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1858z now on 14323 Khz

2015z very weak, numbers. Using East Coast SDR.
2017z off?
now CW on 6955.5
digital mode

2323z S7 to S9 signal
2340z WDOG ID and into an REM song
2258z still nice signal S7 to S9
0014z this has been solid s7 to s9 the whole time.  4 megs doing well.  Thanks for the show.
0019z Hey Jude S9

2220z S9 signal
2234z S9 signal.  WDOG ID and then MIA song

Utility / Re: Have the EAM's gone MIA?
« on: November 28, 2022, 2156 UTC »

2320z S9 on the relay.  Listening here now from 6950 (S7).
2341z S8 signal.  6950 is at the noise level.  Thanks for the relay!

2304z S9 signal
2310z DJDW at S7

2255z S9 signal with fading

2232z  The Doors at S9
2249z still S9
2309z ID x2.  Didn't get it. Donut Radio?
2328z ID
2332z off?

Utility / Re: UNID net 6981 USB 8 Sept 2022 0215 UTC
« on: November 20, 2022, 2228 UTC »
CFARS net going on 2227z.  Talking about the station on 6960.   Once that went off the air, they switched to channel Xray, which is 6961.

2020z S7 signal
2022z off, and then back

17830 S9 signal
21630 S7 signal

1437z S7 signal
1441z abruptly off
1442z back on
1445z ID
1510z down to s5 signal
1511z off

2232z S8 signal, with some neat music

Amateur Radio / Re: Snotty Hams
« on: November 12, 2022, 2144 UTC »
That website forum is an echo chamber of narcissistic richards.

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