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Late posting here...too busy yakking in the chat room last night amidst a backdrop of Wolverine and occasional skirmishes over to 6965 to hear what DJ Dickweed was playing. Listened back this morning on the SCR***  but the songs were the same as last night in real time ;). Killer S9+10 with the "Feel" theme and superb audio. RFW was right up there with a solid S9, so the heavy hitters were squared up in their corners....watch out Wolverine...DJ Dickweed has that new amp...

***(Skipmuck's Cassette Recording ;D)

QSLs Received / Re: The Ghost Shortwave
« on: May 17, 2015, 1152 UTC »
Here also...thanks Shortwave Ghost! Nice graphics!

Nice S5 signal here at 1125 UTC with "Knocking On Heavens Door"-cover version
1129 UTC "These Boots Were Made For Walking"-UNID cover version
1133 UTC "Sweet Home Alabama"-cover version
1136 UTC Loon call, then lady announcer "Northwoods Radio", loon call
               followed by "Kashmir"-cover version (strange version indeed!)
1141 UTC "Rocking in the Free World"-cover version (Thanks for the name of the
               group Harry S!)
1146 UTC Loon call, then OM with "This is Northwoods Radio", loon call, then OM with "Broadcasting freedom from the great lakes". This was followed by some brief CW then SSTV
1151 UTC Off after SSTV

Great to hear you again Northwoods Radio! Thank you for the Sunday morning show :)....time to get out to the yard now and get some work done :(

Thanks for posting the SSTV textim! Not equipped for such high tech things like that yet  ::)
1219 UTC S4 now amidst the noise with a bluesy sounding folk song man singer ending, into a bluesy piano intro tune man singer (whatever that means!)
Hmm...it means honky tonk piano!
1224 UTC Swamp sounding rock tune reminiscent of CCR
1228 UTC "Ride Sally Ride"-UNID version(Maybe Wilson Pickett?)
1232 UTC UNID pop tune man singer(signal just jumped to S6!)
1235 UTC Loon call, then YL with "This is Northwoods Radio"....short chat including email address... northwoodsradio@gmail.com
1236 UTC A Johnny Cash sounding song
(The theme seems to be driving songs here 8))
1239 UTC Funky sounding tune...hmmm "Car Wash" ;D
1243 UTC Signal just hit the skids...fading in and out of the noise now
1250 UTC Bit and pieces of "Roll On Down the Highway?"-BTO
1254 UTC "Hot Rod Lincoln"-Commander Cody
1258 UTC Loon call, then YL with ID, some brief CW, then some chat by OM, loon call then OM with "Northwoods Radio broadcasting freedom from the Great Lakes"
1259 UTC OFF?

Thanks for the "On the Road" theme show NR! Now I really got to do some yardwork.....

0004 UTC Blasting in here at S9+10 with Spanish trumpets ablazing and men singing and letting out whoops
0006 UTC Man announcer in Spanish with a mouthful of Espanol including a nice ID as "Radio Cinco de Mayo", into some more Spanish music with trumpets ablazing :)
0011 UTC Man announcer in Espanol... radiocincodemayo@gmail.com  "Si senor", into a Spanish tune spelling out a word in Spanish...hmmm
0014 UTC Man announcer with ID "Radio Cinco de Mayo...Cinco de Mayo, Cinco de Mayo", into more musica en Espanol with whoops, guitars, and trumpets
0016 UTC Man announcer with several ID's in Spanish and email address (sounded like a bit of reverb or something on that ID, then song by Lady Singer that the boys in the chat say is Gloria Estefan
0020 UTC OFF

Thanks for the show,
   Cinco de Mayo,  :)

I'm getting some fair but clear audio at 2351 UTC with UNID rock tune...S3 amidst some static bursts on 6299.6 KHZ AM
2356 UTC Man announcer chatting...something about not being registered on ? said "here's one of my old favorites, into UNID tune at 2357 UTC
0034 UTC Solid S4 signal here now above the noise with Irish pop tune?
0040 UTC Man announcer talkover beginning of another Irish pop tune
0044 UTC Song sounding like John Lennon tune
0051 UTC Sounds like a Green Day tune
0056 UTC Man announcer then a rather unusual sounding song
0005 UTC Man announcer then "This Guys In Love With You"-instrumental
0011 UTC OFF

