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Messages - Ray Lalleu

1853, on 6305,05 kHz, reggae/ska show, 1901 ID

At first sounding like some ut…
uhh.. that's beat box

1843 music, 1846 talking, .. this is Bogusman…, chatting 1848
2040 music, easy to hear (no more signal on 6320)
2043 chatting, 2045 music, some noise in the background
and now on 6325,1 kHz

talking in Dutch, Dutch music, 1742 off

1729 music (Shadows?), 1730 and talking, very weak \ much crashes , 1732 music and talking

(1738 gone)

1727 pop, 1728 Baccara "Yes sir…."

1735 gone, maybe to 6290 : pop

1744 now on 6285 (same ?)

1715 pops. (perhaps QSYed from 5850). Storm noise.

Unid extra weak at 1435, some music barely heard
1441 weak peak, music
1522 still on, but now audio can't break through increasing noise level
1545 same conditions
1705 audio at noise level

Unid very weak at 1346 with music
1426 peaking at times, speaking at other times…
1500 maybe a '3-1-9' added (not OK) above a relayed programme, music

1715 maybe gone to 5830 (5850 now : strong stanag)

Unid at 1314 UTC, very weak music.
1331 peaking, always RTTY on the L-side
1507 still on (1528 gone)

0717 music
0751 Relax :-(
0810 pop, on 6270,05 kHz, 0813 ID + contacts

heard at 0716, music with low level modulation, on 6209.9 kHz

0808 same problem, and a bit of (very slow) drifting

Usually identified as King SW every Sat and Sun mornings by DXers far away from Benelux. I get an ID only one or twice a year. Low power/light mod, some drifting and non stop music without any salient feature, in my sense, do not make a positive clue about the ID. And 6210 is sometimes used by other stations. So I leave that one as UNID. 

I'm not sure King SW is quite low power. Looking to various logs for many years now, I'm thinking that, above the slight mod level, most of the power is radiated at low angles, so there is something like a skip effect even when the propagation is good at short distance.

(already at 1703)
2252 music, DJ Mandy, ID, music

2217 music, 2218 trumpet (60's), jazz, 2221 ID, music
2224 ID again, said going to shut down, music

2227 off

2130 music:pop, weak, atmo crashes
2134 ID?? - - - Radio ??, more pop

2230 now very weak, becoming hard to hear, 2235 trace

2248 trace (weak carrier, no more audio heard)

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