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0000 UTC Nice S9+ signal here with an old 20's sounding tune-OM singers
0003 UTC Big band tune-OM singer with lyrics "Tomorrow, the day after today"
0006 UTC Big band tune-OM singer with lyrics "A Hundred Years From Today"
0009 UTC C&W tune-OM singer with lyrics "I don't care if tomorrow never comes"
0012 UTC Doo wop 50's tune with lyrics "Never today"
0014 UTC "Will You Love Me Tomorrow"-Shirelles
0017 UTC I don't remember this one...lyrics "Tomorrow too"
0019 UTC "Let's Live For Today"-Grassroots  :)
0022 UTC "More Today Than Yesterday"-Spiral Starecase
0025 UTC "Wait Till Tomorrow"-Jimi Hendrix
0028 UTC "Time Has Come Today"-Chambers Brothers
0032 UTC "Had to Cry Today"-Blind Faith
0042 UTC "A New Day Yesterday"-Jethro Tull
0046 UTC "Nothing To Do But Today"-Stephen Stills
0051 UTC "Tomorrow People"-Ziggy Marley

2313 UTC I have a carrier here directly with traces of music. Not enough audio to ID the song
2336 UTC Signal is solid above the noise now with an unid blues song-OM singer
2345 UTC OM with spoken word, but no luck on the copy, followed by another blues tune-OM singer with harmonica
2350 UTC Unid blues song with piano intro and OM singer (Signal up to a solid S7!)
2356 UTC Unid blues song

Here's my direct recording from 2346-0000 UTC:

0253 UTC Right at the noise floor here...OM talking but no joy on the copy
0255 UTC Instrumental music now with sound effects
0303 UTC "Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll"-Blue Oyster Cult (Above the noise floor now)

0319 UTC YL with "Pirate Radio...No rules, No direction, and no Protocol" over the unid music

0325 UTC Back to the noise floor

0219 UTC "Good Golly Miss Molly"-Little Richard (S9 peaks amidst light noise and fading with excellent audio)
0220 UTC "American Pie"-Don McClean
0228 UTC YL with ID and pin fall
0243 UTC "Me and Mrs Jones"-Billy Paul
0246 UTC "Mr Bojangles"-Jerry Jeff Walker?

0134 UTC Tough copy here with OM speaking, music, then more talk by YL and OM
0138 UTC "Pirate radio is a way of life but never take it for granted", then ID and email address for reports, into "Run Rudolph Run"
0142 UTC "Pirates for Peace" spot, into unid song
0145 UTC OM mentioning "States of Unrest" started the Pirates for Peace movement
0148 UTC Dr. Tim ID
0152 UTC "Little Drummer Boy"

0205 UTC OM with NAPRS ID and email, followed by SSTV, then OFF

Thanks for the Dr Tim rebroadcast!
Here's a link to my recording from 0144-0207 UTC:

0101 UTC Unid psychedelic tune-OM singer (S9 with light fading)
(Not sure of the genre here...I would call it "ambient doom rock"  8)
0110 UTC A very distorted CCR tune...fixed at the end
0112 UTC "Light My Fire"-The Doors
0116 UTC Sounded like an Easypal image...app not turned on here
0118 UTC "The Break Up Song"-Greg Kihn Band
0121 UTC "I'd Love to Change the World"-Ten Years After
0122 UTC "Hell Raiser" waterfall pic
0125 UTC "Evil Ways"-Santana
0129 UTC "In A Gadda Da Vida"-Iron Butterfly live

QSLs Received / Re: Artist Spotlight Radio QSL
« on: May 13, 2023, 0048 UTC »
Also received this cool looking eQSL...THANKS ASR!  8)

0013 UTC "Same Old Song and Dance"-Aerosmith (S9 with light fading and sounding good!)
0016 UTC YL with "This is ION Radio", followed by "One Way Out"-Allman Brothers Band
0026 UTC "Kashmir"-Led Zeppelin
0039 UTC "Who Are You"-The Who
0046 UTC "End of the Night"-The Doors

2335 UTC Unid electronic music with OM vocoder voice repeating something. Good signal marred by the Stanag signal on the high side.
2345 UTC OM with slowly spoken ID "You are listening to Artist Spotlight Radio", followed by more electronic progressive music-OM singer
2349 UTC Different song...not sure how to categorize this genre of music
2357 UTC OM with slowly spoken ID and name of artist "Sparks"
(I remember seeing these guys on Saturday Night Live in the early 1980's!)
0007 UTC OM with ID and "Tonights artist..Sparks", then OFF

Here's my recording of the show:

1422 UTC A story about a monkey and a little girl who steals the monkey's flowers? Story included a barber, coconut milk and also the monkey dropping coconuts on a panthers head. Rather odd! Signal was just above the noise.
1429 UTC OM with ID and today's date and closing announcement, then OFF

0536 UTC Hearing some weak audio...sounded like chimes or bells...Interval Signal?
0538 UTC Instrumental music right at the noise floor

Peskies / Re: Unknown 6958 USB 2358 UTC 11 May 2023
« on: May 12, 2023, 0130 UTC »
I'm no expert, whatsoever, but that recording of the two peskies from Skip sounds just like ones I pick up here all the time-- and I thought that was Portuguese (so they were likely from Brazil or the Azores). I could certainly be wrong, but wondering if anyone is a speaker of either or both language, and could weigh in, just for educational purposes. Thanks!


I am fluent in neither language, and with the noise and echo in the recording, I am not certain whether the 2 OM were speaking Spanish or Portuguese. I can usually tell the 2 languages apart from each other, but only in ideal circumstances.

S 7 to 9 on  peaks



The beeping noise you hear is from the Link-11 utility station on 6942.

No trace of a carrier or audio here...nada

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