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XFM  6940 AM  0242+  JUN 01
Booming signal into Nebraska with very good audio fidelity.  Noise levels at time have hindered getting really good copy of the C-QUAM broadcast.
Shout-outs to various posters on HFU.
Playing lots of new music for me.
Really am enjoying this live broadcast.  Thanks, XFM.

WRR 6925 USB  *2330-0020*  MAY 31 - JUN 01
Strong signal/audio here in Nebraska.
Couple of songs w/yodelling with song(s) by Granpa Jones.
SSTV signal @2350 but not set up to copy.
More country music including "I'm Proud to an Okie from Muskogee(sp?)"
ID @ 0020 into s/off.
Sounded like some tech problems w/music players throughout program.

Hearing it here in eastern Nberaska @ 0030 June 01 on 6880 AM.
No clear copy at the moment.
Signal is deep in noise floor here; hoping reception conditions improve.
Cuaght an ID @ 0044 then either s/off or lost signal.

6925 AM   0435-0452+  May 31
Initially noisy conditions but signal slowly started to rise out of static here in Nebraska.  ~0447 heard a female singer followed by a clear ID @ 0452 as Radio True North into more female vocals.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Unid 6771.39 AM at 02:04
« on: May 31, 2014, 0425 UTC »
Also heard here in Eastern Nebraska @ 0356 on 6771 USB.  Initially sounded like a carrier but was able to hear music and voices in the noise floor.  Unable to make out any details because of faint signal.

XLR8 on 6925 USB 0105 - 0125+ May 31
Clear ID @ 0113 into Warren Zevon's "Excitable Boy." Playing music I mostly don't recognize.  Decent signal and audio slowly improving as local sunset approaches.

Whiskey Redneck Radio  (WRR) @0022-0105+ on 6925 USB (May 30) with booming signal into the Great Plains.
Multiple IDs from "The Temple of the Screaming Electrons."
Music by Hank Williams III, Jerry Reed, Sammy Hagar, Jim Croce, and others.
(Apologies if posted more than once.  Having some problems with posting tonight.)

Picked up from 0112-0235+ on 6950 USB on May 26.  Usyal good signal, audio, and great music selections.  Some songs were "My Heart Belongs to Daddy," "he Ain't Heavy (He's My Brother)," "Teach Your Children," and many others.  Incoming storm playing some havoc with signal fidelity. Thanks for another good show.

The Crystal Ship heard here in Nebraska  on 6876 AM from 0142-0204, May 28. Heavy static levels and incoming storm made copy very difficult.  Did manage to catch IDs around 0148 and 0200.  Reception further hampered by a nearby het forcing reception in LSB.  Hopefully, better conditions here next time.

Heard from 0038-0345 (s/off?) on 6920 USB. Restful ambient-like instrumental music.  Too bad noisy conditions at my location hampered its enjoyment.

UNID 6925 USB 0424-0450+ UTC May 24
Late log.  Was able to hear music barely audible in the noise floor.  Unable to copy anything because of poor conditions.

Renegade Radio  6935 USB  0208-0305+ UTC  May 25
Station ID with shout-outs to various posters on HFU.  Songs "Long Tall Glasses," "Arizona," "My Generation," "Lawyers, Guns, and Money," and more.
Heavy noise levels made copy difficult throughout broadcast.

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