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Looks like a Relay might be in their future.  Just a thought..


General Radio Discussion / Re: Pirate radio laws outside the US
« on: June 10, 2020, 1826 UTC »
It would be so fun to be able to pirate 24/7 and maybe even have commercials to make money

There are many pirates on FM in the US that do operate 24/7 and sell commercials to local businesses at a much lower rate than Licensed stations.  The ones that run a tight ship have operated for years Until there were enough complaints from Licenced Broadcasters to send in the Marshalls to take their equipment and take them off the air.  Others get the Knock much sooner if they run Splatter Boxes.


02:00z   Whiter shade of Pale  Procol Harum   Signal is s9 +60   But I'm in the transmitter plant..   Thanks for inviting us to join tonight's Broadcast


Interesting failure analysis.. Nicely done..   But.. the design is basically a hobbyist kit and well... you know how that can go...   Now that you know the shortfalls I'm sure you can fix it yourself and improve the basic design and share your findings with other who also bought this Tx so they can also benefit from it.   Now if you want Broadcast Quality... I know a guy..

caveat emptor


02:44z   Metric Synthetica      Great audio but lots of noise at my QTH  S7 - S9
03:00z   BOC    Godzilla
03:25z   Redhat on mic ID.     Signal holding out still s7 - s9   But I'm fading out.
03:27z   White Reaper   You Might be Right.
04:06z   Heart   Straight On.   Signal has faded out to noise level before I did.

Thanks For the Broadcast Redhat..   

Looks like it's not a good night.  Prop is good thought I would be doing better.   Thanks Everyone for tuning in.

Part 15 AM and FM Station Operation / Re: Part 15 AM and FM
« on: May 27, 2020, 1858 UTC »

I'm just doing a Quick Modulation Test..  I changed the Air Chain Today.  Let me know how it sounds...

Sorry CT Yankee..  I'll have to down load the song  It wouldn't play for me..

Thanks for checking out the new audio

General Radio Discussion / Re: End Of Show Songs?
« on: May 16, 2020, 1056 UTC »
I use two different Outros   Pink Floyd Marooned also an Air check  and a Synth Outro..  I have changed them over the years.. I have used the same interval signal now for 6+ years  Elton Johns Bitter Fingers just the intro repeated  and I always close with the National Anthem. 


Good Evening HFU   While the prop holds out I'm taking Requests tonight..

Thanks for tuning in to the show and tonights Requests.  The Band is Going Long So the last song is in the Que.   Stay Safe Everyone.

0219 UTC   Redhat on the mike  talking about Snow one the east coast

0318          Silversun Pickups   Don't Know Yet

0351          Tame Impala

Great to hear you   Thanks for the Broadcast

0023 UTC    Paul Mccartney  Maybe I'm Amazed   s5 - s7  with fading..  Audio is good and clean on peaks looks like 6khz bandwidth

Thanks for the Broadcast

2351    The Kinks   Lola   S5 Good audio no faiding

Thanks for the show PJ

20:04 UTC  Shout out to me..  Humperdo ID..
20:07         Surfing USA    S7 mild fading 

Thanks for today's  broadcast and shoutout

QSLs Received / Re: Radio Nova eQSL 1_5_2020
« on: May 03, 2020, 1409 UTC »
Nice...  I think I dated her in College.. ;D

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