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0038 UTC 333 S5 to s6 on my RSPduo in north Central NC


0052 music but in the noise and static crashes.

0100 SSTV
0101 CW "You are listening to..." rest was lost in static crashes

0030 UTC SIO 444 S8 into my RSPduo
0032 UTC ID "WhIZ brought to you by Milky Way"
0034 UTC Off The air

2309 UTC SIO 555 15 over 9 into north Central North Carolina
2310 FDR speaking on our defense inventory and readiness
2316 The need of aircraft and their costs.

2200 UTC SIO 433. About an S6 but noise is bad this afternoon. Into my RSPduo SDR in north Central North Carolina
2204 UTC music Running Man's Bible by Tom Petty and The  Heartbreakers
2210 music " The Trip to Pirate's Cove" Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
2214 music "Bohemian Rhapsody" Queen

0034 UTC SIO 333 S5 just above the noise into my RSPduo in North Central NC
0035 UTC music. Sound like rock but can't ID it0
0036 music "Too Tired" Kali
0043 music "Dreams Tonite" Alvvays
0047 music "Don't Keep Me Around" Maybird

0021 UTC SIO 323 to 333 S4 and right in the noise
0024 UTC I can tell it's music that's about it. Sounds like a female vocal

Received on my RSPduo 25 north of Greensboro, NC

0123 UTC SIO 333 S5 just above the noise.
0124 UTC Man talking about the orange man and events 4 years ago.
0127 The message seems to repeat over and over.

2313 UTC SIO 343  S4 to S5 on my RSPduo. Some slow fading in and out of the noise
2313 music "Feeling Stronger Everyday" Chicago
2315 music "I've got you under My Skin" Frank Sinatra
2319 music "I Don't Know If It's Right" Evelyn King
2322 music "In The Cool, Cool, cool of the Evening" Bette Midler
2325 music "La Negra Tiene Tumbao" Celia Cruz
2329 music "The Look Of Love"  Chris Botti
2334 music "More, More, More" Andrea True - Song brings back some very old memories

2220 UTC SIO 444 Solid S8 into North Carolina
2221 UTC music "You Can't Hurry  Love" Phil  Collins
2222 Music "Roam" The B-52's
2226 music "Low" Cracker
2230 music " Drive" REM
2235 music "Sacrifice" Elton John

2056 UTC 555 S9 into my RSPduo. Excellent audio
2057 UTC music "Wild Wild Life" Talking Heads
2059 music "Stay Up Late" Talking Heads
2103 music "And She Was" Talking Heads
2105 ID WTF Radio International
2106 music "This Must Be The Place" Talking Heads
2111 ID WTf Radio International
2111 music "Burning Down The House" Talking Heads
2115 music "Crosseyed And Painless" Talking Heads
2119 music "Once In A Lifetime" Talking Heads

0254 UTC SIO 455 S8 into my RSPduo SDR
0258 Portion of song hung in a loop?

2044 UTC SIO 333 S5 into my RSPduo SDR
2044 UTC SSTV signal but didn't decode
2045 music "Down to The River To Pray" Alison Krauss
2048 music " Blackbird Song" Lee DeWyze

2037UTC SIO 444 S8 Into my RSPduo
2038 UTC music "Come See about Me" The Supremes
2041 music Im Stone in Love With You" The Stylistics
2054 music "Mr Melody" Natalie Coie
2056 music "Brick House" Commodores
2137 ID Mix Radio
2138 music "Ribbon In The Sky" Stevie Wonder
2304 music "Sir Duke" Stevie Wonder
2306 ID Mix Radio
2308 ID, another ID Mix Radio
2308 music "2 Wicky" Hooverphonic
2316 music " Watching you" Slave
2320 music " You and I" Stephanie Mills
2325 music "Rock Steady" The Whispers
2329 music "Enjoy Yourself" The Jacksons
2333 music "Trogoldyte" The Jimmy Castor Bunch

Very nice audio into north central North Carolina

1900 UTC SIO 444 S7 into my RSPduo SDR
1902 UTC music " St Elmos Fire" John Parr
1907 music "Can't Buy Me Love" Beatles
1910 music "Ghostbusters" Ray Parker Jr.
1913 music "Hard Day's Night" Beatles
1916 muic "La Bamba" Richie Valens
1926 YL ID Ballsmacker Radio

Thanks for the tunes. Good signal into north Central North Carolina

2200 SIO 333 about an s6 but into the noise
2201 music sounds like rock but can't id the song.

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