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01.58,5 UTC sign on with Russian anthem
02.00 UTC DW and comrade are talking, RFW ID
02.45 UTC Depeche Mode - Precious (without Shazam, hi!)
still audible until later than 03.00UTC

RFW again here at my Perseus SDR, SINPO 23322
in NW Germany. Thanks DW for yet another monster show!

01.56 UTC Ozzy Osbourne - I don't know, deep fading then
02.25 UTC music again
02.31 UTC SSTV tones, but not to be decrypted here
02.35 UTC music

via tonight's Perseus SDR recording in NW Germany, but
too weak to catch more details today, maybe the station wasn't
on all the time?!

01.03 UTC Russian anthem
01.04 UTC talk by OM, clear Free Whatever heard
01.06 UTC trance music, like with a steel pan
01.12 UTC female singer
01.20 UTC talk by OM
02.33 UTC New Order - Blue Monday
still audible until about 03.40UTC

Thanks for the show, DW of RFW, weak signal and audio
tonight on my Perseus SDR, but anyway always nice to have
you in NW Germany again!

00.50 UTC carrier appeared on screen (see my picture)
00.52 UTC music heard, but illegible, faded out
01.00 UTC about “Crystal”, American Next Top Hookers (!) adverts, rock song
01.09 UTC Silversun Pickups – Panic Switch (by Shazam)
01.11 UTC clear WREC ID and e-mail address wrecradio@gmail.com
01.13 UTC promotion about clout – “It’s in the clout” by YL, faded out
01.20 UTC Judas Priest – Head Out On The Highway (by Shazam)
01.22 UTC comedy radio play heard
01.24 UTC final words, bye byes by YL, close down and carrier off

Good morning PJ Sparx, had you on my tonight's Perseus SDR recording!
Weak signal here in NW Germany on 6976.7kHz, SINPO 13221.
Thanks for your show and please QSL to my e-mail!

QSLs Received / Re: Wolverine Radio eQSL's NOT!
« on: May 15, 2016, 0823 UTC »
I received my WDDR eQSL also. Thank you very much, whoever you are! :)

00.32 UTC Linkin' Park . Burn It Down
00.34 UTC CCR - Bad Moon Rising
00.37 UTC music, unknown to me
00.45 UTC REO Speedwagon - Time For Me 2 Fly
00.56 UTC Don McLean - American Pie
01.15 UTC The Eagles - Hotel California
01.22 UTC BID ID and announcement, Linkin Park shortly
01.24 UTC Bob Seeger song Night Moves?!
01.29 UTC Coldplay - Yellow
better propagation at the end of the recording, nice audio then too

Had this one too on my SDR recorder in NW Germany, SINPO 24322 here
Thanks a lot for your music show! Please QSL to my e-mail address, BID!
I'm still awaiting your QSL of my March 6th early morning report via K2SDR.

23.40 UTC male singer with Proud Mary (gospel style)
23.42 UTC Delilah, applause at the end
23.46 UTC station ID by woman, male speaker
23.48 UTC rock music
23.51 UTC male talk, sounded like cows, Beastie Boys cover song
Fight For Your Right (to party)
23.54 UTC male DJ gave ID as Northwoods Radio
23.55 UTC Leningrad Cowboys - All We Need Is Love
23.58 UTC Leningrad Cowboys - Gimme All Your Lovin
00.01 UTC This is Northwoods Radio, e-mail address given! about
Leningrad Cowboys, I'm Jack..., LC - Knockin On Heaven's Door

direct reception in NW Germany, SINPO 23222
Thanks for the nice LC music, missed them! Please QSL to my E-mail address!

wow, I caught this one on my SDR receivers recording too:
23.52 UTC announcements heard
23.54 UTC unknown music heard
23.56 UTC Prince - Little Red Corvette (thanks to Shazam)
23.59 UTC Gruppo Sportivo - Tokyo
00.01 UTC Chuck Berry - My Mustang Ford
00.03 UTC announcemnets again, into music
00.08 UTC Janis Joplin - Mercedes Benz
00.19 UTC The Buick 55s - Buick 55
00.23 UTC CW McCall - Convoy
00.32 UTC sounded like Johhny Cash
00.48 UTC sign off (see pic below)

SINPO 23322 on my Perseus SDR receiver, quite nice in NW Germany
Please QSL OTCR or relayer, that would be very kind of you.

