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Other / Re: 17450 WhatzIT?
« on: June 22, 2020, 1612 UTC »
17450khz here in New Hampshire

0230z Signal has come up quite a bit better here in the New Hampshire seacoast. Just heard some Judas Priest followed by ID...  ;) S5-6 with stable audio now, pretty much.  Good job Sycko!

0059z ID and email xfmshortwave@gmail.com came on and went into some jamz S9+40 here in NH, USA

0139z ...still on and sounding very good into New Hampshire, USA. Hearing what sounds like calliope music with a beat...  ???

0025z Creedence Clearwater Revival, coming in at S8, New Hampshire.

0032z changed to USB...still playing CCR

0038z Hollies...

0040z ID'd as YETI Radio

0042z Scorpions...

2316z -not sure what song I'm hearing but the signal is very good at a solid S8-9 here in NH, USA by the sea.

0145Z Audio has gotten much louder and clearer here in NH, USA.  Still not sure which show is playing at the moment, but I'm listening. Glad to be able to hear such a great pirate station, and using USB instead of full AM to work around the QRM from the station just below 6770.

0007z Very faint music here in NH, USA but S9 signal... can't quite make out the audio.

0012z Audio getting better. ID'd as Capt. Morgan Radio.

0022z Signal seems to have disappeared.

UnID coming in at S7-8 here in NH, USA, playing some kinda old school jams... hold yo head up hooo

Very good signal at S9+10 into NH, USA and playing some classic rock

S9+ into NH by the sea... Very nice audio...

Un believable audio here in NH, USA!! S9+

Supa hot signal into NH, USA at S9+ 8)

Hey, I know it's your station and you can do whatever you want but don't screw up the songs and expect everyone to like it.  Maybe you don't care, maybe you do... I don't know, but I do know that messing up the songs SUCKS. FTW.

0028z, decent audio coming into NH, USA at S7~ with some rock music... Thanks for the show!

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