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Topics - Ray Lalleu

0602 ending news bulletin, jingle ID, announcing 20 minutes of music without commercials
0618 music, 0621 short ID, more music

0555 music (Jean_Michel Jarre ?), 0556 clear ID, jingles,ID+hotmail, crossing het
freq. at first was 6209.95, but at 0600 was already 6209.84
0605 in a fade, 0610 back, music, but fading down again at 0613.
Station there every Sat and Sun. (local) morning, but almost never IDed here.
0615 music

retro music, 2042 series of IDs, etc
2140 fading down
2224 music, pseudo recorded announcement?, jazz ca 1930

Unid at 2054, Earth & Fire, various pop-rock tracks, 2103, on 6294,05 kHz
2105 greetings, said closing down,music
2110 off ?, 2112 back, but weaker,more ut.QRM

1325 music, 1327 IDs, C&W, exact fqy 6239.95
1333 relaying a country music show from USA
1408 now : accordion
1425 now French songs on 6242,7 kHz, DJ in French

1247 music, 1249 ID +e-mail, music
1311 IDs, music, 1221 talking, hl, music, on 6319.85

1029 ad for Bogusman and The Ghoul by Stream
1213 IDs in a row, etc, 1317 music, 1318 typical chat

2155 thinking it was still Oscar Zulu, (but probably not), music, QRM:Pescadores
2158 ID (no copy), 2204 again, Irish fiddler (jig), 2219 "I walk alone",
pops, IDs(no copy), Wooly bully, Help me Rhonda, Come on babe,
2238 King of the road, 2243 "Wedding bells"?, 2259 Johnny Cash ?,
2303 more C&W

2211 Unid, strong
AC-DC, seems overmodulated, 2213 audio break, back with maybe better sound
2220 ID, more rock, 2230 "Breaking the law", ID, music

2331 closing down ID, bye-bye (2336 gone)

2123 Unid, blank, then talking in spanish, into latino song (Mexican ?),
maybe a medley, including "La cucaracha" tune,
2129 presenting "Los Mariachis", reminds me of Radio Republica da Banana,
same medley again, 2135 same band, 2139 'ayayayayay' version of 'cucurucucu'....

2109 modern jazz
2110 talking about French and English, 'cul-de-sac' vs dead end road, and English words of common use in French
Hello Bogus: 'cul-de-sac' is just the very end without pass. The street without exit is called 'une impasse'.
2112 music, 2117 more talk,said Bogus again,music

2029 Hang on Sloopy
2030 Yellow River. fading up, short peaks to S5
2033 singer in English, 2037 Witch queen of New Orléans, 2039 "Sympathy"

Unid 2015 UTC (same ??? already at 1826)
Very weak, music, Dutch or German songs
2028 same kind, hard to hear

music, 2009 ID, "Queen of hearts", 2012 ID, more music

Was already on the air before 1500 UTC (after a few days off)

edit : sorry for the date, it was today, 11th of May

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