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S6 at Weston-super-mare UK SDR
1511    Chiquitita    by ABBA (Spanish version)
1514     Dancing Queen  by ABBA

S7 at Weston-super-mare UK SDR--
1108     The Fly is Dead   by S.W.A.T.

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S5-S6 at Weston-super-mare UK SDR...a modulation test for 10 and 20 watts power

S9 + 8 dB at Weston-super-mare UK SDR
I'll be seeing you  by Jimmy Durante

S8 at Weston-super-mare UK SDR...Testing--Started at 5790 but moved up 5 kHz to avoid QRM
The Power by Snap!

S6-S9 at Weston-super-mare UK SDR
Nice music...No QRM from adjacent stations...

S5-S7 at Weston-super-mare UK SDR
Looking Through the eyes of Love
Tell Laura I Love Her
I'm Leavin' it up to You

S9 at Weston-super-pare UK SDR..
Nice Sinatra mx at 1404

S6 at YO3IUL SDR site in Romania...Relaying MW station Fryske Heide NL
Honey   by Bobby Goldsboro

S7 at Weston-super-pare UK SDR--
Another Day in Paradise  by Phil Collins
The Best   by Tina Turner
Tequila Sunrise  by The Eagles
Bad   by Michael Jackson

S8 at Weston-super-pare UK SDR...
Tuning up and playing Fleetwood Mac and other greats!

S5 at Weston-super-mare UK SDR...
Music--CD at 1003

S7 at Weston-super-pareUK SDR; about the same at Sweden SDR
Be bop a Lulu   by Everly Bros.
Can I Change My Miind  by Tyrone Davis
That's Nice by Neil Christian
Lets Go to San Francisco  by The Flowerpot Men

S/on after 1200   S7 signal levels at Weston-super-pare UK SDR...
1212    Werewolves of London     Warren Zevon

Test transmission, Plenty of IDs, call out for listeners from USA and France.  S8 at Weston-super-mare UK SDR

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