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Hovering around threshold level here at 0125 UTC tune in...first time I've heard this today at any level.  Lots of solar activity over the last 3 days might have something to do with poor prop for this...13 events...
  12-Jun-2014      2216Z      M3.1   
  12-Jun-2014      2113Z      M1.0   
  12-Jun-2014      2003Z      M1.1   
  12-Jun-2014      1813Z      M1.3   
  12-Jun-2014      1021Z      M2.7   
  12-Jun-2014      0937Z      M1.8   
  12-Jun-2014      0421Z      M2.0   
  11-Jun-2014      2103Z      M3.9   
  11-Jun-2014      0906Z      X1.0   
  11-Jun-2014      0809Z      M3.0   
  11-Jun-2014      0534Z      M1.8   
  10-Jun-2014      1252Z      X1.5   
  10-Jun-2014      1142Z      X2.2   

Fair copy here at 0043 UTC tune in with spacey background music and OM and YL announcers alternating with eerie mind control statements.
S5 signal peaks here.
ID at 0051 UTC
The most bizarre version of Que Sera, Sera by a YL singer I have ever heard in my life, with strange sound effects and talkover.
OM and YL addressing us "Citizens of Earth"
0004 UTC OM mention of the Crab Nebula and "Listen to your shortwave"
0110 UTC Final order of the evening...tomorrow is a new day...We're going back to the future...until the next time....the Overlord...
0111 UTC OFF
(Thanks for the evenings alteration OMCS! I will sleep on tonights broadcast and listen closely to my recording tomorrow for further indoctrination! :o )

I'm getting something here with signal just above the noise at 2340 UTC. OMCS? Sounds like some strange music and extraterrestrial sounds. Tough propagation with all these solar flares over the last few days. Possible man talking at 2351 UTC but not sure...could be pesky splash.
I think they signed off sometime around 2350 UTC and after that was pesky bleeding over from 6933 LSB as JFarley posted.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UnID, 6935U, 10 June 14
« on: June 10, 2014, 0048 UTC »
Caught the last minute of that with S9 signal here at 0034 UTC tune in. Eerie sounding electronic keyboard outro, then off at 0035 UTC. The audio was excellent USB pretty much dead on 6935 KHZ. Thanks for the posting EE!

S7 signal here at 0126 UTC tune in...man announcer with ID..."Man Cave Radio, into UNID C&W/folk tune. Using USB here as there is a slight buzz on LSB. Signal seems to have faded a bit into the noise...best now on LSB at 0135 UTC. Is there something else on the frequency?
0142 UTC ID? followed by another UNID C&W tune, possibly by the same artist? Switched back to USB as there is a het or whine on LSB. Signal just above the noise now.
I get nothing after 0145 UTC...off? Interesting...I had garbled reception in AM, but there seemed to be a slight trace of a carrier. Hmmm

S8 here at 0103 UTC. Prerecorded ID by lady announcer.."M-A-C", into swing/big band tune. Love those crackly sounding old records!
0109 UTC Jimmy Stewart chatting...live time check as 0111 UTC, email addy...closing down...MAC's theme song! Off after National Anthem at 0113 UTC

QSLs Received / Re: Left Lane Radio eQSL
« on: June 08, 2014, 1423 UTC »
Received mine also this morning...many thanks LLR OP! Drive RIGHTeously!

Nice vocal IS you got there Wolverine! Colors are definitely the theme here tonight....thanks for Roy Orbison and Blue Bayou....the best! S9+ since 0139 UTC
EDIT: Special thanks for the early Nils Lofgren with Grin! I haven't heard White Lies on the radio in 30 years! How about Moon Tears or See What Love Can Do some day? :)

S7 here amidst lots of noise on 6951.1 KHZ with song ending at 0104 UTC, into a reggae tune. UNID song at 0108 UTC. Noise level seems to be increasing.
During the song at 0108 UTC, some test tones were heard, then sound was garbled. The carrier had disappeared and then audible in USB and LSB. Off at 0113 UTC.

Been listening to killer signal here since 0024 UTC tune in. Great audio and got to hear the new Black Keys tune, Weight of Love, which has some elements of Pink Floyd in it....nice guitar work too! Now, back to reading my old POP COMM's while I listen....

The Friendly Overlord granted me an email audience this morning with a declaration that "We were on, however, the plutonium underground must be jamming our signals. Not to worry, our triumphant return shall occur..."
And all along we have been believing these freebanders to be bored fisherman...we have been duped!

Fair copy here at 1035 UTC hovering around the noise floor with some kind of Cop/Detective drama. "Boston Blackie" and the Aggie Rogers Murder. 1050 UTC Signal peaking at S7 now with nice clear audio.

OPEN CARRIER very strong here at 0153 UTC on about 6949.3ish....possibly AM.
0155 UTC Soviet Anthem followed by DJ Dickweed!
0221 UTC Solid S9 here on the frontlines! (No storm static here tonight....blue sky and sunshine with occasional clouds was the order of the day. Last night was Space Warp with OMCS, tonight it's Time Warp with RFW....I have been altered and warped!)
0227 UTC "Mairzy Oats and Dozy Doats"
0235 UTC "Straighten Up and Fly Right"
0245 UTC Newsreel-Latest news on the Russian Front (history repeats itself!)

I think this was OMCS...I tuned in at 0113 UTC....man talking sounded just like last night with some strange music....off at 0120 UTC with email address(?) Just above the noise floor here with pesky QRM.

0044 UTC with S5 signal and some space funk instrumental music, XLR8 ID at 0047 UTC

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