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Announced on 5140 kHz, actually operating on 5135 kHz...Solid S7 signal at Kalix Sweden SDR
1803--Moved back to 5140 kHz...

S5 at Kalix Sweden SDR..
Techno Mx....all instrumental at 1236

S9+10 dB at Weston-super-mare UK SDR
1306     Victor Borge comedy...

S3 at Weston-super-mare UK SDR
1308  traces of music here...no QRM...just low levels

S7 at SW UK SDR--running tests on a new audio compressor....
Terrible thunderstorm noise at SW UK SDR...SINPO 25122

S9+15 dB at Weston-super-mare UK SDR
1829     So Long by Fischer-Z

S9 at Weston-super-mare UK SDR
1308    Lili Marleen  by Lale Andersen

S+5 dB at Weston-super-mare UK SDR..
1351      Spooky  by Dusty Springfield
1353      Lady of Spain  lby Eddy Fisher

S7 at Weston-super-mare UK SDR
0946   Un Dulce Melodrama  by Andrea Bocelli

S7-S8 at Weston-super-mare UK SDR
1918       Man announcer with ID as Flashback Music Radio and email address as flashbackmusicradio@gmail.com
1919       Self Control by Laura Branigan
1922       Man announcer and SSTV broadcast
1927       Man announcer, then Fade to Grey  by Visage.
1931       woman announcer with ID and email address, followed by SSTV broadcast
1933       In The Army Now  by Status Quo
1937       man announcer with ID and email address, followed by SSTV broadcast
1939       ID by man announcer and a jingle ID, followed by "You Should be Dancing" by the Bee gees.
1943       A jingle ID and man announcer along with a SSTV broadcast.
1945       Woman announcer with This is Flash Back Music Radio, send reception reports to flashbackmusicradio@gmail.com.
1916       Suzie Q by Creedence Clearwater Revival
1950       man announcer with ID, followed by Flashback  by Imagination
1953       during the music transmitter CD

S9 + 5 dB at Weston-super-mare UK SDR
1802      Perfect Destiny  by Adam Nickey
1808      Man anncr for Cupid Radio...for a few songs Then, Don't Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers featuring Daya
1814      Goodbyes  by Post Malone featuring Young Thug
1818      Way UP by Rochelle
1821      man anncr with ID Cupid Radio...call out for dandan from the USA...Thlen Ligaya  by Gouryella

S8 at Weston-super-mare UK..
2010    Miracles  by Jefferson Starship
2017    Song for guy  by Elton John

1524    ID by man in English...S7 at Weston-super-mare UK SDR
1524     BBC News Theme   by David Lowe
1525     Tomorrow Doesn't Matter Tonight  by Starship
1528     Kyrie  by Mr. Mister
1530     shift freq to 6850 due to CWQRM
1533     Woman vocal with Pop music...I didn't know the title
1536     Easy by Commodores
1540    Man Id for Uboat 66, email address as uboatradio@gmail.com
1541    Don't Be Late   by Saga
1544    On air greeting for dandan22
1545    Ain't No Sunshine  by Joe Cocker
1548    These Dreams   by Heart
1552    Man talking during start of song  BBC New theme
1553    Man saying Many Thanks to listeners.  Then Barracuda by Heart

S-8 with solid audio at Weston-super-Mare UK
1321    Love is the Sweetest Thing  by Al Bowlly
1323    The Very Thought of You  by Frank Sinatra

S-5 at Lower Saxony SDR in GE   SINPO  23332
1254   McArthur Park  by Vic Damone

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