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Non-stop dance & rap music - tentatively marked this down as WKOS but no ID heard. Utility QRM. Fair signal in SW England.

Pop music heard but weak signal and poor audio.

A listener on the British DX Club message board logged it at 0725 UTC and said ID sounded like Free Radio 21

(edit by Ray : ID heard on Friday morning 07 Feb 2020)

Heard with a fair signal on the Weston SDR in SW England with Randy Edelman "The Uptown Uptempo Woman." Not sure if being relayed from transmitter in UK or Ireland.

1945 Baltic Sea Radio ID/email address, Rolling Stones "Satisfaction"

Good signal on Weston SDR

edit by Ray : time in the subject line

Polka music, via SW UK SDR, talk in Dutch, ID heard "Piraten Team Overijssel", relay of web stream https://www.piratenteamoverijssel.nl/

Rod Stewart "Hot Legs", familiar voice, greetings to me, S9+ signal

Radio East Coast Holland strong on SDR in SW UK. A few mod problems to start with but now very good signal, ID jingles

Testing on this frequency, good signal on SW UK SDR, Jean Michel Jarre "Oxygene", off at 1121 UTC

Cupid Radio, jingle ID, Heart "Crazy on You," SINPO 34333 on Weston SDR, UK

Dance music, IDing as "The White Giant from Holland", S7 signal on Weston SDR, UK

Key Channel Radio heard on SW UK SDR with S7 signal, playing Abba "The Winner Takes It All," A-Ha "Hunting High & Low" (just a snatch), Ultravox "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes," jingle IDs.

Channel 92 with ID, DJ Quads "Missing Someone," fair signal on SW England SDR

Music box type instrumental music. Was on 6275 but switched to 6305 at 2212 UTC. Weak signal on SW England SDR with utility blasts

Mystery station on 6338 back again. Rock music but no IDs heard. SIO 333 on SW England SDR

6295 .... same station?

2230: American Pie, then Never Ending Story and ID "this is a test broadcast from Channel 92."

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