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Of course 6765.0, 6845.0 & 6910.0 are primary SHARES Regional frequencies. Since some MARS stations participate in SHARES, you'll hear them there, during SHARES nets. 6910.0 is also a MARS ALE frequency. Other MARS frequencies in the range you asked about, include 6907.0 (already noted), 6818.5, 6850.5, 6913.0, 6968.5 (already noted) & 6996.0. I don't normally follow MARS much except during their national exercises, so I may have missed one or two. 6913.0 may or may not be a current frequency. The last note on it I have was from a couple of years ago. All frequencies are USB. I feel like I'm missing some USAF MARS freqs between 6700.0 & 6800.0, but I'm drawing a blank right now....

Those are US Army MARS ALE addresses. 6907.0 is one of a number of USA MARS ALE frequencies.

It's been on 8 MHz tonight (0250-0300 UTC) July 20, 2018. Frequencies were 8164.0, 8154.0, 8189.0, 8224.0, 8194.0, 8184.0, 8144.0, 8164.0, 8159.0, 8229.0, 8174.0, 8164.0 & on & on, jumping around every few seconds, but staying longer on some frequencies.

Airborne Command Post aircraft, likely E-6Bs or maybe a E-6B & a ground station. These type comms are heard here often, generally moving here from 11175.0 as one station enters the net. IIRC, this is called the CHARLIE ECHO window.

Utility / Re: SHARES Northeast Net 6845 kHz 1640 UTC 26 April 2017
« on: October 16, 2017, 0244 UTC »
There are also TELCO stations that check into the nets. TELCO stations have an important NS/EP (National Security/Emergency Preparedness) role in disaster communications.

A few years ago, I copied some Canadian aviation traffic there. Aircraft 04 working Flight Following for weather conditions at Canadian locations. Another listener had a Speed Air flight on that frequency, too.

Utility / Re: SHARES Northeast Net 6845 kHz 1640 UTC 26 April 2017
« on: October 12, 2017, 0358 UTC »
What's always been fun for me, when monitoring the SHARES network, is copying some obscure & rarely heard US Government stations. Years ago, there was a SHARES exercise involving a USAF NAOC (National Airborne Operations Center) E-4B aircraft, in flight. The aircraft used a tactical call, FE9 (Foxtrot Echo 9) & "polled" stations as they attempted contact. As you can imagine, there was just a huge group of stations trying to contact the aircraft!

Utility / Re: SHARES Northeast Net 6845 kHz 1640 UTC 26 April 2017
« on: October 11, 2017, 1719 UTC »
There actually isn't a SHARES West, although some stations still use that term. SHARES has a Southwest Net that takes in California & a SHARES Northwest Net. You can hear 14402.0 used as the SHARES Northwest frequency & again, they will sometimes reference it as SHARES West. As a matter of fact, 14402.0 is active as of 1716 UTC today (11 OCT 2017).

SHARES NW uses 5429.0 & 14402.0 & SHARES SW uses 7403.5. These are daytime frequencies.   

KGG83A is a FBI station out of Winchester, VA.

14396.5 is the SHARES ADMIN net & runs on Wednesdays just like the SHARES regional nets.

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