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Big signal, S9+15

0156z S9+10
0159z SSTV
0210z 'lectric guitar, loud
0219z SSTV S9
0220z CW

2218z S9 sometimes +10, nice.
2256z S9+10
2301z S9+10 station ID

General Radio Discussion / Re: Voice of Greece Shut Down March 31?
« on: February 11, 2022, 2123 UTC »
Very disappointing if this ends up happening.  One of my favorites.

2056z S8 signal, nice job
2058z WTF ID, now S9
2105z WTF ID

RRI English Broadcast 2130-2200z.
Western Europe Frequency 7375  SINPO 54344
North America East Coast 6170 SINPO 34534
The published 7310 has not been heard the times I've listened

Other / Re: WA3UKC 7200 LSB 27 May 2021 CQ With Recorded YL Voice
« on: February 07, 2022, 1739 UTC »
Heard today again at 1738z on 7200.

Utility / Re: 18030U
« on: February 07, 2022, 1700 UTC »

Unid station in AM mode playing music.  Right at noise floor.  Was on 6925.
2359z carrier still present, cannot hear any audio
0009z. Still there with music
0023z still there in AM mode at noise floor

ID by Charlie donít surf.

2213z CNR ID, S8/-79dBm
2222z CNR request lines open.   
2301z Off?
2359z back at S8?
0004z Fleetwood Mac, Borat sound in middle of song
0006z UNID song, band condx changing
0009z off?

SSTV and the music.  Signal up and down, currently S9 at 2317z
2339z Electronic music at S9/-73dBm
2348z. Off?

2244z S9 "ready to have some jostling here on the high seas of pirate radio"
2321z S9 fake buzzer covering music
2323z Zeeky getting hammered by noise generator
2324z Aerosmith
2327z S9 Zeeky talk and HFU shoutouts
2335z S9 Cranberries - Zombie

2102z S8 signal here
2117z S7 Tambourine Man
2120z CNR ID
2128z CNR ID
2145z Kid Rock - Cowboy
2156z CNR ID S9

From the other thread:
0029z S9 signal
0032z RATM
0035z moved to 6895
0039z back to 6900
0040z Hmm, IDing as CPR, something Pop Radio.
0042z S9+10
0046z, CTR?, then Limp Bizkit
0049z Clear Talk Radio, then Godsmack
0101z still S9+10, but audio is sometimes difficult to understand
0108z RHCP
0111z wideband jamming getting louder
0112z NUgent
0114z, song stop OTA?, peskies at noise level

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