Other / Re: UNID 6964,813 AM 03:30 UTC 14 May 2016
« on: May 14, 2016, 1710 UTC »
Claudio, I had this one too in NW Germany, booming in S9+10,
could be of Chinese origin (but English (strange slang) talk, right!)

Italian KEY CHANNEL RADIO is on the air now until 00.00 UTC on 6920 kHZ AM.
Reports to the KCR Team at keyradioam@gmail.com

03.31 UTC heavy echo announcements by male DJ, some music in the background
03.32 UTC announcements as Doctor Tornado, giving station ID and "69-55"
03.33 UTC Radio Metallica Worldwide Shortwave, 69-55 powerhouse, piratestation of the nation
03.33 UTC from Radio Metallica Worldwide 69-55, see you later and.... sign off

Thanks a lot for the tip, Chris!
Had this one too on my SDR recorder in NW Germany, SINPO 24322 here
My first RMWW catch after decades! I hope they will return somehow or other!
Please QSL to my e-mail address, Dr. Tornado!

just some parts of the show: first audio on 6935 USB detected at
00.07 UTC Pretenders - Don't Get Me Wrong
00.11 UTC hello there... to refmo and JoeFlips (!) into music
02.18 UTC Los Lonely Boys - Heaven
02.21 UTC announcer, about Drunken DJ Radio,
02.22 UTC about e-mail, real broadcast, offical QSL, nothing from me, request
02.24 UTC This is WDDR,  Drunken DJ Radio, laughing
02.25 UTC Garbage - Stupid Girl
02.28 UTC pause, Stephen Stills - Go Back Home
02.34 UTC snorts or farts?!, female computer ID WDDR, talk about last time
02.36 UTC Fine Young Cannibals - Good Thing
02.40 UTC announcements, about KiloKat
02.41 UTC SSTV picture (see below)
02.43 UTC announcements, WDDR, Drunken DJ Radio, Jingle
02.44 UTC Robert Cray - Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
02.49 UTC talk about record, Sheryl Crow - Can't Cry Anymore
03.36 UTC song - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
03.38 UTC final words, Token mentioned, hello to Steve...
03.39 UTC WDDR Drunken DJ Radio.... last words are WDDR and sign off

Wow, wow! Exceptional signal in NW Germany, SINPO always solid 34333
on my Perseus SDR recording here!

Thanks a lot WDDR for this marathon broadcast! Very nice to listen to!
Please QSL to my e-mail address, if possible! Thank you in advance!

Wolverine here as my tonight's SDR catch e.g.
01.42 UTC Neil Young - Heart Of Gold
01.44 UTC station ID Wolverine Radio, another song
01.47 UTC male singer:"Ain't No Love..."
01.51 UTC Little Feat - Straight From The Heart (my favorite tonight)
01.56 UTC Station ID Wolverine Radio, Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart
02.09 UTC SSTV signals with Scottie 1 (weird reception then, see below)

SINPO was from 23222 up to 33333 here, solid for US stuff!
Thanks Wolverine Radio for providing this "Heart" program to us!

23.22 UTC detected carrier on 6925,045 kHz AM, start of my audio-file, listen!
23.23 UTC CW tones heard by invalid to identify in whole
23.25 UTC station ID by male DJ, CWCW, country sound, male singer
23.30 UTC new song heard, male singer
23.38 UTC station ID and e-mail address heard
23.42 UTC C&W song, male singer
23.45 UTC another C&W song, male singe
23.48 UTC announcement about someones death?!, new song C&W

SINPO 23222, quite solid for US reception

Thanks CWCW for the show and please QSL to my e-mail address.

00.15 UTC music and talk, but illegible
00.17 UTC man gave station ID as RADIO CINCO DE MAYO, e-mail given; spanish
00.18 UTC Pat Boone - Speedy Gonzales
00.21 UTC The Champs (thanks to Shazam) - Tequila
00.22 UTC announcements again and into music
00.23 UTC usual deeper fading now

detected on my Perseus SDR tonight in NW Germany,
solid signals here tonight, SINPO 23222

Thanks fo this interesting station. Please QSL to my e-mail addy
but I will write a written report too within the next coming days!

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