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S3-4 average, peaking to S5 occasionally, long/short fades - received on my Kiwi.
S5-6 average on Uniontown Kiwi, peaking to S8 at times, long/short fades

6924.94Khz USB - S7

hey DW - ive been hearing you perfectly fine on my Kiwi the entire time here from 6950 to 4080, sounding great and no issues with fading at all  ;)
ive been listening to you while i setup my RSP2 for online access.

howdy DW, long time no hear.
i can hear you on my own Kiwi, sounding good.
nice to hear from you, have a good weekend  8)

ive been listening for just about an hour before posting here, while having some hot coffee today.
sounds excellent on my Kiwi.
thanks for the tunes  8)
(speaking of coffee, what a classic song come to think of it "black coffee in bed - squeeze")

ive been listening for several hours now  8)
even though i have not posted here in HFU up until now.
lets hear a beer fart !  ;D ;D
absolutely wild broadcast tonight  ;D
still here, best on Wake Forest, NC Kiwi SDR.
0606 - satirical Mr Rogers anthem (lol) and then off the air ;)

1827 - hearing this on my Kiwi at S6 on peaks with what sounds like audio from a movie.
1842 - signal improved, peaking to S8 at times.
1923 - now peaking to S9 at times.
1941 - i am still listening and will be for as long as the broadcast remains - its delightful to hear another OP while i work on this friday.
2033 - sign off - thanks for the entertainment AR
happy friday AR & HFU members 8)

Software / Re: Windows 7 SP1A download
« on: January 16, 2019, 2132 UTC »
i emailed you (if you see this before the email)

Hearing SSB chatter on 5000 kHz USB 5.000 MHz USB with the WWV clicks in the background.  They stopped for the voice announcements at 2230 UTC (from WWV).  Not 100% sure on the language, but its certainly Spanish, Portuguese or Italian.  Considering the fact that Skip heard similar signals previously and they've been logged on nearby frequencies...

Received via the Westminster, MD SDR
the "CB'er's" of 40m  ;D

its at 6934.98 for anyone who wants to zero in on it.
sounds like someone cycling through satellite radio channels (SiriusXM)

finally posting, since i have been listening for quite awhile while i work on some projects, enjoying the great selection of tunes.
i would like to hear (if you are taking requests) "Shelter" by "Broken Bells" when you get a chance my fine friend  8)
2058 - thanks for the request Mix - i hope your weekend is going well, stay warm  ;)

In addition to knocking out 6880 kHz the high frequency trader high frequency data signal (HFTHFDS) knocks out the freebanders usually heard on 6900 kHz and other common peskie frequencies like 6919 kHz.  I noticed an uptick in activity on 6800 kHz and nearby frequencies as well as 6950 kHz USB (!!) so they might have just moved to below 6850 kHz or so and above 6940 kHz or 6950 kHz.  Seems like 6940-6950 kHz is another area to avoid with the Link-11 signal that is often found on 6941 kHz/6942 kHz.  Probably not a good idea to QRM the US Navy, even if you do have a legit FCC Part 5 experimental license.

Not to mention MARS ops and the FEMA SHARES network that operates on 6910 kHz.
this "HF trading" thing seems to be jumping all around the band, the Amateur band, Utility band and even the Broadcast band.
i think i will go back to 5150Khz this spring, its been quiet this entire year..
this requires major antenna work to accomplish and the weather right now isnt favorable. :-\

Scanning basically died when trunking took over. And it's further down the tube with encryption.... Scanner listeners got a bad rap in the 1980's with the analog cell phone thing, and it only went south when they began blocking chunks of spectrum because of that debacle.

Sad, really. I used to be able to hear the local police departments' dispatch feeds and it gave one a glimpse of how tough a job it is to be a cop -- in real time.

Oh well.
there can be certain legalities involved when simulcasting the PD over the internet for the masses to listen to.
to make it short, in 2008, my attorney advised me upon written request to me of the county PD where i live, to agree to the request from the county PD to simulcast dispatch only, over the internet, including "sensitive" non-encrypted communications.
i have been simulcasting the county PD over the internet for the last 18 years.
some PD's will take action and others dont seem to care when it comes to their broadcasts being relayed over the internet.
my advice to anyone wishing to do this (simulcast PD over the internet) is to contact an attorney who specializes in the legalities of radio communications before you actually do it, to be on the "safe" side of things.

Equipment / Re: Panaxis FME 500 issue
« on: January 09, 2019, 1451 UTC »
Amazing...emailed the Panaxis people and to my surprise,said he had just ONE original DS8907N PLL chip left from this kit.
Of course I bought it !!
When it arrived,plopped it in carefully,powered up and NOPE...still same thing...no locking.
Not being a professional having all the fancy test gear,it is much easier for me to just pull components and replace.
So far...replaced a bunch,cleaned and tested all there is on this thing.
Now...going to pull some common diodes and a 3904 transistor and just replace those too.
Soon,will be replacing all ceramic caps and chokes if I have to.
Pure insanity...but now a quest.
im sure i shouldnt have to say this, but keep all of the old parts that you have replaced in case you need them in the future  :)

it is "HF Trading", see discussion:
when its on, it totally kills my chance to operate at 6880Khz.
it seems to come on at random times and when it does come on, its on for awhile.

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