That's The Way I Like It
14.46 UTC Johnny Otis - Telephone Baby
14.48 UTC Maxine Nightingale - Right Back Where We're Started From
14.51 UTC The Fortunes - This Golden Ring
14.54 UTC Ike & Tina Turner - Nutbush City Limits
14.56 UTC Arthur Conley - Sweet Soul Music, sign off after some chords
quite good here in NW Germany, good audio too!

13.37 UTC comedy, male announcer
13.50 UTC short ID by OM Truth Radio International, about correct English language
13.51 UTC combat conditions after 2nd WW, Vietnam,..., post traumatic...disorder
13.54 UTC change of the names and meanings
13.57 UTC exeptional, laughing, applause... no more old people, "senior citizen", 90 years young
13.59 UTC big applause, trailer music outro, name of a man, Needlehoffer, comedy continued

strong on an NE US KiwiSDR run by K1RA, Warrenton, VA

15.45 UTC music detected (I got the song and the artist 100% - just an info for the OP ;-)
15.52 UTC another song
15.56 UTC faded away
16.00 UTC returning, but 2 weak to identify the record
18.00 UTC still on, but only a carrier to be seen

very weak in NW Germany, but I made a recording of the song when peaking in, SINPO 13222

08.00 UTC IDs and Intro, Astrovoid - Ocean Jewel
08.05 UTC Orleya - I'm Waiting For Love
08.18 UTC ID by OM, e-mail radiovoyager@hotmail.com
08.18 UTC slow piano sound
08.22 UTC Andy Stone & Kat Zero - Alive

very good reception in NW Germany this morning

05.27 UTC Magazine 60 - Pancho Villa (Star de Cantina), laughing
05.29 UTC male announcer, spanish or spanish dialect?, illegible
05.30 UTC another song, sounded a bit like Mick Jagger/The Rolling Stones
but illegible after some more seconds and signal vanished into space

very weak here in NW Germany, I detected the signal late in my recordings
Please e-QSL to my addy and thanks for the broadcast!

05.04 UTC OM shouting
05.05 UTC OM shouting Voice Of Pancho Villa,... talk, music
05.06 UTC broadcasting live, audience rumours, laughing
05.07 UTC talk about a special place in Pennsylvania
05.08 UTC Happy birthday song shortly, laughing, PA mentioned again
05.09 UTC Pancho has trouble... Glenn Hauser speaks?
05.10 UTC Mexican, guitar sound, ID Voice Of Pancho Villa, tells a story
05.11 UTC off, into WWCI ? programming, about Glenn Hauser again
05.14 UTC laughing hasta la vista, latin guitar sound
05.14 UTC ID by YL?, address given at ...voiceofpanchovilla@yahoo.com (unsure)
05.15 UTC address announcements mixed on and on
05.17 UTC FGTH - Relax (special mash-up version)
05.20 UTC Arthur Benson - Mariachi Monday, my name is Pico, doing radio
05.21 UTC free f...ing radio form, about Mr. Sycko?
05.22 UTC he's gone now... music: Little Island Leap - Going At It Again
05.23 UTC OM with announcement: I'm a human radio station, talk about DJs

very nice on the Eastern WebSDR of K1RA, Warrenton, VA
Please e-QSL to my addy, thanks for the interesting broadcast!

04.50 UTC talk detected
04.53 UTC Pennsylvania, guitar sound, Pancho Villa, strange laughing
04.57 UTC about DX club, shortwave propaganda BC out of Kulpsville? screaming people
04.58 UTC Mexican guitar music, screaming people, DJ thanked, enjoy and good DX
Hasta La Vista, music continues, for QSL reception reports... yahoo.com e-mail address
04.59 UTC we are broadcasting on several frequencies... USA mentioned
05.00 UTC OM is shouting and guitar music
05.01 UTC sign off

very weak in NW Germany, took a recording and checked for more details
direct reception btw! Thanks for this broadcast, please e-QSL to my addy!

09.39 UTC The Monkees - Last Train To Clarksville
09.41 UTC Carmine & Francis Coppola - Suzie Q
09.44 UTC OM in German, SRS Deutschland address given
09.45 UTC Gianna Nannini - Un Ragazzo Come Te
09.48 UTC Tina Turner - I Can't Stand the Rain
09.58 UTC DJ Jens Martin announced Benelux test, Candy Dulter - Lily Was Here
10.01 UTC Jingle "Hello Radio Benelux", Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You
10.06 UTC Joe Cocker - You Can Leave Your Hat On
10.11 UTC Jingles, The Who - I'm A Boy
10.12 UTC QSY to 6240 kHz
10.13 UTC Station IDs, non stop music announced, SRS Germany maildrop for reports
10.15 UTC Falco - The Sound Of Music
10.18 UTC Benelux jingles
10.20 UTC OP said testing on 48, Chicken Shack - I'd Rather Go Blind
10.22 UTC asking for reports to SRS Deutschland, Radio Benelux, Postfach 10 11 45, D-99801 Eisenach, Germany
10.24 UTC jingles, ID, Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing
10.30 UTC new rock song, Lady Of Spain?
10.34 UTC Shakin' All Over
10.36 UTC Announcer in German, The Rattles - The Witch started in the background

The OP just told me, they use only 15 watts mobile, no e-mail access for QSLs, only snail mail

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