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2142 - Bee Gees, "How Deep Is Your Love?"
2204 - Michael Jackson, "Billy Jean"
2210 - "Betty Davis Eyes"
2214 - EG announcement with Dutch accented male, ID as Radio Pirana. Email address with "RPI.com"
2218 - Closing down announcement, discussion of POR vs. ESP match.
2222 - TX off. Ciao!

SINPO 44454 at 2141 UTC with Dutch oom-pa-pa or slow, grinding organ music.

2148 - sudden QSY to 6255.93 KHz.
2150 - announcement in Dutch.

German schlager-like music? Excellent signal SINPO 55455.
Russian vocalist at 2037.
"Beautiful Sunday" from the 1970s at 2141.
TX off 2053 UTC with no ID.

1950 - dead carrier
1955 - Schlager music with Dutch male vocalist. SINPO 44434. Good signal.

Dutch vocal music continues. No ID yet.

2055 - Still on the air. Still with Dutch vocal music. Signal is good right now.

Presumed. Typical programming. Signal is so-so today. SINPO 34333.

2208 - Split Enz, "I Got You"

No ID yet but very likely. Only a matter of time. Typical programming. May have been on the air since 1915 or so, just not sure. Heavy UTE QRM on the USB so I'm listening on LSB.

Mostly music. Long announcement at 1930 but signal is just weak enough to be difficult to copy fully. Given the frequency and programming, I'm guessing that this is The Ghoul.

1950 - checked back and carrier either faded out or went off.

Presumed. No ID yet but waiting for it. SINPO 33333 today.
2020 UTC - still there. Signal has improved.
2207 UTC - computerized ID.

Side note: Charleston Radio generates far more page views than all the other European pirates. Why is that?  ???

Old time music with English vocals. Sounds more like Charleston than Coast FM.
At 2134 UTC, American-accented male announced various songs from the 1930s, ID as "WFUZ" or "WFUV" but neither of those make sense initially, given the programming.
2156 - Positive ID as "WFUV, New York". (WFUV is the FM station associated with Fordham University.) Announcements about the music being played. This may have been a replay of their show "The Big Broadcast".
2200 - ID at the top of the hour. "This is WFUV New York, a service of Fordham University..." with frequencies and online stream info. Obviously a relay of the online stream.
2204 - Noted that the audio is not in synchronisation with WFUV online stream.
2205 - Suddenly into advert for AM-forum.nl then some music.
2207 - TX off.

I was hearing them up until about 2120 UTC approximately.

SINPO 42342 with some sort of UTE jamming underneath right now. ID at 2130 UTC.

Yes, I noticed that they are on 6210 this evening. Usual programming. SINPO 34333.

I have them too at 2120 UTC. Usual programming.

SINPO 23322 on SDR in central Germany at 2110 UTC. Poor antenna on this SDR.

2108 - Cyndi Lauper "Time After Time". SINPO 24322 on SDR in central Germany AT 2110 UTC.

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