"Running Down a Dream"-Tom Petty ending at 2303 UTC, into "Friend of the Devil"-Grateful Dead
2313 UTC email address shortwaveghost@outlook.com then Stevie Ray Vaughn tune
Solid S7 AM signal here with excellent audio...much better than my last logging :)
2319 UTC ID "Ghost Shortwave", then "You Shook Me"-Muddy Waters perhaps?
2337 UTC I'm measuring frequency as 6925.3 at the moment

S7 here through the noise at 2258 UTC with "Shout"-Isley Brothers
2301 UTC "I Can't Help Myself"-Four Tops
2303 UTC "Land of a Thousand Dances"-Wilson Pickett
2306 UTC "Rainy Day Woman #13 and 35"-Bob Dylan
2310 UTC "Aquarius/Let the Sunshine"-Fifth Dimension
2315 UTC "Sweet Home Alabama"-Lynyrd Skynyrd
2319 UTC OFF
Thanks for the tunes whoever! Audio sounded really great :)
2331 UTC Back on again with a man announcer intro to a funky sounding UNID electronica dance tune with a great lead guitar solo
2334 UTC UNID dance tune with man talkover at intro
2337 UTC Man announcer...(Radio Mirror Park!) then UNID dance tune
2341 UTC Man announcer with..."I'm DJ George and I'm glad to expose you to some of this music....Don't make fun of someone for not knowing these bands", then UNID electronica dance tune
2345 UTC Ditto 8) (Sounds like a relay of an FM or webstream...signal is a solid S4 above the noise, but not as strong as my earlier logging here)
2349 UTC Man announcer then UNID song lady singer
2351 UTC OFF abrupt during song
Hmmm....time to listen back on the recording ???
0002 UTC Back on again...ID at 2314 UTC "This is Radio Mirror Park"

This is where it comes from 8) http://gta.wikia.com/Radio_Mirror_Park

General Radio Discussion / Re: Art Bell Returns (Again)
« on: May 15, 2015, 0056 UTC »
Itís unlikely Iíll go through the trouble of tuning my shortwave receiver just to recreate the experience.


QSLs Received / Re: WREC eQSL
« on: May 14, 2015, 2130 UTC »
Very happy to receive this awesome QSL in my in box today :) Thank you very much Mr. PJ Sparx!

Been listening since 0045 UTC to the usual mix of tunes my ears have not encountered previously...keep 'em coming XLR8! Signal was only S4 earlier, but up to S7 at 0115 UTC. Sounding really good now through the stereo! NRD now on timer so I can listen and read myself to sleep to the sounds of "Accelerate" :)

Good signal here at 2341 UTC with "Friend of the Devil"-Grateful Dead, 2344 UTC UNID folk rock tune. After difficulty tuning around the ute, I have this best at 6950.1ish USB.
2349 UTC Man announcer gave an email address ID twice but I'll have to listen back on the recording. Followed by an UNID blues rock tune
(Thanks for the ID Chris L!)
2355 UTC ID by accented OM "Shortwave Ghost", followed by "You Shook Me Babe"-Muddy Waters?
2359 UTC UNID rock tune
0003 UTC email given twice by OM  shortwaveghost@outlook.com then UNID rock tune, then song "Roll With My Baby"?
0011 UTC email address, then Jimi Hendrix tune
Solid S8 during song that started at 0016 UTC :)
0019 UTC Blues Rock tune...voice sounds familiar! (lyrics...my babe bought a ticket) Hmmm...Robert Cray Band?
0026 UTC "Into The Great Wide Open"-Tom Petty
0030 UTC "Still Got the Blues For You"-Gary Moore
(Frequency drifting a bit...6949.2ish now)
0036 UTC email by OM given twice, then OFF

Thanks for the blues tunes this evening Shortwave Ghost!

The telltale thump thump is just above the noise here at 0055 UTC with a little bit of moog sounding tuneage :)
0105 UTC A kind of angry sounding fast thump thump tune fading in well above the noise

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: unid: 6930, 5/11, 0125+
« on: May 11, 2015, 0134 UTC »
Carrier noted here also at 0130 UTC but no audio noted. Seems to be gone now at 0134 UTC

Soviet Anthem at 0005 UTC
0007 UTC DJ Dickweed with MILF Day....testing new hardware tonight so it might blow up
Just after the end of Blue Skies Mine-Midnight Oil, DJ Dickweed ID'd tunes, and the a couple of UH-OH's....then said to stand by....hope it didn't blow up dude!
0024 UTC Yep, we still hear ya!
0136 UTC Despite all the problems, you are still S7 here Dickweed! Don't burn down the bunker with that new hardware.... 8)

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