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S9, in the noise a bit

0308z "It's All right Now"
0312z  pro marijuana song  ;D
0315z "Everybody must get Stoned"
0320z unid song
0323z rap song
0325z, ID Shortwave Ghost, comedy skit

Thanks for show!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6925 AM 0115 7/12/15
« on: July 12, 2015, 0129 UTC »
0127z, too much noise here, in and out. tough to copy

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6924 AM 0031 7/12/15
« on: July 12, 2015, 0033 UTC »
S9 Audio good, some fade

0033z, Blues
0036z, another tune, unid
0040z, ID, more blues
0044z, unid song
0047z, ID maybe, fading out on me
0050z, more Blues, Great music!
0053z, ID, email, captainmorganshortwave@gmail.com, more Blues.

getting much more noise, fade here

0100z, non-blues music
0103z, ID, "Walking on the Sun"
0106z, out

S9, noisy, signal fair

2349z, "She's got a ticket to ride"
2350z,  ID
2352z, "Ghost Riders in the Sky"
2356z, "Mustang Sally"
0000z, "Ride Captain Ride"
0004z,  unid song   

S7, noisy here, ok copy. slightly below 6935 kHz(?)

0007z, ID "Northwoods Radio", unid song
0016z, unid song
oo21z, Foghat "Slowride"
0022z, talking under slowride. hard to copy
0025z, ID, CW

tough copy here tonight. hard to tune you in.
good music. Thanks fer the show!

Utility / UNID Ham net, practice 6923USB 2327 UTC 7/11/15
« on: July 11, 2015, 2329 UTC »
Ham Net
have not ID'd net

in an out of the noise
old TV, radio skit

Equipment / LW/MW antenna for Kenwood R-2000
« on: July 10, 2015, 2115 UTC »
I would like to start DXing LW and MW with my Kenwood R-2000. A loop would be best I guess but don't know much about them. My radio has SO239
antenna connection. Doesn't have internal mw/lw ferrite antenna if i'm not mistaken. I have 100' longwire I use on SW but probably not good for LW.

Loop antennas need to be rotated?
Indoors or outdoors?
Active or passive?
Feed line?

What should I try to hear on LW? Euro broadcast,
Best time of day, year to listen?
Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks, Don, flexoman61

Voice of Hope
Good signal
In Chinese, Cantonese
Taiwan Transmitter, unsure of power

Sign off 1700z

A fun DX catch

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Radio Kuwait 15540 kHz 1800-2100z
« on: July 07, 2015, 0419 UTC »
Thanks for input, too bad for Radio Kuwait.
I got a QSL card from them last year, nicest QSL
card I ever got. Its big, about 6x9, embossed,  gold leaf stamping and quality paper stock. I've run printing presses for 30 years and these QSL cards
are expensive to make . Glad I got it when i did.

Shortwave Broadcast / Radio Kuwait 15540 kHz 1800-2100z
« on: July 06, 2015, 1841 UTC »
Has anyone in the US picked up  Radio Kuwait lately 15540 kHz, 1800-2100z?
I havn't heard them since last summer. There scedule is still the same, just don't here them any more.
Not a bad station, in English on this time slot. Decent music.

0021z,song "Mrs. Robinson" S5 in the noise here

0123z, S9, noise, comedy skit
0127z, nirvana ( with meat puppets) unplugged, lake of fire
0130z, ID addresses for reports
0133z, comedy skits
0136z, ID, fireworks injury skit 911 call
o138z, signing off with music, comedy
0143z, out. great show!

good signal, S9+20 at sign off

thanks for the show!

0046z, yanking headphone cord, S9 good signal
0049z, talking about fear in the media
0052z, music
0056z, ID radio free whatever,  Spiders from mars
0059z, music by Humble braggers
0102z, ID, huffing paint, Stavins shingles, not herpes, right Stavin!
0105z, Be my lover
0109z, ID, music
0116z, ID, song dandelion

S9 noisy, Radio skit

0002z, whole lotta shaken going on, blue suede shoes
0006z, address, reception reports, Al Underwood...
0015z, Eric Burdon
0020z, more reception reports, QSLs
0023z, Van Morrison, "The Days before Rock and roll"
0028z, address, ID Pirate Radio Boston
0030z, sign off

Thanks for the show Charlie!

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